The Great Adderall Shortage of 2011 Rages On

94819143 The Great Adderall Shortage of 2011 Rages OnBack in May, The Observer heard from a web programmer, Brian, who works in Manhattan. He was bemoaning what was beginning to look like a citywide shortage of Adderall, the prescription amphetamine ostensibly prescribed to combat attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, but which is commonly used by Manhattan professionals to supplement a diet of stimulants—legal or otherwise—that helps them power through the workday. “I had a horror of a time filling my last script. Duane Reade and CVS are both fucked citywide,” he explained.

It seems as if the problem is back.

A quick Google Trends check sees searches for “adderall shortage” increasing 11-fold in the past month. Reports are beginning to surface nationwide: the shortage is wrecking havoc all over the country, and amphetamine-starved denizens are finding themselves out of luck. “Utah families bemoan Adderall shortage,” reads a recent Salt Lake Tribune headline. A local CBS news affiliate out of Grand Rapids, Mich., produced a scare segment with one local pharmacist noting: “We’ve had customers coming in crying.

Here in New York, Brian, who lives in Kips Bay, was told by Duane Reade that the druggist would be out of 10mg generic amphetamine salts, the off-brand Adderall prescription, for the near future. “There was no possibility of getting an alternate dosage of the same meds without having the doctor issue a new script,” he explained—a problem since he is an uninsured freelancer, and each doctor’s visit for a new prescription was costing him $225. Yet he was saved by “an independent [pharmacy] on 34th Street [that] did the job.” Not everyone is as lucky as Brian is.

A 29-year-old writer friend of The Observer’s, “Melody,” who lives in Soho, has also felt the effects. “For me,” she explained, “the shortage meant that the Duane Reade on Bleecker is stocking a different generic variety than I’m used to. I wondered why the pills looked different, and then when I started taking them, I definitely noticed that they were less effective.”

When Melody called Duane Reade to complain, she was told there was nothing they could do. For her, that’s meant taking more of the generic brand. “Double, pretty much.”

The Food and Drug Administration’s website notes that Shire—the original manufacture of Adderall, which sold the rights for the drug’s instant-release doses in 2006 but continues to produce the time-release tablets they introduced in 2001—is still readily able to produce and fill to “adequate” levels of Adderall XR prescriptions. However, Teva Pharmaceuticals and Global Pharmaceuticals—the manufacturers of Adderall’s generic iterations—are said by the FDA to be experiencing “supply issues,” “increased demand,” “inadequate finished product” and “uneven product distribution patterns” that are hampering distribution.

Duane Reade declined to comment, and inquiries to Teva Pharmaceuticals and Global Pharmaceuticals went unreturned.

In May, The Wall Street Journal chronicled the blame game of the drug shortage, wherein Shire blamed the Drug Enforcement Agency for being slow to approve their latest amphetamine request. The DEA issued a statement in response, saying the company was at fault: “Based upon all of the data that DEA has at this time, manufacturers have sufficient amphetamine quota to provide an uninterrupted supply of products. Manufacturers can request additional quota at any time during the year. The DEA will review their request and provide additional quota, if warranted.”

One conspiracy theory begins with Teva and another generic Adderall manufacturer, Impax, which sued Shire for what they perceived to be an intentional clogging of the pharmaceutical supplies. Shire, who recently gave up on its plan to introduce a nicotine-patchlike form of drug into the market, has seen sales of Vyvanse—Shire’s branded alternative to Adderall, for which it still owns the patent—go up 34 percent in the third financial quarter of 2011. The Irish drug dealers, the thinking goes, are looking for a new revenue stream.

Either way, Brian is prepared. As someone with a “bunker mentality,” he had managed to stockpile enough to keep him well between prescriptions. It may be more expensive, he explained, “but there is nothing more awesome than wiping out nine months of housecleaning guilt with a little blue pill and half of a Saturday morning.”

Melody, for her part, improvised her own alternative. “FYI,” she texted us, “Just found Adderall in Hoboken. Can’t believe I’m taking the PATH for this. Had to call like ten pharmacies.” | @weareyourfek


  1. Dear FDA. Thank you EVER so much for making it impossible for me to get the drug that’s allowed me to keep my job and earn a living for the past few years. As the saying goes, the scariest words in the English language are “We’re from the government, and we’re here to help you.” I’d keep a chart showing my productivity decline once my prescription runs out… but I’d never actually get around to it and it would be done very sloppily and inaccurately, because “incomplete” and “badly done” is pretty much all I can manage without it. Maybe there’ll be an Occupy New Albany starting up… if I won’t be able to work, at least I can act self-righteous and try to hit on hippie chicks half my age (until my wife finds out and ends ALL of my problems…)

    1. Blarg says:

      Isn’t it hard to change your tampon while you’re crying so hard?

      1. Moomoo92567 says:

        2 bad ur penis isn’t as big as ur mouth.

