1. wow you cant use money that is not yours and say its for american stealing is stealing. Worse president in all of history.

    1. Loubird1 says:

      Jose…you should back up a statement before making one, but I’ll tell you why Bush was the worst president….The lack of handling the hurricane, 2 wars at once…which hurt our economy, the housing market…houses skyrocketed and then plummeted…so if u bought a house during that time and didn’t lose it your screwed because your paying more than it’s worth, the stock market crash because of previously said items…the jobs that Bush sent overseas to China…Obama should have waited to start the health care though until the economy straightened out but I’m thankful for him making insurance co. Cover our kids until 26 or 27… my sons 22 and has a job that doesn’t offer so it’s helped out a lot. unfortunately it’s going to take a while for things to turn around but we need to be patient and at least people have gotten back from stocks…not all but nothing like it was…Obama is a smart man and is working closely with brilliant financial advisers but it’s no easy fix.