Performance Artist Gives Birth to Healthy Baby in Bushwick Gallery

The announcement. (Courtesy Microscope Gallery)

Marni Kotak, the pregnant performance artist who caused a bit of a stir when she announced she would give birth to her baby in a gallery, delivered a 9-pound boy yesterday morning. Araceli Cruz of the Village Voice, who first brought our attention to this story, arrived at Bushwick’s Microscope Gallery just after the birth happened:

“When we entered the steamy space, which the artist converted into a birthing center, was Kotak calmly eating a banana, the placenta in a bowl and the baby’s father, Jason, holding his son who was wrapped in a blue towel. The beautiful baby boy was wide-eyed, and as quiet as could be, staring blankly into the camera and video lenses that hovered above him.”

The gallery will show a video of the birth for the duration of the exhibition–which runs through Nov. 7–and display “remnants of the birth.” News of this performance reached the Washington Post; they wrote that Ms. Kotak “plans to re-conceptualize her role as a parent to baby Ajax into a work of performance art that will last for the rest of her life.”

Sigh. Isn’t being a parent to your child just, uh, living? Anyway, we’re glad the baby is healthy and we hope it doesn’t have too many issues later in life from the memory of entering the world in an art gallery in Bushwick.

Performance Artist Gives Birth to Healthy Baby in Bushwick Gallery