Wall Street Journal Has No Love For New York Co-Working Spaces?

weworklabs Wall Street Journal Has No Love For New York Co Working Spaces?

S'okay, we love you, WeWork!

Co-working, as the Journal is here to tell you, isn’t just for Valley types anymore. “Besides the cost advantages, entrepreneurs in technology and other fields say they like co-working spaces because their open floor plans boost collaboration, offer more flexibility on leases and can even help land investors.” You don’t say!

But despite this rising tech tide springing up shared workspaces around the country, the article only name checks two locations outside California and only one from New York’s growing pool: General Assembly, natch. (Funding from the likes of Yuri Milner and Jeff Bezos and rumored global expansion plans has a way of rising to the top, despite escaping the Journal‘s notice when the paper discovered “Silicon Square” in August.)

So just in case you’re new to New York haven’t been reading Betabeat’s umpteeth posts about co-working spots like Dogpatch Labs, WeWork Labs, New Work City and more, here’s a handy map and Foursquare list to help you find them. Shhh, no one tell the Journal about those wacky accelerators that suddenly seem to be everywhere.