Sold! Lady Astor’s Park Avenue Pad Sells for Less Than Half

778 Park Avenue

While eyebrows were certainly raised when Brooke Astor’s former home at 778 Park Avenue was listed for $46 million in 2008, many merely rolled their eyes.

The price, particularly after the economic downturn, was seen as astronomically (and unrealistically) high, but after repeatedly hacking millions off the ask, “the real” Astor place has finally sold, for a shadow of the initial price, the Post has reported.

According to initial reports, the 5-bedroom, 4.5-bath home went, in what is sure to be a disappointment to the Astor’s estate, for $21 million.

“Reflecting the remarkable and renowned personal style of the late Brooke Astor, philanthropist and doyenne of New York society, this residence is an eloquent representation of her distinguished life,” a Stribling listing claims.

The home boasts six terraces, five fireplaces, and Ms. Astor’s famous red-lacquered library which, according to the listing, “is possibly the most photographed room on Park Avenue,” according to the listing.

According to The Post, the buyer is a New York businessman an the mystery buyer is surely pleased to have passed the co-op board, which had previously rejected Swiss financier Daniel Forcart this Spring.




Sold! Lady Astor’s Park Avenue Pad Sells for Less Than Half