    2. Anonymous says:

      ha blame the FDA when its the drug manufacturers (i.e. corporations) that are smiling about the shortages and price hikes. you are an idiot

      1. Tmchopper says:

        your the idiot…  how are they making any money if there is nothing to sell?

  2. Suntzu91776 says:

    The DEA are fascists. This is bullshit. My brain does not work right w/o my meds, and the retard government red-tape douches look more like red-banded SA brown-shirts…

  3. SUNTZU91776 says:

    and for all you c***ing pussies who WHINE incessantly about “abuse” of ANY drugs… go f*** yourself! I don’t abuse it. However, everyone on earth should be able (if of adult age) to make their own friggin’ decisions. If they choose to abuse WHATEVER I honestly don’t give a f*** as long as they ain’t hurtin’ me. Ever hear of FREEDOM? Wake up America. Everything was legal til the moralistic c***s got involved. PROHIBITION DOES NOT WORK. GROW A BRAIN. GROW SOME BALLS. THIS IS  NOT A WORLD FOR THE FAINT OF HEART. If you tremble at the thought of “oh no, addicts are lurking around the corner,” then DON’T GET OUT OF BED IN THE MORNING YOU USELESS TWERPS…

    1. i couldn’t get my script either. this note is very hard. i don’t know if this is the best way to be heard.  I talked to my doctor and there are other options to treat add/adhd. so talk to your doctor about another medication. there are about 15 differant choices.

      1. Sasha says:

        I’ve been diagnosed with ADHD over and over. My solution? I run. A lot. 3 marathons this year! Calms and focuses my mind. Yoga too. And I feel great! It does, however, take more effort than a trip to the pharmacy. I also tried a natural remedy called addieup but overall the best thing for me so far has been exercise!

    2. Anonymous says:

      Put the crack pipe down.

    3. janet says:

      No, screw you and you foul mouth, drug addiction is a serious problem in this country, its mindsets like yours that are hurting the USA-adults cannot always make their own decisions and have to be protected from themselves just like kids sometimes.  you are pretty defensive- have you considered professional counseling?????

  4. I’m not sure how people abusing this product should effect the people that are not. I’ve been using this product for the last 4 years without issue. Now I can’t get my pricription filled because children are useing for over achieving.  REALLY. COME fight against so many drugs that tear people down. Now you have an issue with a drug that helps people be their best. What are you doing????? oh but wait alcohol is legal. the biggest killer in the us. (not a problem because tons of money is made from that.) taxes, dwi fines, etc.  COME ON! ALCOHOL IS ONE OF THE MOST DANGEREST DRUGS ON THE MARGET TODAY, and you can buy on any street corner. Ok all you rull makers. Why don’t you stop aclcohol from being legal.  Easy….cause that would affect your life. Don’t get me wrong I drink, but i’m not oblivous to the rediculous nature that it is legal and here is an issue with a drug that a lot of us use, and use correctly.  You are worried about kids using incorrectly???? why?????? they get better grades???? they think better??? what exactly is the problem. They aren’t hazeing someone with legal drugs. I have been out of college for some time. what is it you are really afraid of?  Because I haven’t seen anything stating what the problem is. Someone thinks better??? COME ON

  5. Please consider what you are doing here. a lot of us depend on this medication to help us through each day.

  6. I am not ok with rampid over use of this drug. they problem I have is that i need it and now i cant get because of over use of the drug.

    so what is your opinion for the people that are using it legaly, from our doctor, but can no longer get. what is your answer to that? Because I need this drug for ADD. not taking a test. not staying up all night. But to get to my job and stay focused. the reason it was made. what is your answer to that? my scrit ran out yesterday and i couldn’t get refilled. what do you have to say for that?

  7. I have just realized something.. this is really unnecessarry.  there are a lot of other medications that can help with add/adhd. this is just one that has been made to readily available to people that dont need. and it can really cause problems if over used. if you have a scrip from your doctor….call him/her, they will be happy to give you another script to help you. that’s what I did.  You can also look up on line meds that are simular to adderall. Your doctor will know what will work best.  For those of you buying ellegally….see your doctor.. maybe you realy do need.

  8. The Bear says:

    Utter Bullshit. When I hear ” my brain doesn’t work right without my meds ” i get furious. I was told that for years as Adderall, Strattera, Ritalin and countless others were forced down my thoat. I quit, slowly years ago, and do I struggle?, YES. I do. It takes alot more concious effort to stay on task, to pay attention and to get things done. There is nothing wrong with me, I do not need this little pill. I wasn’t sick, so why was I taking this medication. 

    It bothers me to see so many people reliant on something they truly do not need. Learn a little discipline, and self control. 

    1. honey I am home says:

      go clean our toilet

    2. Brysmi says:

      How wonderful for you!  How’s the view from above it all?

      JK, CHEERS!

    3. Crochetfairy says:

      is that just for adderal ect or all drugs?  How about schizophrenics and bi polars?  Or epileptics?  Are they just cry babies too?

