1. Babs Horky says:

    If anyone knows how to disrupt an election its Nader.  Thanks for helping elect Bush and causing the resultant mess.  You should be pleased.

    1. I definitely am pleased!  I hope he succeeds in pushing other candidates forward.  It’s too sad that so many people are too disillusioned to vote for anyone.

      1. Pearling says:

        People have to get smarter and more disciplined about politics.  It’s not entertainment.  It’s about power in our society.  We don’t need lots of candidates – we need one who represents our real interests.

  2. Drbobi says:

    … and Nader had such success as a third party candidate! (He’s part of the reason we are where we are.)

    1. Kevin Schmidt says:

      Actually, he is being used as a scapegoat for where we are.

  3. Dave Karpf says:


  4. FrenchieCat says:

    Hahaha! This is a joke, right? Killer Nader quote: “Let’s say a Bloomberg runs, it would be a three way race in every sense
    of the term, because he could write a check for $500 million.”  really?  This is soooo profound, or perhaps with Nader like with others, it’s all about the Bejamins.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Let’s see:  Ralph took GOP money in 2000 to stop Gore.  He’s been promoting a primary challenge to Obama for over a year.  Last month he voiced admiration of Palin’s intelligence.   And now he wants Bloomberg to throw himself and his millions into the race.  What ever could Nader’s motives for all this be? 

      1. jordan says:

        “Nader was raised in the He has never married. Karen Croft, a writer who worked for Nader in the late 1970s at the Center for Study of Responsive Law, once asked him if he had ever considered getting married. She reports: “He said that at a certain point he had to decide whether to have a family or to have a career, that he couldn’t have both. That’s the kind of person he is. He couldn’t have a wife — he’s up all night reading the Congressional Record.”

        and also

        “Nader said he owned no car and owned no real estate directly in 2000, and said that he lived on US $25,000 a year, giving most of his stock earnings to many of the over four dozen non-profit organizations he had founded”

  6. Impertinent says:

    Hide your guns, smokes, sugar, fritos, money and twinkies!!!! The little Napoleon libtard ( dressed as a RINO  ) is coming to take them away. NYC is one of the LEAST free places to live…and we want that in the WH?

  7. I voted for Nader all three times, and I would vote for any 3rd-party candidate again next year.  What you people don’t understand is that they’re not looking to win (the Electoral College would likely never allow a 3rd-party president anyway) – all they want is 5% of the popular vote.  Do you know what would happen if a 3rd-party candidate won 5% of the popular vote?  In the next election that party would receive federal funding JUST LIKE THE DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICANS DO NOW!  True change won’t happen as long as we keep the status quo.  Business as usual just isn’t working any longer.  Stop thinking in the short term (that’s why we’re in this fiscal mess to begin with) and do something to help fix this country!

    1. Pearling says:

      Oh, please.  Andyou think that with federal funding they would win elections?    That that would spell victory?  Oh, I can hardly write any more I’m laughing so hard.   That’s short-term thinking.  Think harder, Terran.  Federal funding won’t do it for a third=party candidate.

      1. If all other funds were outlawed, and federal funding of elections were the only thing allowed, then all elections would be equal and the best man, not the one with the most money would be elected. Good for the country.

    2. Subprimesoc says:

      Absolutely. I voted for Nader 2 out of the last 3. I certainly did not vote for Obama.Anyone that wants to keep this status quo is getting what they deserve.How do you like Obama now?

      1. President Obama has tried to do everything he promised. The problem is 300 Republican filibusters the first two years, and a fully obstructionist house since then.  What do you expect under those conditions?

  8. TedS says:

    Dear Ralph: you gave us George Jr. Go away.

    1. Kevin Schmidt says:

      Wide spread Republican election fraud and a packed Supreme Court gave us George Jr.  Even if Nader had not run in 2000, Gore still would have lost Florida. So you go away.

      1. Anonymous says:

        That last part is not actually true. Nader received almost 98,000 votes in Florida. Some of those people would have stayed home or not voted for Gore, but it’s reasonable to assume Gore would have picked up at least 600 votes more than Bush out of that group. If Nader had not been on the ballot, we never would have had George W. Bush.

      2. Etlingjm says:

        Nader did swing Oregon.

  9. Anonymous says:

    This guy passed by senility several years ago.  And Bloomberg is in way over his head just trying to run a city.  Bloomberg “independent”?  The head “nanny-stater” himself?

  10. Pearling says:

    Jesus, what’s happened to Ralph is just plain sad.  I had to turn off Bloomberg today – it’s all Republican all the time, I can’t even listen to it anymore.  And Ralph doesn’t understand that we have a winner take all system, not a parliamentary system, so having more choices is meaningless.  Only the person with the most votes in the end gets the position, Ralph, so splitting votes among tens of candidates means absolutely nothing.  It says nothing and accomplishes nothing.  More and more people coalescing around one candidate wins elections.    Ralph, maybe a class in poli sci at the local community college would help…

  11. I am a 70 year old with back problems so I won’t be going to DC, but I will send them my directions as king president. I will stop all taxes, and from this day foreword, I am appointing the fairy tax mother to provide funds to run the country. Why should the people pay?

    Furthermore, I am setting up a dual lemonade/euthanasia stand where old people who no longer have Social Security or Medicare can come to end it all easily, and  I  promise to only toss their carcase in the best dumps.

    I will of course end all public education, but I will let those who charge the most for education, continue with the public seal of approval.

    I hope you will vote for me.

  12. Reseevers says:

    Ralph always is the person to take seriously. It is a tragedy that so few people know this,  but instead take pot shots at him that have no basis in fact.