Occupy Art Street: A Guide to Recent Art World Protests

It was time to get creative

Mr. Kalmár charged that occupiers had defaced the gallery (there were messages written in black ink on the walls), stolen property, threatened gallery staff and gone onto the roof of the building, setting off alarms. After more than 24 hours of occupation, Artists Space’s board decided to give the group marching orders. Mr. Kalmár delivered the message, and in the presence of security guards, the occupiers packed up and left.

“I would like to have discussions be continued, in a more structured manner,” Mr. Kalmár told us by phone afterward. “There was a lack of discourse and conversation here.” The protestors have not responded to requests for comment, though they have issued another statement via their blog, which concludes: “This was just a beginning. How can the rest of New York City remain unoccupied? It can’t. We will occupy everything.”