Tavi Totes Taught Peter Sagal Abrevs on Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me

Rookie editor Tavi Gevinson played NPR’s jokey news quiz show Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me this weekend. During the pre-game banter, host Peter Sagal laid into some informed teasing about Ms. Gevinson’s nostalgia for culture that predates her existence, which she took like a champ.

In return she provided Mr. Sagal some tips for talking to his Tavi-aged daughters.

GEVINSON: You should just speak in like, abrevs.

SAGAL: Abrevs?


SAGAL: Like, all right, already I’m at sea.

SAGAL: So what is an abrev?

BODETT: An abrev is an abrev.

GEVINSON: Yeah. There you go.

SAGAL: It’s an abbreviation. So give me an – so abrev is like abbreviate. So give me an example.

GEVINSON: Like, “ur tots jel of that boy, yo.”

BODETT: Oh man.

GEVINSON: This is how I talk to my peers.

In spite of the pro tip, she said she is not a “parent spy.”

Playing off her age, her game concerned the interests of the elderly, called “Frankly, I really miss “Murder She Wrote.”

(Little did they know she knows Advanced Style too.)

Ms. Gevinson resides in the Chicago area, where the program is produced, and is friends with NPR star Ira Glass.