Pow! Splat! Barnes & Noble in Comic Book Brawl with Amazon

Amazon was very pleased with itself last month when it announced that 100 titles from DC comics would be available in digital format exclusively from Amazon. Barnes & Noble, purveyor of the color Nook, was less delighted. Was this any way for DC Entertainment to treat an old friend? Especially one that announced an expansion of its comics section earlier this year? So now B&N made a nasty little decision of its own.

Comics web site Bleeding Cool reports that in retaliation Barnes & Noble has pulled all print copies of DC comic collections from its shelves, includingWatchmen, The Dark Knight Returns, Sandman and V For Vendetta. We would prefer that Amazon and B&N just got on a boat to fight it out the old fashion way, by throwing cats at each other, but it will be interesting to see how this plays out.