Reuters and the Occupy Wall Street ‘Connection’ to George Soros: The Reviews Are In!

reuters e1318535931216 Reuters and the Occupy Wall Street Connection to George Soros: The Reviews Are In!Newswire service Reuters published a piece today looking to follow the money and the foundation of Occupy Wall Street. The not-at-all-subtle headline by (Reuters’ New York and Northeastern Bureau Chief) Mark Egan and correspondent Michelle Nichols’ report: “Who’s behind the Wall St. protests?” Their answer is even better: liberal billionaire George Soros. How’d they get there?

1. Soros’ Open Society gave money to The Tides Center.

2. The Tides Center, a San Francisco-based quasi-clearinghouse for other nonprofit donations, gave money to AdBusters Magazine.

3. AdBusters—an anti-corporate Canadian magazine teenagers read when they’re 16 and listening to lots of Rage Against the Machine and dreaming of protesting globalization before they spend four years at Colgate, afterwards, ending up with a job at Wieden+Kennedy or something—made a poster suggesting people Occupy Wall Street.

4. AdBusters becomes relevant for the first time in, like, seven years when people actually Occupied Wall Street.

5. Reuters quotes Soros regarding Occupy Wall Street, context aside, as saying “I can understand their sentiment.”

6. Conclusion: George Soros is behind Occupy Wall Street.

7. Boom: Drudge Link.

This is basically like positing that because a Reuters reporter has an account at Bank of America and a history of spending money, he’s clearly funding the anti-Occupy Wall Street hypercapitalist-lobby.

Naturally, critics have not taken kindly to this reporting. Some reviews?

And so on.

Soros has yet to respond publicly, and the Reuters reporters behind the story have maintained radio silence over Twitter. | @weareyourfek


  1. Matt Chaban says:

    Is this Drudge bait?

    1. Anonymous says:

      Basically, yes.

  2. Didn’t Reuters get the memo that the state-owned media is only supposed to smear the Koch brothers?

  3. Lcowensp65 says:

    Read the comprehensive origins of Occupy in the Chronicle of Higher Education, 10.18.11.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Of coarse Soros is involved.  Not outright, but funding from all the sham outfits he funds.  His stated goal is the downfall of  America with an “open society”.  This is not about  the banks, themselves, it is a call of revolution.  The commies wait  and look at the long term.  Read the book, “The Shadow Party”.  It explains how Soros works undercover and with who.  These kids are following like lemmings.  But one spoiled brat reported to the WSJ  she had her Mac stolen at the NY WSO.  She bemoaned the fact “it was like, $5,500.””  Doesn’t look like she needs anything  but some brains.