Nodejitsu Investor “Will Money” Raps on New Nerdy Javascript Track

Mr. Squires.

Marak Squires of Nodejitsu, the node.js hosting platform based in New York and San Francisco, likes Javascript. A lot. And he likes to rap about it. The latest, “The Stack Trace Boyz present a parody of David Guetta ft. Akon – Sexy Chick,” features one of the startup’s investors as “Will Money.”

“That’s our support team and investor,” Mr. Squires told Betabeat. “Our team is so agile I was able to pivot our support team into a Javascript boy band in six hours last Friday. But that wasnt working out, so we pivoted back to node.js hosting.”

Check it:

The Stack Trace Boyz – Sexy Script by marak

Rough transcript of lyrics:

im on our standup right now
yo nodejitsu in the building
sexy script and we making a killing
i got millions with will-millionaire
yo i really dont care
throw the money in the air
when we writing that code
write that shh down we write it in node
when i hit your server ill make it explode

it aint like no script you ever seen before
its the sexiest script that you ever saw
they call it sexy script because its sexy yall
the sexiest script that you ever saw
assembles to byte code yoo ( uhh ) its raw
its used by facebook google gmail and all
bringing sexy back to javascript owhhhhh
it aint like no script you ever seen before

yo my script be the leetist around
you know around town they know how the investor get down
i like to drop the petal of my beemer to the floor
crack the windows light my L and we be ready for y’all

Bonus! An old video, CouchDB man: