Staten Island’s Godfather House Goes to the Mattresses

110 Longfellow Avenue (Photo from

Hopefully this business can be settled peacefully.

The so-called Godfather house in Staten Island has received not one, but two offers, the Post reported yesterday. The sprawling 6,248-square-foot mansion in the Todt Hill neighborhood was used as the Corleone family’s main digs when the The Godfather was filmed back in 1972.

The Tudor-style mansion was built in 1930 for Joeseph Palma, who would later become the Staten Island borough president, and his eleven children, according to the Post. The current owner, Edward Norton III (not of Fight Club fame) and his family have lived in the home since 1951.

The 8-bedroom home includes 4.5 bathrooms, a pool, a four-car garage, and a “pub basement,” according to a listing from Connie Profaci Realty.

The home was put on the market last year for $2.9 million, but the price was recently reduced to $2.5 million. Maybe if the prospectives wait until Mr. Norton’s daughter’s wedding, they can get another discount.

Staten Island’s Godfather House Goes to the Mattresses