Occupy Wall Street Run on Citibank Ends in Arrests [VIDEO]

citibank arrests Occupy Wall Street Run on Citibank Ends in Arrests [VIDEO]


Around 2:30 p.m. on Saturday, the Occupy Wall Street Livestream captured about 20 people being arrested outside a Citibank at La Guardia Place in New York. A protester announced via human mic that people had gone inside Citibank to close their accounts. They were asked to leave and complied, he said, but the bank’s security guards locked them in until the N.Y.P.D. arrived.

“Some wanted to close their accounts with Citibank,” he read from a cell phone. “When asked to leave, they began to exit but were locked in by security. When cops arrived, Citibank security came outside and dragged two individuals back inside to hold them under arrest.”

The protesters were loaded into the back of a police van as the crowd shouted, “Let them go! Let them go!” as 10,000-some people watched the scene on Livestream. “Liberate the unlawfully arrested!” one man shouted.

Citibank CEO Vikram Pandit, who was on a list of tycoons the protesters identified for a home visit last week, recently said he’d be happy to talk to protesters if they’d like to come by the office. Their sentiments are “completely understandable,” he said at a recent breakfast hosted by Fortune.

Video was taken by a witness, Logan Price:

By now accustomed to such interruptions, the protesters continued their march after the arrests with the customary chants. “The people, united, will never be defeated,” and so on. “OBVIOUSLY THEY NEED TO GO BACK AND RESCUE THE PEOPLE IN THE TRUCK!!!” one viewer said in the Livestream chatroom.

OccupyWallSt.org says 22 arrested, as of 3:43 p.m. Other protesters marched from Zuccotti Park, the protest’s headquarters in the Financial District, to the Citibank at 555 La Guardia Place in solidarity with the arrestees, the website said.

Update, 5:04 p.m. Another video, uploaded to the #OccupyWallStreet TwitVid account, more clearly shows a woman being arrested after telling the police that she was a Citibank customer.


  1. cherylpet says:


    1. Rob says:


    2. Anonymous says:

      This IS OUTRAGEOUS.  They should have arrested more of them.  Trespassing, Inciting a Riot, and Stupidity without a license.  These people are idiots.  They ought to get jobs, but I guess they are too stupid to get jobs.

  2. Marionetta says:

    24 people is not a bank run….

    1. Toni says:

      Yeah, the PD played an active part in this detainment.  As the highest authority at the scene they are responsible for making sure the law is upheld.  They appear to have failed.

  3. Do not support banks that charge you for using your money that cannot be bothered to update your balance in a timely fashion, or allow you to easily go into the negatives so they can charge you fees. 

    The banks play with your money on the stock market and other investments, and you don’t get any of the profits they reap because checking and savings interest rates are a joke.

    They have no right to charge you for the “privilege” of allowing them to play with your money. The bank is NOT a “service” that should be able to do this. You already “pay” them by allowing your money to be used by them for profit.


    1. BasketBay Com says:

      All of these protests – it bums, parasites, which are only asked to …give , give, give 

      1. No. How dare you say that. How sare you wallow in your own self-ignorance, and then pass it onto others.  Take the time to learn about what the movement really stands for.

      2. GiveMeABreak says:

        Thank you, Jessica. I had the displeasure of someone asking this, “Am
        I missing something…or is this whole ‘occupy wallstreet’ thing only
        going to further cripple the financial issues in our country?” The commenter went on to say that Geraldo Rivera was right about the protesters being bums, basement dwellers and people still living with their parents, etc. What a f**king idiot! I deleted him – couldn’t be bothered trying to explain it.  Not to mention, Geraldo Rivera (sellout that he is) is clearly retaliating because he got his ass handed to him on a plate by the protesters the day he showed up with his news crew, clearly on a mission to misrepresent the action. They chanted him off the premises. Looks like it didn’t matter whether they did that or not. People need to do their homework before they go dissing this movement, because they clearly don’t know WTF!

      3. miss x says:

        What does it really stand for? Because right now it’s known as the “squatters movement” – squatting on property you don’t own and asking others for handouts. It’s completely ineffective.

        Not to mention these protests are costing people millions of dollars to pay cops overtime and for cleanup crews. Meanwhile the 99% continue to buy iPhones and shop at Walmart, etc etc. YOU MADE THE 1% and continue to pay them! Start boycotting or deal with it!

