9/11 Memorial Gets a B- for Attendance

fountain1 9/11 Memorial Gets a B  for Attendance

The 9/11 memorial

Attendance at the newly opened 9/11 memorial has been underwhelming, to say the least. Despite the millions of dollars that went into the project, over 30% of people who have reserved tickets to visit the site in recent months have failed to show, DNAinfo reports.

It’s not all bad news, though. Despite the AWOL ticket holders, tens of thousands of people are still visiting the site each week.

Even with all the no-shows, the memorial has already attracted more than 500,000 visitors in its first two months, with about 10,000 visitors on a typical day, [Connors said.

The nonattendance is good news for downtowners, however, who have already voiced their complains about increased traffic from tourists visiting the memorial.
The absences have been largely been attributed to mis-planning, as visitors have been required to book their visit at a specific time and date weeks in advance. Maybe it’s all those Occupy Wall Street protestors and the police pens encasing them causing problems, though The Observer suspects other issues.
You know how it goes. The service at the Times Square Ruby Tuesday’s is a little slow, you take the E to Queens inadvertently, and some crazy person demands you read a pamphlet about the impending apocalypse. Before you know it, it’s time to see that matinee performance of Wicked, and you just can’t make it downtown. Singing, dancing Wizard of Oz characters or a souped up water fountain. Really, what would you choose?


  1. Guest says:

    What an idiotic article.  Attendance is lower because people who have reserved tickets (which are free) are not showing up.  There are thousands of people who would go in their place if they thought there were tickets available.  The memorial is addressing this by having fewer ticket available for advance reservations and putting up more on same day (or a few days in advance).  You do the memorial a huge disservice in implying that people aren’t interested.  Shame on you.

  2. Macraig56 says:

    At this year’s 9-11 events, it was quite clear that it would be a while before it would be easy to go to the memorial.

    I figured I’d wait until all the ruckus died down, maybe even wait until one could go w/out a ticket.

  3. Dan Blondell says:

    It’s like going through airport security. It’s not inviting. The memorial isn’t finished yet anyway. It’s not designed (or shouldn’t have been!) to be an attraction – it’s still essentially a public space downtown, meaning it’s designed for people to have lunch in.

  4. NYminute says:

    How do you consider HALF A MILLION PEOPLE in 2 months as LOW ATTENDANCE??  What planet are you from??  A souped up water fountain?  Clearly you have not yet visited.  And if you have, your ignorant ridiculous comments should get you fired.  Idiot.