Occupy Wall Street: The Children's Book

That’s when we heard a loud “pop” of our burst housing bubble!
Which meant they had to say bye-bye to their home!
We thought we were headed for another Depression.
The banks got a cash injection from President Obama.
Were all given the equivalent of a GDP for a third-world country.
The owners of the bank just gave themselves more!
Meanwhile most Americans couldn’t afford basic healthcare
The only thing that grew bigger was our unemployment rate!
And no job means no way to pay back those student loans.
Which is why, little children, we’re part of the 99%
99percent2 Occupy Wall Street: The Children's Book

'The 99 Percent': A Kid's Story

The Occupy Wall Street movement has put out a call for sympathetic parents to bring their children to stay overnight in Zuccotti Park tonight, which lead us to thinking: How, exactly, should a concerned parent explain the Occupy Wall Street movement to someone who thinks “class warfare” refers to the struggle between Math and Reading? To help with this dilemma, The Observer has put together a little book that should be bedtime reading under the floodlights tonight when you tuck little Zeldy and Leopold under their tarps.

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