        The only thing these protests will do is start martial law. WTO 99. Do we really want a repeat of that? 75K people and it accomplished nothing. Thousands against Iraq war took to streets, again it accomplished nothing. Tea party had a million people in the heart of Washington, was useless. How many times do you use failure tactics before you realize its NOT working???

        I defend neither corporatists *nor* fools who reinforce them only to whine about it later!

      4. Nchoirnmind says:

        Your comment is nonsensical.

        Did the protesters in Tahrir & Tiananmen Squares *cause* martial law? NO.
        Martial law was used *against them* by the tyrants who considered them a threat to their grasp on power.

        Do you really think the reaction to the 99WTO protests was because they were a “failure?” it was because they were attracting attention, and threatening the status quo.

        Thousands took to the streets against the Iraq war, and convinced a nation to go to the polls and vote, and  Kick an Administration out of office that was theologically committed to staying in Iraq until Hell.Froze.Over.

        And you tip your bluffing hand with your “millions of Tea Party people in the heart of Washington” line. Sorry. That one’s just not true. I’m sure you wish it was.

        I countenance neither corporatists *nor* LIARS who who are in the business of telling people they can’t make a difference.

      5. Miss BSU says:

        If you are a woman …… protesting got you the right to vote!!  Protesting changes policy. Maybe not overnight but it creates a dialog like we are seeing here on these posts.  If you are black all the civil rights protests and marches changed history…. Obama is our president!  It is an imperfect action but life is imperfect.  I embrace the OWS….. protesting got us out of Vietnam and got rid of the draft.  Protesting is as American as the Boston Tea Party in our early American History.  

      6. Neliocantos says:

        let me guess, you are a texas oil multimillionaire. typical.

    2. BasketBay Com says:

      Down with thee idler

    3. Alexander says:

      I didn’t realize that it says “to oppress and enslave” on the side of NYC police cars…

      1. Taylor Moore says:

        Clearly, you never saw Transformers. (And it’s “To Punish and Enslave”)

      2. Anonymous says:

        It’s doesn’t say “to oppress and enslave”.  They are required to enforce the law.  When someone trespasses on your property, they are REQUIRED to arrest them based on you pressing charges against that person.  Just think if someone entered your tent at Occupy Wall Street.  Do you just let them stay?

    4. Anonymous says:

      In my case, that would be “Bankrobbers of America”, who managed to steal over half of one of my husband’s paychecks by putting a HOLD on a utility bill, then disappearing it for a few days before finally putting it through!

      We’re no longer with them, of course, and we just paid off our Countrywide/BoA mortgage a week ago.

      1. Kevin Schmidt says:

        Don’t forget to get a copy of the paid off mortgage note from BofA. Several people had their homes foreclosed by the big banks just after paying off their mortgages.

      2. Anonymous says:

        Are you so stupid, you can’t read a contract?  Do you use products or services without paying for them?  If so, you are a thief.  By calling BofA a thief, you simply are using transference to justify you own lack of responsibility.

    5. Learn to manage your money, instead of expecting the bank to.  “allow you to easily go into the negatives so they can charge you fees”  Take responsibility for your own actions.  

      They aren’t using “your” money to invest in anything.  If you are going into the negative you are part of their problem.  The reason they are forced into charging fees.  If people would become a little bit more financially responsible and quit expecting someone else to do it for you there might be some valid arguments.  

      That said, I am not knocking the 99% movement folks.  Just the ones that have this mind set.  They are also part of the problem.  

      1. Nchoirnmind says:

        Actually, that’s why savings accounts pay you interest, genius.

    6. Rickhales says:

      The run on closing accounts
      is inevitable……they’re just prolonging it, with requiring a permit.
      I’d just transfer MOST of my money to another bank, or credit union.
      While keeping $10.00 in Citibank. That’s NOT closing your account.

  4. Forgive me for exercising professional skepticism here but what were the protesters doing moments before this? Waiting in an orderly queue for their turn to approach the teller and request that their account be closed? Somehow I doubt it, but can’t say since there’s no video of that yet.

    1. TravellingMerchant says:

      great professional skepticism… she was a customer. What kind of threat could she be? On what grounds do they have the right to treat an individual, not to mention a paying customer, like that? Pretty shameful from my perspective.

