The Watchtower is Getting Tired of Being Shown the Door in Brooklyn Heights

watchtowerquestion The Watchtower is Getting Tired of Being Shown the Door in Brooklyn Heights

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While The Observer might be as guilty as anyone for promoting a “here’s your hat, what’s your hurry?” attitude towards the Jehovah’s Witness’ inevitable departure from the site of their global headquarters in Brooklyn Heights, it seems we’re not alone, and it also seems that this atitude is beginning to irk the famously media shy religious organization.

In a conversation with The Brooklyn Eagle, the Watchtower’s Richard Devine says that not only is the organization’s recent spate of property sell offs not a sign of impending departure, but that “the move will likely be years away.” A major sticking point that is keeping the Jehovah’s dug in on the banks of the East River is the apparently slow-moving process to get approval to build in their new home of Warwick, N.Y.

Applications to build an 8 building, 30 acre campus in the town have not yet been given the go-ahead as the plan requires an apparently hard to get “special-use permit.” As the Watchtower will be producing its eponymous newsletter in Brooklyn up until the new facilities are completed Upstate, it stands to reason that the JWs will be maintaining a major presence on the streets of Brooklyn Heights.

What this means for the neighborhood and its property values remains unclear, despite the rampant press speculation that has linked the unsold Watchtower property with everything from condo development to a potential NYU mega-dorm. The only party that might be deflated by the delay in departure is the group behind Brooklyn Bridge Park.

According to a recent deal struck between the city and the state, any new residential or commercial development on the Watchtower properties could be used to pay for maintenance of the park. This would be instead of building a condo tower at Pier 6. But that deal must close by the end of 2013, so the JW’s would have to seriously speed things along for that landswap to come to anything.

So, while some might not hate to see the Watchtower go, we seem to continue love watching them walk away…


  1. Warwick is an appropriate place for the Watchtower Society to relocate – right on a major earthquake fault.

    1. Anonymous says:

      The ‘man behind the curtain’ is the wizard of outside legal and financial agents that provide counsel for the Watchtower society corporation,cause it sure ain’t your average Jehovah’s Witness elder.
      Amazing they can maintain a multi billion dollar fortune 500 company.
      Danny Haszard 3rd generation JW

      1. That’s what high stakes hedge fund gambling with the donations of the members accomplishes.

      2. Borgfree says:

        I would start by saying, BS!

        Then, why is it that the Watchtower Corporation has been sending home those who have worked for them for many years and replacing them with new, young, Jehovah’s witnesses?

  2. Ryan Allen says:

    The facilities in Brooklyn simply cannot handle the incoming growth. A concrete jungle like NYC leaves little room for growth. The only reason the WTS relocated from PennState to NYC in the early 1900s had to do with the city having international shipping ports. But this is no longer relevant today. Please don’t translate their move as “cash out”. It is simply a move to handle growth.

    1. Growth – yeah right; with two downsizings in Watchtower personnel within the past five years, the idea they are moving because of growth is ludicrous at best. If it is growing it’s in the sense of how a malignant tumor grows.

      1. Steve West says:

        @Craig & Danny: If you two had half an inkling as to what you’re talking about, you’d be doing well. The reduction of personnel is primarily due to technological improvements. A good-sized portion of the printing work that was being done in the US is now being done in Canada. We are growing in members. If you have some proof of “high stakes hedge fund gambling”, let’s see it.

      2. Robin Morgan says:

        @google-17b301f3b7b4b4ce3c5fd53dcad86743:disqus . There is a news article I read recently reporting on a hedge fund seminar. The WTBS was referred to as being present. This is what has turned into the rumor Craig Lewis Stevens referred to. No one knows if they are investing in these type transactions. If they are it is completely legal, and when managed well hedge funds are quite lucrative.Given how savvy the WTBS has been in handling properties, it would be foolish to question their managing of other financial matters.

    2. Borgfree says:

      Sorry, that response was meant to be to Ryan Allen, I guess I pushed the wrong button.

      >>>I would start by saying, BS!

      Then, why is it that the Watchtower
      Corporation has been sending home those who have worked for them for
      many years and replacing them with new, young, Jehovah’s witnesses?

      1. Tresor says:

        They are sending people home…out into service to do as every person who loves other people..not staying inside and pointing a finger of what to do ..but doing it..sending them out to help us (out here) to tell people what Jehovah wants us to tell them…wake up and smell the coffee..these are the last days..ya need to learn ..last days of “what”…so if they are being “sent out” it is for our help and everyonelses benefit! ..besides..anyone who leaves BETHEL  believes and knows  that …they would not have been at BETHEL to begin with…really..who else would dedicate their life to share their skills and time to preach what the bible says to thick headed stubborn people who don’t want to listen..ya think it was a calling to say…”Hey, Let me go to Bethel to make a gravy place to live out my life and live the life of ease”…and getting younger one.! Ya think…it is only printing that the machines do…the packing, and all the manual labor is alot…be real people… it’s not like they were booted with nothing to fall back on…the name JEHOVAH means …he causes to become…yep…HE causes himself to become anything he needs to be, to take care of his own…WHERE EVER WE ARE! 

    3. Anonymous says:

      Garbage. The WT relocated because it was able to buy printing facilities.

      Did you know that originally professional salesmen were used called colporters to distribute WatchTower material. That Rutherford phased these out when he found the remaining membership after his takeover of the WT would do distribution for free. Rutherford treated the remaining colporters as personal servants. Did you know those professional salesmen had portable phonographs they played Russell’s sermons on at the door. Phonographs were not very common at the time and quite a novelty.

  3. Anonymous says:

    and  near the mount of Eve and the mount of Adam. How appropriate the name the WatchTower wages a wicked war on Christianity.

  4. Tarkon says:

    I have kept up with the story line for years now.  It seems all New York developers are circling like buzzards over Watchtower properties.

    As I have read in this paper and others, the city cannot even agree on what to do with that building and the park it is supposed to pay for.  If a coherent plan is not in place, why be so jumpy?

    The reason for paying the higher price is not only where these are located, but how well they have been kept up.  When they were first bought by Jehovah’s Witnesses, these places were dumps.  Hard work brought them back up to mouth watering standards for developers today.

    Anybody who has ever, ever built anything knows it always takes twice the time first stated no matter what.  That is why so many new home owners feel like they gave birth–whether male or female.  Requiring a much needed vacation just to recover from the process.

    What I suggest you consider is what will come in after JWs do leave?  Will all those in the surrounding neighborhoods need to increase security?  Who will come to help out their neighbors then?  One of the newspaper articles I have read was about one of the Witnesses taking care of a road side near DUMBO as an act of helping to beautify the overgrown area.  Who will continue to do such things after JWs leave?

  5. jrl says:

    Mark my words. You will wish you had Jehovah’s Witnesses back in Brooklyn Heights.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Learn more on this organization dannyhaszard(dot)com
    Do a search google *Jehovah Witness Watchtower* and find out what others who have had dealings with them say too.

  7. The Watchtower Society is filthy rich and getting richer. Nobody knows where the money goes. Ask any Jehovah’s Witness if he ever sees a financial statement. My new book, Rescuing Slaves of the Watchtower, is an expose of the dishonest practices of the WTS and their gross mistreatment of their slaves.

    1. Robin Morgan says:

      You are admittedly ill informed, how could you possibly write about that which you don’t know? Are you donating the proceeds from your book to charity?