To Catch an iPhone Thief on Camera, You May Have to Jailbreak Your Phone

iThief via The Daily News

Here’s a bit of freudenschade to distract distraught Apple acolytes. A tech-savvy Queens woman caught the man who stole her iPhone on camera by installing an app called iGotYa.

Unlike Apple’s free Find My iPhone software, which shows the approximate location of the device, iGotYa will take take a photo of whenever someone’s unsuccessfully trying to unlock your iPhone and email it to the owner. So, if you throw back a few too many, chances are you’ll wake to a self-portrait in your inbox.

The only catch for the app is that you have to jailbreak your phone first. The police are asking the public to help find the man in the photograph, who is still at large. Thankfully the thief was just a pickpocket and the iPhone owner sustained no injuries. But Betabeat is sending iGotYa to our dinged-up friend at the Wee Hours column in case bad luck should strike twice.