      1. On her own? Probably not much of a threat, she seems like a nice person. But how are we supposed to know the protesters weren’t banging on windows, chanting and/or otherwise creating a nuisance on private property? I absolutely agree that if she was just a customer quietly trying to get her money out of the bank and got treated like that, we have a problem… but based on the evidence presented here alone, it is impossible to determine whether she was part of an incendiary group or just a harmless customer.

        Good thing banks are loaded with security cameras!

      2. We know because there was a live feed of the video earlier, when it happened. I’m sure it’s either up on youtube by now, or will be soon.

  5. deft says:

    Tell Your employers to pay you cash…that way you do not have to deal with banks…

    1. Fred Horein says:

      The problem is it’s hard enough to get physical checks, let alone cash.  Many employers demand you use direct deposit these days.  I’ve tried telling my friends and coworkers for years to fight this as nothing good will come of giving away control of your money, but no one seemed to listen.

      1. Buck says:

        So use a credit union…

      2. Darkwolf_4_1 says:

        Even credit unions charge fees for using them. I just closed an account with one because they were charging me for the privilage of having a checking account.

      3. Fred Horein says:

        Nice theory, but you’re still loosing control as long as your employer demands direct deposit.  Credit unions are better than banks as a rule I’ll admit, but they aren’t perfect either, and there’s always the threat of identity theft hanging over your head.

        Consider this real-life example from my own history: my (then) wife’s ATM card was stolen by someone we were living with at the time.  He figured out our PIN and overdrew our account.  Now, the credit union we were using at the time was very cooperative, but we had bills to pay right away.  So naturally I went to my employer and asked them to disable my direct deposit until this was sorted out.  They refused to do so, despite the fact that they were my alibi for the time the ATM withdraw occurred.  So at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how good your bank or credit union is shit can always happen, and if you signed away control of your money you’ve just made it that much more difficult to handle it.

    2. faedrake says:

      Most employers do demand direct deposit.  Pick a credit union and you’ll have a much clearer conscience.

  6. Brian Knight says:

    BIG MISTAKE for the police, this will bury the police department in DEBT!

  7. Brian Knight says:

    They are trained not to do that.

  8. Why would CitiBank do such a stupid thing? Sounds like a big shot in the foot for them.

  9. BasketBay Com says:

    All of these protests – it bums, parasites, which are only asked to …give , give, give ….you all the beggars – go to work, a lot of work 

  10. Michelle M. says:

    Arresting people for closing their bank accounts?  Really?

  11. Truth says:

    Get your money out now!. Its the message THEY don’t want to get out.

  12. V. V says:

    We’ll come by your office all right, Mr. Pandit.

  13. Nausicaa88 says:

    I am glad what money I have is in a credit union.    Get your money into credit unions, they are owned by the members, not a board of directors and stockholders.

  14. you don’t have to throw your money at BofA any more than you have to eat donuts for breakfast- just because it’s on the way to work is not a reason to be throwing money at them.  It sure seems like a whole lot of people need to start treating their own money with more respect, before they can expect anyone else to.

  15. Kay Dana says:

    Closed all of my bank accounts today…no more billion dollar bailouts to banksters!  I opened 4  new accounts at a local CREDIT UNION.  CREDIT UNIONS never pay their CEO’s 60 million / year salaries and 20 million per year stock  options.  WHY? ITS ILLEGAL!  So it should be illegal with banksters.  My favorite is NAVY FEDERAL CREDIT UNION…the largest federally insured Credit Union in the USA.  Check this out… United States Credit Union Directory…If you have BANK  debt that you want to pay…take it to a Credit Union…and pay it down at LOW interest…and  almost no fees.  If you no longer want to pay your BANK debt  JUST SAY  NO!  And DO NOT PAY—-its less money for the banksters…and less money that they have to screw over others.   FINANCIALISM and BANKSTERISM  ARE NOT  capitalism…instead they are illegal attacks on the USA.    FINANCIAL TERRORIST’s…each hiding behind “campaign contributions   

  16. Kay Dana says:

    www dot creditunionsonline dot com

  17. Kay Dana says:

    www dot  findacreditunion dot  com

  18. Kay Dana says:

    www dot youtube dot com  /  watch?v=cawzTSVTP2M

  19. Eatfurburger says:

    A WARNING has been announced that there are antagonists mixed in with the peaceful protests as a counter to DEFEAT the cause. BEWARE. It is a measure proving to have outcomes like this. The ANTAGONIST will be arrested as a mask form to show alliance to the protesting group. Eventually the antagonist will be released through a BACK DOOR only to repeat the infiltration at another protesting site.

