Oren Bennett, 21-Year-Old College Dropout, Is Starting His Own Venture Fund

orren bennet Oren Bennett, 21 Year Old College Dropout, Is Starting His Own Venture Fund

Upstate dreamer turned downtown hustler.

Betabeat ran into a precocious young man last night named Oren Bennett. “Don’t I know you from somewhere?” he asked us as we grabbed some pita and hummus from the snack table at the Brooklyn Beta party. We shook our heads no, and asked if he was a startup guy.

“No, although I do love startups. I’m starting my own venture fund,” Mr. Bennet informed us.

Did he have any experience in venture capital?

“Well I have been to Startup Weekend in NYC here twice and I attend more events than a lot of people.”

Right, but what about experience in finance? Who in their right mind would give money to a 21-year-old kid to invest?

“I’ve been talking with Peter Thiel and he doesn’t seem to think experience is that important. Also Brad Feld, Esther Dyson and a number of others are interested.”

Did he have some kind of investment thesis or technical expertise that would appeal to these venture veterans?

“My plan is just to be faster, much faster than anyone else. I think in today’s market, that is what matters the most.”

We wanted to say something about how venture funds operate on a ten-year cycle, but decided to get a beer instead.


  1. Any startup with traction/engagement will look for a VC that brings smart money and connections.  Even if he had a good track record of picking winners, it will take a while before startups would consider his term sheet.

  2. Erich Sparks says:

    Sometimes vision is more important than experience. Too bad most people aren’t willing to take that risk.

  3. Oren Bennett says:

    Here’s the REAL story if anyone is interested!
    Link to my personal blog: http://orenbennett.tumblr.com/post/11787496619/bennettventures

  4. Ben Wolff says:

    If anyone can do this Oren can!

  5. I wish you the best of luck man. It’s cool that you’re doing what you want.