This Is What CNN Thinks Hacking Looks Like

reddit hacker This Is What CNN Thinks Hacking Looks Like

A snippet of one Redditor employee’s source code made its way to CNN yesterday in order to illustrate a story about the Pentagon’s efforts to combat hackers. “It looks like one of you works for CNN, and was asked to provide some ‘hacker looking thing,’ and then decided to provide this snippet of html. Or something. Would love to know how this happened!” user Jedberg wrote on Reddit. Betabeat can’t tell what the code is for based on the teensy, blown-up excerpt–something to do with column widths on the Reddit blog?–but Jedberg says it’s “about as far from ‘computer attack’ as they come.” LIBEL!


  1. At least they didn’t use The Matrix code.

  2. Crispyguy101 says:

    f-ing hilarious!!!!!