Patrick Foye and the Port’s New Start

Governor Cuomo has nominated Patrick Foye, one of his top aides, to the post of executive director of the Port Authority. Mr. Foye brings to the post a solid background in economic development and a strong background in politics. That’s a good combination, but he’ll also need to be a reformer if he is to succeed in revitalizing this important bistate agency.

Mr. Foye’s nomination coincides with Mr. Cuomo’s call for the Port Authority to take over the long-delayed conversion of the Farley Post Office building into a new rail station named for the late U.S. Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan. The Moynihan Station project has been kicking around since Moynihan was still in office. All these years later, his vision of a suitably grand station to replace the awful pit known as Penn Station remains unrealized.

But that’s not the only task awaiting Mr. Foye. The Port Authority needs to modernize the region’s transportation infrastructure and retool the agency for the 21st century. But these improvements have to be managed properly—the agency simply cannot rely on periodic fare increases to subsidize waste and inefficiency. The recent toll hikes on Authority tunnels and bridges produced a justified backlash against the agency—Mr. Foye, with any luck, was paying attention to the outcry.

Like so many other managers in both the public and private sectors, Mr. Foye has to figure out how to be creative and efficient with his assets. The Port Authority remains, in theory anyway, a model of interstate cooperation and regional planning. But fulfilling the Authority’s mandate requires more than a budget. It requires reform and innovation.

Mr. Foye will be judged not by what he builds, but how he builds it.


  1. union jack says:

    Hopefully Gov. Chris Christie will kill this Moynihan Station fiasco once and for all.  Billions of dollars for another new Amtrak terminal (Penn Station revamped Amtrak in the 90’s) so wealthy new yorkers can have natural light ?  CRAZY.  Cuomo does not have the chops to stand up to the limo liberals at Municipal Arts Society and the RPA because they paid for his campaign.  New York does not have the Money to pay for it….that’s why its been on life support for 20 years.  Constructing the Moynihan terminal in the Landmark Farley Building will just double the cost of the station because …its a landmark…and makes matters that much more complicated.  Schumer wants to piss away tax dollars so the developers who are getting the Farley Buildings air rights will re-elect his sorry WALL STREET Sell out behind.  

    Cuomo thinks he’s smart and can pass the buck off to the Port Authority, and have his lap dog Foye push it through…I highly doubt Christie will go for it….Kill it…just like ARC…New Yorkers don’t want or need this crap.  How about fixing the trains first…then build a station you morons!

  2. Gloria Vanderbuilt says:

    I keep reading that the Farley Post Office is being coverted into a new train hall dedicated in Sen. Moynihan’s honor…this is disingenuous and miss-leading and as a landmark preservationist…i find it disturbing. 

    Portions of the “landmark” James A. Farley Post Office building are being converted to house a new train hall (specifically the courtyard of the Farley Post Office) for Amtrak.  The Amtrak train hall, to be constructed in the courtyard of the Farley Building is to be dedicated in Sen. Moynihans honor. 

    The Farley Building, which is a landmark….is not becoming Moynihan Station….rather the Farley Post Office will be “housing” Moynihan Station.  The landmark and the rail terminal inside the landmark are two separate entities and from a legal, academic, and historical perspective must be clearly defined as such…regardless of what the talking heads say the “rebranding” of our nations landmarks is un-american.  The Farley Post Office is not vacating the landmark retail windows will remain open and USPS executive offices will remain on site, there is no legislation rededicating the landmark , only the yet to be constructed Amtrak Station.

  3. Joe says:

    Left unsaid is that Pat Foye also has to clean up the enormous mess that Chris Ward left behind at the WTC site.  Just today we learn that Mayor Bloomberg expected his lapdog Ward to cover 500 million in undisclosed security costs.  What other gems did Ward leave behind?