On The Market: Movement on The Tappan Zee; Brooklyn’s Coffee Craze; Fixing Confusing Cab Lights

Here are two phrases you don’t often see together; “Tappan Zee Bridge” and “Fast Tracked.” [NY Times]

A glass house of a sort. [Journal]

The wireless revolution is coming to Brooklyn’s great outdoors. [Brownstoner]

Rent-controlled tenants facing eviction are quite literally making a federal case out of it. [Daily News]

Lookin’ gooood there, Brooklyn real estate market. [Journal]

OMG cute coffee? That’s so Brooklyn. [NY Times]

More Wall Street layoffs are looming menacingly on the horizon, says seemingly terrified State Comptroller. [NY Post]

Financing is a done deal for a new Harlem cultural center. [Crain’s]

“Occupy Brooklyn” you say? Well, it’s apparently gonna happen. Greeeeeeat. [Brooklyn Paper]

A plan is afoot at the DOT to do away with “Off Duty” lights on cabs. This, we like. [NY Times]

Maid fight! (On the UES, of course). [NY Post]

The housing authority is moving into a space it helped gentrify. [NY Times]