Sneakerhead VC Builds Sneakerhead App for Sneakerheads (Who Wanna Show Off Their Kicks)


At a certain point, naming your blog after your obsession just doesn’t cut it anymore. First Round Capital’s Phineas Barnes, who blogs under the URL Sneakerhead VC debuted a truly Made in NYC app today with help from peeps like Amanda Peyton, Foursquare’s Eric Friedman, and HackStar Rebecca Zhou.

The app is called Today’s Kicks and sounds sort of like an Instagram for sneakers. To populate it with pics, Mr. Barnes pulls every image from the Twitter hashtag #todayskicks, which he started back in 2007 (the domain name was already in use). In keeping with the All Things Social revolution, users can “love” images (liking is for suckers, ya heard?) and a “Retweet” button to spread the images far-and-wide. Indeed, Betabeat’s Twitter feed was blowing up with  shoe porn this morning.

The other part of Mr. Barnes’ motivation for developing the app was keeping his instincts on point in terms of relating to entrepreneurs. “As an investor, I want to stay sharp by doing and this project has been really valuable. I was able to recruit a team around an idea, work to build a shared vision and be part of executing on a product from concept to launch.” So you’re saying watching TechStars episodes alone isn’t enough?

Betabeat would love to join in the app fun, but the beat-up suede loafer crowd just doesn’t inspire the same sense of community. Sigh.