  20. Kay Dana says:

    ” I love You”  Banks vs  Credit Unions

    http:  // tinyurl dot com / ac2dys

  21. Kay Dana says:

    Credit Unions vs ” Bank Freebies”  
     http: //  tinyurl  dot com  / 3 vtvz25

  22. Kay Dana says:


  23. Occupy Stockton says:

    This is absolutely ridiculous!! Since when is it a CRIME to withdraw one’s OWN MONEY from the bank???  I don’t see any unruly behavior going on here except by the police!!  This is just completely INSANE!!!!!

  24. F16Hoser says:

    Apparently, NY Cops are dumber than a box of rocks. New York is definately turning into a 3rd world country complete with thugs and dictators. Nice to see what a 4 million dollar JPM donation buy’s these days. NY Cops are Whores. TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN!

  25. F16Hoser says:

    If the cops were smart (which they are not) they should have let her take out some money then take her down. They could have made a few extra peso’s!

  26. Aridzonan_13 says:

     Pulling your money out of the Tape Worm economy and putting it a small locally owned and operated bank will reek more devastation upon the Pin Striped Bandits than the protests.  They count their money thrice a la Enron.  So, this is how people should protest. Vote with your money!!!!

  27. BadWolf says:

    It would be great IF someone would show video of what led up to this.

  28. Clive Mace says:

    I didn’t  realise it was an offence in the US to close a bank account. I also was unaware that the police in the US now support security cards that are involved in depriving people of their  liberty. Are they running some kind of fascist state in the US now?

  29. Clive Mace says:

    Oh I get it now, I had a better look at the video. These police are paid by Citi Bank right? They’re not real police because under the US constitution they wouldn’t be allowed to do what they were doing, would they? Don’t they have the FBI to investigate police when they do this kind of thing? Or do the FBI work for Citi Bank  to?

  30. Bankerbuster says:

    The peoples run on the banks is the strongest message  we can give to the Banksters. A bank run is a message even a lowlife Bankster can understand. Withdraw your money. Every day is a Run On the Banks until We the People,  get our job done on these Fraudulent Banksters.
    I’d like to see the Banksters try to make themselves a bonus out of this!
     On the constructive side of this, maybe we can park some of our cash into silver and give crook Dimon of JPM a real headache.

  31. Zyworski says:

    I can already predict what is going to happen, those who actually have Citibank accounts will have a defense and will have charges dropped. Those who do not have a Citibank account will be charged with trespass. If they can separate their cases into individual cases it will be to much trouble to prosecute and charges will be dropped. If there is a mass trial this will become yet another spectacle and the DA/Citibank will be looking for a way out with a sweetheart plea deal.
    Now it is just a matter of waiting to see if my predictions come true.

  32. Kevin Schmidt says:

    I talked to my local community bank and they said they can’t keep up with all of the new accounts they are opening.

    The bank run has started and the big banks are powerless to stop it. Move your money now before they lock you out of your money, which they will surely do by November 5th.

    Guy Fawkes lives!

  33. Rawle says:

    That why i closed my account at Chase and joined a Credit Union. 

  34. Zarquon says:

    It´sooo great to see americans finally going into action. I´m in central Europe where the general consensus WAS that the yanks are too apathetic to do anything against the corrupt, undemocratic system. Keep up the great work OWC ! 

  35. They’re being arrested for taking their own money out?

  36. If that had happened to me, I would have had those security guards arrested for kidnapping!!! Enough with the banks!!! They should ALL go down! I switched to a credit union last year and have never been happier!

