The Daily Tops Newsstand Sales, Boosts Confidence

thedaily The Daily Tops Newsstand Sales, Boosts Confidence

During the first week of Newsstand–the Apple iOS 5 feature which is making marketing iPad publications much easier–News Corp.’s Daily was the top-grossing app.

“It’s intriguing that an upstart publication is beating Condé Nast titles and the New York Times,” editor Jesse Angelo told Keith Kelly yesterday.

Indeed, The Daily outsold National Geographic, WIRED, The New Yorker, The New York Times, GQ, Cosmopolitan, Martha Stewart Living, Popular Mechanics and Popular Science, which have both much larger print circulations and a higher monthly price point.

The confidence is contagious.

Today the Daily’s Tumblr posted a screenshot of The New York Times iPad app, which had not been updated to include the breaking news about Qaddafi’s death.

“It’s 1:00pm. Something is missing from the front page of the New York Times’s iPad app…” they wrote.

Mr. Angelo also told the Post that of the 130,000 readers of The Daily (10k more than Edmund Lee reported last month), 85,000 pay for it, and they convert free trial-ers to subscribers at a rate of 12-15%.




  1. Jon_hammond says:

    I don’t understand your point. The daily is, well, a daily — your point of comparison is monthly magazines (excluding The New Yorker/New York Times). There is a frequency issue there, no? Also, does this mean new downloads? wouldn’t you venture to think that many of the folks have already downloaded some of these titles that have had a longer life as apps? It’s not like anyone who had the magazine/NY Times apps would have had to go back and download again after the Newsstand was introduced right (I didn’t anyway)? What if the new issues of some of these titles had hit the week being reviewed? Wouldn’t it stand to reason that there would be a higher rate of downloads?

    Re: the shot at the NY Times app, curious if the news was on the website (which the daily does not have). Sure, if your soul distribution channel for content is an app, that would be your priority — however, if you were funneling content via several channels, of which I would guess the tablet has significantly less traffic, then of course you wouldn’t prioritize that for distribution.