Your Own West Village Spa Castle

  • If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “wouldn’t it be cool if they could take all the coolest aspects of those Korean superspas out in Queens and make me a house?”


    Well, it’s admittedly a very weird thought, but someone apparently had it, and they even followed up on it in the West Village.

    Which is what leads us to this $10.5 million townhouse on West 13th Street currently on offer from Halstead, who get poetic in the language on the listing telling us “The excitement begins on the roof.”

    That proclamation might be fair (the infinity pool, outdoor cabana dining room and full bar setup do indeed create quite an exciting scene), but let’s take this step-by-step, Halstead…

    We mean, slow your roll baby (we’re getting into the spa life lingo, we’ve even grown a mustache).

    The rooftop excitement is the allegorical cherry on top of this very interesting (very “bathing-centric”) townhouse renovation.

    From the listing’s own tour, we’ve got a garden level that can be used as a service floor or an income-generating rental, “it commands a very high rent” Halstead tells us paranthetically.

    The Parlor floor has  “13 foot ceilings and floor to ceiling windows” and “offers flexibility as a grand entertainment space or additional living.”

    The Second floor, where the proverbial ‘magic’ will inevitably happen thanks in part to two “luxury” baths “clad in travertine marble and have Jacuzzis with built in LCD screens,” is wired to become an entertainment center (which seems redundant with the travertine marble entertainments on offer).

    But, back to the roof, we are impressed, so impressed in fact that we, like Halstead, find ourselves pith-less, but will submit to Halstead’s attempt to get it all out through use of bullets;

    • Infinity edge plunge pool
* Rooftop bar and fully fitted kitchen
    • Climate controlled loggia with dining for 12
    • Blu-Ray entertainment system and surround sound


    Get out those chenille robes and invite us over, we might even lose this terrible new mustache…


  1. Poor writing on behalf of the author and halstead, having a spa home would be interesting, no need to be naked around strangers all the time who are segregated due to american influence,
    its an exaggeration on the author to hype something in the title when there is no spa claim, and of course halstead being a real estate marketing firm, will hype and make things look great, I mean really a blu-ray system is pretty standard and has little relevance to a $10 million property, climate controlled, typical, a pool is a standard edition, however the editor should not hype a title when there was nothing mentioned, if on the other hand an attempt to make a home into any kind of spa like feature was made, that would be interesting and failure would be made too.

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