  37. Barbara Benedict, San Diego CA says:

    Although I support Occupy Wall Street, I do not support how this action on Citibank was implemented. Both sides, the bank and the protesters mishandled it.  No one who did not have an account with Citibank should have set foot in that building. To achieve a more successful outcome, non-account holders should have remained on the street as cheerleaders to account holders who peacefully complete a closing of their accounts. Note the little senior lady on the street (captured for a moment on the video) looking distressed. I couldn’t help but think of my late Grandma and how she regularly handled her banking –old school. She kept only a savings account and when she needed money she went to the bank and made her cash withdraw and then went immediately to the store to get what she needed. What if this little lady on the street was delayed from getting money so she could get food, or medicine because the bank locked down? That would be horrible. When taking action, especially dramatic action, I don’t believe the end justifies the means. We have to think of the affects our actions take on *everyone,*and make a responsible plan in advance to alleviate any unreasonable distress caused on others. Don’t give the other side a reason to unnecessarily arrest you. If you want to close your account in protest, I’m all for it –this *is* your right– but do it in good and responsible manner. 

    1. Nchoirnmind says:

      I haven’t seen the video, but you may have a point. Did. The protestors. go into the bank in a dramatic fashion? this may backfire. strategic blunder :(  

      (I’m having not-good images of monty python)

  38. Barbara Benedict, San Diego CA says:

    PS. More harm than good to the OWS movement may have actually been done because now many people hearing this news of arrest “just for closing an account,” which is not the whole story here, will be afraid to close their bank accounts. Think about it…

  39. Stc says:

    I am a neighbor of the LaGuardia branch rather than a protester or customer, but I can speak to the consciousness of many of Citi’s people from Tribeca to Beijing. However, I was markedly distrubed by the video of the event that has surfaced on the internet. I certainly understand that the video does not provide context for the police action. However, I was shaken by the image of a young woman being brutalized by an uninformed man seemingly working with either Citi or the NYPD. 

    Clearly some protesters were in the branch for purposes other than closing accounts and many accounts speak to individuals entering the branch to address concerns about Citi’s other products. However, “unordely” customers should neither being entrapped inside a retail branch nor should physical force be used to force customers back inside. I would like to ask Citi to release security video and the 911 call so that community members can understand the context of events more fully.

    1. Barbara Benedict, San Diego CA says:

      I agree. Like I said, from what I can see only in the portion of the video presented, both sides erred. I would like to see the front end of the video. It could be fair to consider that the bank had no idea what was about to happen, a robbery? Who knows? But both sides need to do better “next time.” 

  40. MAIL says:





  41. Michelle M. says:

    We are now officially a fascist republic.

  42. Cplocal80 says:

    If you want to close your bank account because you disagree with the business practices of the bank – that’s fine and you should go ahead and do that. But if you show up with a crowd and cause a scene – that’s asking for trouble. I’m not saying don’t do it, but don’t be surprised when something like this happens. I recommend people wanting to close their bank accounts do so without making a fuss about it.

  43. miss x says:

    The #OWS people are trying to make this something bigger than it is. “Some wanted to close their accounts with Citibank,”

    SOME. As in 1 Person. the rest were squatting.

     If you think citibank really cares about 20 people closing their petty accounts, get real. It’s the ones with money they care about, and even then they won’t deny them.

    I’ve never had trouble closing my account, but then I never walked into a bank with 20 friends chanting to close 1 account.

  44. zen says:

    I love Citibank’s comment: Police told them to close the bank. Ummm… don’t you usually let customers leave before you close your bank? I’m just saying. By their own statement, the police did not advise them to imprison people in their bank. Time to shut Citibank down people – the best way to make your feelings known is to vote with your wallets. There are PLENTY of other banks…

  45. Anonymous says:

    If have savings in the form of fiat currency, and don’t have any physical gold or silver to your name, either in your hand or in an allocated account, you’re in a for a world of hurt in the coming catastrophe.

  46. Anonymous says:

    It’s time to let the big banks fail.

    It WILL cause pain and disruption in the short term, but the long term prospects are even more dire with these influential global corporations allowed to operate.

    Holding fiat currency as large savings maximises your exposure to the coming catastrophe. Invest it into physical gold or silver, and keep it safe. It may just save your life.

  47. Anonymous says:

    I heard a quote by some Citibank management jerk that ” protesters can’t be customers at the same time.”

    I don’t do business with Citi, BoA, etc. I do business with TD Bank. They’re Canadian you know, and didn’t have to be bailed out.

    Check out BoA and how they are foreclosing on a bunch of their customers in error. They make Citi look like boy scouts. The big banks have to go, and the way to do that is don’t do business with them.  See how well they do servicing the 1%.

  48. BIGDSUPERMAN says:

    down with citi bank down with bank of america down with chase down with jpmorgan down with wall street. Really sucks dont it. 

