With Widespread Unemployment and a Revolution Brewing Downtown, Why Shouldn’t You Live Like Marie Antoinette?


Now here is a home that would provide the perfect setting for you to tell those filthy hippies down at “Occupy Wall Street” to eat some cake.

Who else but Sotheby’s could have wrangled this $18 million, 3 bedroom, 4 and 2-half bath, duplex at 770 Park Avenue ?

The pictures in this slideshow say it all, this place is a physical manifestation of every Upper East Side cliche.

Not only is it situated on Park Avenue and 73rd Street, the listing mentions the entrance, a marble gallery with a classic staircase (picture the apartment in Brain DePalma’s disastrous The Bonfire of the Vanities ), and the pictures show a seemingly endless parade of sitting rooms that are decorated with the explicit intention to call to mind the actual time of Marie Antoinette.

Which makes this whole place even more out of whack with what is going on outside it.

Having something like this apartment on the market at this price is (we imagine) an indirect middle finger to the protestors raging away down on Wall Street, decrying the consolidation of wealth that this apartment signifies with its very existence…

Then again, look at that kitchen.


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