Vito Lopez to Lead Occupy Wall Street March

Brooklyn Democratic Party leader Vito Lopez is the latest pol to jump on board the Occupy Wall Street movement.

A reader passes along the following invitation from the longtime assemblyman for a “Making a Difference Rally” with Brooklyn legislators and union leaders. The group is slated to meet at Brooklyn Borough Hall and march over the Brooklyn Bridge, where they will join the folks down at Zuccotti Park. Read More


  1. FINALLY! says:

    finally we will get some of Brooklyn’s voice into OWS!

    1. BrooklynRider says:

      Dude, we had a protest last Saturday and a General Assembly last night. Vito Lopez is going to destroy Occupy Brooklyn, before it even gets off the ground.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Vito Lopez is going back to his “ROOTS” and is trying to out flank Lincoln and his ILK.

    Maybe Vito need to give up his Establishment title of “Boss” of the Brooklyn DemocRATS” and let Lincoln take over as the “Boss” .

    If the “FEDS” are investigating Vito as reported in the press, and have the “Goods” on him he will need all these supporters to “March” on the Court House. Before there was the “Oracle at Delphi” there was Count Vampire J. MachiavelliVJ MachiavelliPower to the People who “VOTE”

  3. Rock Hackshaw says:

    Vito, you are the man. Only you can bring Brooklyn’s pride back. Last year I called out for bold moves like this. My co-writers scoffed at your resolve but I knew you could do it.

  4. Anonymous says:

    This is great — one of New York’s most corrupt political bosses going to a rally against corrupt private sector bosses.  Only in New York !! 

  5. BrooklynRider says:

    Corruption is going to lead a parade?  I was signed up for the Occupy Brooklyn GA.    just wrote them, issued a symbolic “block” and left their G.A.  this occupation is dead before it even started.  

    We had Marty Markowitz invade last weeks protest and now this? No thanks. I’ll bring my energy, enthusiasm and support to OWS in Manhattan.

    Brooklyn politicians are the worst of all city pols.