Ten Artists Who Should Make Work for ‘Occupy Wall Street’

  • As the ongoing Occupy Wall Street protests enter their second month, artists have begun to play a more active role in some aspects of the movement. A group called Occupy Museums is embarking on a tour of New York’s art institutions this afternoon, Thursday, Oct. 20, and some artists have created a website they call The Occupennial, which endeavors to document the art interventions that are emerging from the movement.

    Major artists, however, have been largely silent about the protests, and that got us thinking: whose art is well designed for Zuccotti Park? At left, our ten picks for artists who should bring their work to downtown Manhattan.


  1. annon says:

    what no Santiago Sierra? are you guys asleep?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yes, annon! Santiago Sierra is one we forgot. We may have fallen asleep briefly there, sadly. Please suggest others!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Over twitter a reader has just pointed out that Marina Abramovic would also make a worthy addition to the scene down there. We agree heartily. And not just with her classic, endurance-test-type performances, but also with the staring contest at her retrospective in MoMA’s atrium. That could be something over which cops and protesters could come together.

  4. NYARTIST says:

    I would like to know who to contact about getting involved with this project? Thanks.

  5. Lucia says:

    how about something a bit more radical. smells of already famous people getting more exposure… ho hum. things rarely change and a rose is a rose is a rose is a rose

  6. NYARTIST says:

    I would still appreciate contact information as I have something I would like to contribute as an artist as well. Or is this a closed click?

  7. Director says:

    But are they doing it? No. Because the top 1% are their patrons. So forget about this article. Make your own art works and bring them to the movement.

  8. Drago L At says:

    Janine Gordons’ work was featured both on the cover and 15 photos spread throughout the Adbusters Revolution issue.
    Adbusters.org is the known initiator of the Egyptian Spring riots and the Occupy Wall Street Movement.
    The Revolution was cited by Adbusters as their “Tools for Activists”
    Janine Gordon is an artist that does not take photographs of demonstrations or makes political art. Her work is ephemerally
    based in the spirit of rebelliousness which captures the energy of the culture.

  9. Ben Thompson says:

    Why? And alienate themselves from the people that can afford to buy their art?

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