Occupy Midtown: A Parade Through Privately Owned Public Spaces This Saturday

See you at the AXA Gallery! (AXA)

The Friends of Privately Owned Public Spaces had no idea the good fortune of their timing. The group was formed a few years ago, to bring awareness to the hundreds of POPS littered across the city, a sort of watchdog fighting for their open access. Almost no one knew of the spaces, that is until the Wall Street occupiers showed up at Zucotti Park. Now, almost everyone does.

For those looking to get a closer look, join the group on a parade this Saturday through Holly White Way. This is a “park” the group is trying to promote as a serious public amenity in Midtown West, a string of POPS running in the 50s between Sixth and Seventh avenues. With the possibility the Wall Street protestors may not be able to reoccupy Zuccotti Park, this may be the next best thing.

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