  49. BIGDSUPERMAN says:

    Down with shiti bank down with bullshit bank of america down with chase your ass good bye.  Kind of sucks dont it.

  50. citizen mike says:

    everyone take your money out of citibank and bank of america.   shut them down!

  51. Anonymous says:

    This smells to me like the “We were only dancing” scam video a few months ago, when protesters posted a carefully edited video from the Jefferson Memorial. If OWS is about raising awareness, that’s one thing. But one regret I have from the 60s is that we didn’t call out the troublemakers, anarchists and dimestore Robespierres who hijacked peaceful, wide-spread demonstrations in order to pull stunts that ended up alienating potential allies.

    We don’t need to be demonizing the cops. At most Occupy sites, reports are that the cops are being cool. If they’re not, get a badge number and file charges. But they are part of the 99 percent, too. Going out of your way to provoke confrontation with other working class people  is elitist and antirevolutionary.

  52. I used to have Citibank and they are crooks! One time, I made a cash deposit on Friday and I had a receipt showing the funds were immediately in my account and my available balance reflected it! Then I used my VISA debit card during the weekend. Come Monday, the cash I deposited on Friday no longer showed on my account so Citibank can charge me three $34 overdraft fees. Furthermore, they charged me those 3 fees every day; so everyday I was running up 102 in overdraft fee while I was disputing the issue with them!! So a cash deposit does not count toward your account in Citibank’s eyes!!

    Other banks, when you go into overdraft, you are charged the overdraft fee only once and you have 30 days to put the money back!

    Nooooo, NOT CITIBANK!

    I am now with another bank and if I make a cash deposit now, even for $1, that money is in my account and it can be used immediately whether I use my VISA debit card or buy something online;

    even a cash deposit made at an ATM after the bank has closed for the day!!

  53. Mmp2148 says:

    When does the NYPD plan to roll in the tanks…..!!! 

  54. This all feels so Brazil to me.

  55. Irina says:

    Guys, please watch out for legal loopholes. This dilemma is about control and the reason she was arrested is because she refused to  follow an order to leave, not for trying to close her bank account.  Perhaps a better idea is to  move onto another branch, close the account there, and move onto the next step in the protest.

  56. Brickabrac says:

    it is very typical of citibank. once citibank charged me $20 which I questioned since I still have sufficient balance. when I decided to close my account citibank charged me another $20. I tried to complain but the customer service was located in country without concept of democracy or consumer rights.

  57. Fabrizio Borgosano says:


  58. Ahzeiler says:

    I support OWS. That being said I feel mislead by this video. There is no mention of the fact that there was a “teach-in” conducted inside the bank lobby. I have no problem with civil disobedience but don’t hide the fact that this occurred in your presentation. Also those taking part in civil disobedience should not be surprised to be arrested for their action. If the “teach-in” was on the plaza in front of the bank then it is public property but it took place inside a private business. Why was this not revealed in this report?

  59. TN Truther says:

    I don’t get it; How do you get arrested for closing an account? Am I missing something?

  60. Billy W. Mitchell says:

    The government in the United States has become morally bankrupt and the civil servents tasked to protect her citizens have become mindless automatons carrying out their orders.  These people have a right to withdraw their accounts whenever and at WHATEVER location they choose…no matter the circumstances!  The banks are entrusted to keep these peoples money in trust for them, but it IS these peoples money…their property.  SHAME ON YOU, CITI Bank…SHAME ON the security company…and SHAME ON the NYPD!!!  Occupy the Mayor of NY and the Governor of NY’s offices!!!  DEMAND that they release these people and pay them restitution!!!  This is OUR country!!!  They work for US!!!  Let’s take our country back!!!

    Billy W. Mitchell,
    A Patriotic American

  61. Daimen Bokk says:

    I would like to see her name and if she sues NYPD or Citibank. What did/will a judge say about this? I would seriuosly like to know how this plays out.

  62. Rickhales says:

    Re: Citibank and needing a permit to close your account.    LISTEN UP…..The run on closing accounts
    is inevitable……they’re just prolonging it, with requiring a permit.
    I’d just transfer MOST of my money to another bank, or credit union.
    While keeping $10.00 in Citibank. That’s NOT closing your account.
    I wonder what they’re charging for a permit?  (smile)