Occupy Times Square: It’s a Party!

ows times sq Occupy Times Square: Its a Party!Marches inspired by the Occupy Wall Street protest have been parading all day around the world–at Fordham Plaza in the Bronx, with tear gas and billy clubs in Rome–but the parades are heading to Midtown for the main event, an occupation of Times Square. The Occupation Party! No, it’s not a political affiliation. It’s a party. Like, a party. With music and dancing and glitter.

“In New York City, dozens of community groups, unions, student organizations and lots and lots of regular folk are taking to the streets in a mass protest that will culminate in Times Square at 5 p.m., then moving (by train party!) downtown,” says the website for the event.

Participants are directed to wear white, bring music and noisemakers and donations for the occupiers, and prepare for “a moment that will light the night (safe/legal and participatory)” at sunset.

“Think: white suits, dresses, face-paint, glitter, balloons, banners, be inspired,” the site says.

Participants were given further instruction by email. “Arrive at 5 p.m. sharp. We will not be in Times Square for long.”

+ At 5:59pm horns will signal a moment to quiet down.  Listen to those around you, lyricism will be rising, follow along.

+ After our moment, be prepared to move toward the trains…

We have just setup a twitter account in case of urgent changes.  To get text message / tweet updates, sign on here:  http://twitter.com/#!/OccupyPartyNYC

Side note of interest: the graphics for the invitation were designed by Shepherd Fairey.


  1. JM says:

    If I was a parent or grandparent paying to send my kids to college and I found out they were part of this , I would stop all money going to these ingrates. If some of these want jobs how about doing some of the jobs that the illegals are doing that people are saying “AMERICANS WONT DO”

    1. Anonymous says:

      If you don’t get it, aren’t down with it, don’t dig it — get out of the way. Let these real Americans who still stand for the great American value of free speech and freedom of assembly to have there say.

      1. Member2112 says:

        you folks are being selfish though, Times Square doesn’t belong to you. You folks are going to ruin every opertunity you might otherwise have at changing things, by impeading upon other peoples rights to visit Times Square with their familys and such, without being fearful of you folks, storming the area. We all have rights, not just you protestors, ya think!

      2. Venbiney says:

        great. then join us. we were there for one night out of the 365 that tourists get to go there to worship their catherals of commercialism. We do not think Times Square belongs to us, we think the whole world including Times Square belongs to the people. All of the 99 percent. Even the ones who can not afford to buy what they look up at in Times Square every day. We stand in solidarity with all of them…even the ones who do not get it. We did not impead on anyones right to be there while we were there. Police guided traffic to help tourists and pedestrians get through and personally, if those tourists knew any better, cared about their future, their grandchildrens, childrens futures, they would have joined us, AND ALOT OF THEM DID!. People were not afraid, we were a PEACEFUL PROTEST.

      3. Givernysgarden says:

        No one is impeding anyone, people can still visit times square.

    2. part of the 99% says:

      I’m glad you’re not my father. He paid for my undergrad and helped me out as I earned my Ph.D. He also spent the afternoon texting me messages of support as I stood in Times Square today because he understands that offering the vast majority of people in this country the opportunity for nothing but undesirable jobs is both socially corrosive and economically unsustainable. Thanks, Dad. I love you.

      1. wwrunner says:

        Ahh-a spoiled brat who absoloutly has no sence of reality.

    3. You should be ashamed to call yourself American if you feel that way. With the way your country has been raped and plundered by Big Corp/Banks, you still feel that there isn’t a need to stand up and say STOP to all these crooked capitalists and politicians.

      Not all the people in these protests are jobless, some are hard working employees as well. It’s a stupid notion that just because you’re protesting with the Occupy Wall Street people means you’re jobless and that because you have a job, even a high paying one, you shouldn’t be joining these protests.

      Sooner or later, your high paying job will be gone if you don’t stop this rampage and plunder of  your wealth by Big Corp and Fed

      1. Member2112 says:

        You are encluding the wealth and greedyness of such huge companys, like Microsoft, and Apple, correct?

      2. Member2112 says:

        Microsoft alone, has put more people out of work than most other businesses combined, they have put 1,000’s of small businesses under, sadly, as well as there thousands of employees, because of their greedyness. Why not protest them, I ask, as well?

    4. Member2112 says:

      Would you hire any of these folks though, the way they look and such? no wondor they don’t have jobs. They have zero chance of getting a job looking like they do, obviously. They are not protesting their lack of not having a job, obviously.

      1. Venbiney says:

        How they look and such? And so how do we look? Should we have been marching 50 blocks in tuxedos and button down suits in hot weather? Do you think I wear my protest gear to work? Do you wear your pajamas to the grocery store? I know I don’t. Different outfits, different statements. Appropriate attire for appropriate reasons. If you saw people in gas masks and goggles, it is because we were in danger of being tear gassed and pepper sprayed by police. If you saw people in costume, it was to provide a statement. Don’t be silly.  Think.

      2. Givernysgarden says:

        Only 40% of them are unemployed. Many are small business owners, right up to attorneys. You underestimate the OWS people.

    5. Venbiney says:

      Hi. I am a college student. And you are a Moron. We are fighting for our future. We are trying to stop our government and corporations from putting band aids continously on the wounds of our economy. Tuition hikes are getting crazy. we are feeling it terribly. I am of middle-class, not poor. I know have to work full time and attend college full time just to survive. We do not have proper insurance, our futures are uncertain. Our politicians are not listening and YOU our parents are not listening. We do not have social security, clean water, stable economy, etc. The money you think is “going to us” does not exist. This movement is leaderless. We do not have money but we are creative. Look at your stats. Teenagers can not find jobs because the little jobs usually given to us are now being given to parents, middle aged citizens who have been laid off due to budget cutting and debt crisises. These people include teachers, nurses, government workers. Do not snob what you do not understand. WE out here are working, or looking for work. We are not stagnant. WE ARE STANDING IN SOLIDARITY FOR YOU, AND FOR EVERY CITIZEN IN AMERICA. If you have common sense, join us.

    6. Nativesonjv says:

      Did you have to go to college to be a douche, or does it just come natural?

  2. Drum950 says:

    Lock & Load!

  3. Drum950 says:

    Lock & Load!