The Closing: Rich People Who Love Dirt; The UES ‘Mullet Tower;’ M.T.A. Is Growing Dangerous, Erasing Whole City Streets

Local college students will soon be able to seek substance abuse counseling in TriBeCa. What could go wrong? [NY Times]

One synagogue in Park Slope might just have the sukkah of the future, and it’s beautiful. (“Your cousin Ari worships there, you know,” says your mother. She’s “just saying”) [Brooklyn Daily]

Fun fact of the day: In the tony suburb of Bedford, wealthy locals apparently fetishize dirt. Kinky. [The Journal]

That neon condo-thing in LIC is going back to the proverbial drawing board for marketing ideas. [Curbed]

BrickUnderground bids a sad “adieu” to its anonymous doorman columnist. [BrickUnderground]

So, that guy who’s rabidly protesting Corcoran in Ft. Greene? Yeah, he’s blogging now… []

Is Global Holdings playing a financially dangerous waiting game at 120 Park? [Crain’s]

The M.T.A. didn’t actually make a whole West Village street disappear… did they? [NY Times]

Go check out Edward Hopper’s old studio this weekend, courtesy of “The Purple Fog.” [DNAinfo]

Alright you bike fascists, get “geared up” for bike share presentations tomorrow (ed note: we spoke your language with the “geared up” thing so you don’t come complaining to us when you’re inevitably disappointed with the bike sharing plans. See? we’re cool). [StreetsBlog]

How is a new UES condo project like a mullet? Here’s how… [The Journal]