New York Post Finally Compares Occupy Wall Street to Nazis

largepeysercat New York Post Finally Compares Occupy Wall Street to NazisIt only took them 37 days, but the New York Post has managed to compare the Occupy Wall Street movement with Nazism. And who better to do it at the Post but…

Psycho-sexual blue ribbon hate-spewer Andrea Peyser! In today’s column “The Hate in Zuccotti,” Ms. Peyser tracks the movements of a man from Georgia who came to Occupy Wall Street to announce on his sign that capitalism is “THE REASON ARABS HATE US [sic]” who explains that he is “not anti-Semitic.” She cites a few fairly isolated examples of flare-ups within the Occupy Wall Street movement that has anti-Semitic overtones and notes that the movement has “a serious Jewish problem.” She also notes the Anti Defamation League—ever quick to jump on even the first, most remote scents of antisemitism—putting out a “weirdly enabling statement” which noted that there’s “no evidence that these incidents are widespread.”

Of course, Peyser’s disappointment to this result appears to weigh so heavily on her as to attempt her own way of getting attention from the ADL—in the form of a condemnation or otherwise—by comparing Occupy Wall Street to pre-World War II Nazism:

Organizers are desperate to maintain that acts of bigotry are isolated, carried out by a small cadre of hoodlums who don’t represent the movement. Some have even suggested vocal Jew-haters are “plants” sent by folks who want to take Occupy down.

Sound familiar? Germans dismissed prewar Nazis as a harmless bunch of clowns, too.

Snap! Andrea Peyser with the real talk, except prewar Germans didn’t dismiss the Nazis as clowns so much as took to them like wildfire as a movement openly blaming Jews without reluctance for the economic problems plaguing their nation, already once-defeated by the world. It also wasn’t a movement with any Jewish support; not having the ADL’s stamp on a charge of antisemitism—about as easy to procure as an actual stamp—is like, well, sending mail without postage. Which is to say: it’s likely to come back return to sender.

Furthermore, Peyser’s not even well-versed enough in the Occupy Wall Street movement to detail the history of AdBusters (the anti-capitalist Canadian magazine whose poster-campaign triggered the very first supporters of OWS) which was legitimately accused of antisemitism in 2004 when they published a list of Jewish neo-conservatives, asking why these people weren’t parading their Jewish hertiage around with their political views. If one were to set-up a straw man argument like Peyser’s, it kind of starts there (and quickly ends at Occupy Wall Street’s well-documented Kol Nidre service, held on the eve of Yom Kippur, the recipient of exactly zero anti-Semitic jeers).

Yet, it’s the New York Post; could any New Yorker reasonably expect that august news organization to not have as much fun with Occupy Wall Street as a senior would with a freshman vis-a-vis locker room torture? Ergo, a new feature: The New York Post On Occupy Wall Street, where we will chronicle the daily musings of New York City’s most openly misanthropic paper on the Occupy Wall Street movement. Surely, we’ve already missed a great deal of classics, but no doubt: there’s plenty more like this to come. | @weareyourfek


  1. Mary Novatny says:

    Yikes! Not reading new york post any more! Andrea peyser = Ignoramus!

  2. elizabeth allen says:

    Dick Morris claimed occupywallstreet were a bunch of KKKers! These right wing nutjobs wouldnt recognize a real citizens movement if the flag hit them in the face. The more these nuts push this garbage, the more citizens come out to prove them wrong. This is a movement I as a young person protesting for civil rights, ending all the wars since Vietnam, womens rights, rights for our disabled, etc, have been waiting 40 yrs for the young people of this country to stand up and fight for their future. Never in my lifetime has our country gone so far off track. The 99% is an ageless, bloodless revolt to take our country back to the founders, its is about WE the people For the people, By the people and rid our country of an attempted corporate coup to steal this country for the elites and the globalists. We will win this fight, as all involved are dedicated to this movement to restore sanity. Our founders never supported “parties”, and it is this two party system that has brought our democracy as close as it ever has been to a fascist state. Mussolini said, When government, corporations and the media act as one, thats fascism. We have a corporate owned media encapable of delivering non censored news, encapable of providing information we the people need to make informed decisions. People are angry and this movement is a peaceful one, in fact without this citizen movement, the anger of the 99% will continue to grow and explode. Faux News, New York Post and other right wing rags are attempting to incite citizens to act out so they can be made irrelevant. It wont happen as everyone is committed to being peaceful, while taking back our consitutional right to assemble (without a permit) in any public space in this country. That is an essential right under the first amendment. Our founding fathers were so brilliant.

  3. donna stewart says:

    see – OCCUPY is working –

  4. Alexsm1972 says:

    We are the people,get us to call us as we are from now on!!!!!