    4. Anonymous says:

      I agree.  I struggle daily with a goldfish-like attention span, but I

    5. Lizzy says:

      Ugh. Would you tell a diabetic not to take insulin and just power through? People with ADHD are missing a chemical in their brain. All stimulants do is replace this important chemical. The tricky part is finding the right medication. Adderall is definitely not for everyone.

      1. Keep2r says:

        Why compare adderall to insulin when the latter is an absolute necessity and poses no chance of causing severe addictions? There is absolutely no necessity for anyone except those with severe mental disabilities to take this drug. I hear about so many jackoffs abusing this stuff and even drug dealers selling it. It makes me sick when those types of people complain about not getting their daily fix and lying to themselves about how helpless they are without it.

      2. Lizzy says:

        Insulin works in the same manner, which is why I compare the two. Insulin replaces a hormone in the pancreas that is missing from a Diabetic. The only difference is that depending on the level of diabetes, without insulin, a person with diabetes could die. Some diabetics don’t need insulin. ADHD sufferers are the same. Some people can manage without drugs (I am one of them). However, some people simply cannot function in today’s society because their ADHD is so severe (my husband). 

        However, we do both agree that people without the diagnosis should most definitely NOT be using stimulants.

      3. Mburton3547 says:

        Celebrities are the cause. They get up to 260 a month from their love drs. Demi moore. Lyndsey lohan. Nicole richey. Etc to be thinner.

      4. Luvtracilyn says:

        ADHD is a made up disorder. Everyone struggles. It’s called work. Not pleasure. Creating a generation of drug addicts is a money racket. These people r acting like maniacs over this crack in a pill. They go crazy! Begin raping. Killing kids. And other crimes!!! My neice was put on that. Now she has killed a kitten because it was meowing and annoyed her. She strangled it half way until the poor thing was brain damaged and died after suffering. She stomped a rabbit to death. There was nothing wring with her prior to becoming addicted to this trash! Now she us a tweeking drug feind. Take the garbage off the market. It’s destroying society.

      5. Rayna says:

        Insulin is NECESSARY to control blood sugar in diabetes. Remember there are two types of Diabetes, type 1 and type 2. Type 1 diabetes are the one’s who are insulin dependent; this is necessary. Type 2 diabetics (common cause obesity) are put on insulin only if their case is severe. Try coming up with a better example next time.

      6. sleepygirl says:

        While those out there with ADHD may not need Adderall to go about their daily lives, many people with clinically diagnosed cases of Narcolepsy actually depend on it to get them out of bed and make them capable of simple tasks like bathing, eating, etc.  It’s insanely frustrating to see how much of a joke this shortage has become when there are people who have had to live with no management of their PHYSICAL disability as a result of it…. 

    6. Really! says:


      are some children out there that would not make it through school without this
      medication; employees who would not be able to work.  Obviously, you didn’t have ADHD to the nth degree or you would
      understand that in severe cases it is a necessity to function at a ‘normal’
      standard in order to learn and complete tasks. You said it out loud, ‘there is
      nothing wrong with me.’  There are those who legitimately have ADHD that need
      the medication. Further, IF it is taken as prescribed, the withdrawal dependency
      is not anything like those who abuse any type of addictive medications; i.e.,
      it is the difference between being able to concentrate and frustratingly not
      being able to.  FOR THOSE DOING OK

    7. Mesoon2bnurse says:

      UNBELIEVEABLE! I wasn’t diagnosed or given a prescription until I was well into adulthood. My life has been exponentially changed for the better. While YOU may be okay with struggling every day, some of us see it as pointless, and I for one prefer to be my best all the time, even if it means taking a… *gasp* PILL! I don’t think you’d like people tearing you apart for being complacent with second best because of your pride. Likewise, I don’t appreciate you shoving your demeaning ideas down my throat! Great to share your experience, not great to immaturely share your derogatory opinions.

    8. Tj says:

      Americans are notorious for wanting the magic pill to fix their solutions. I am proud of you if what you say is true but I am not sure that in our culture you can expect everyone to be so strong unfortunately..

    9. CarolinaGirl says:

      I never comment on news articles but this comment struck me personally and I can’t help but say how awful it is that you would belittle people who do actually need this med. It’s great for u that you were able to just deal with it using self control, but that also tells me that really you probably never actually needed this med and were using it to deal with issues you were unable to handle yet. Not everyone is so fortunate. There are not only those who suffer from ADD and such but others like myself who take it to have some level of functionality. I am 28 years old with severe MS and now Pure Autonomic Failure, this med gives me some ability to perform routine daily tasks despite the havoc and fatigue raging in my body. Sorry buddy but no amount of self control is going to be taking this away. Taking this drug is already hard enough for many people to come to terms with. Its been given this bad rep, deemed unnecessary but those like you who don’t truly need it, and taking it can be embarrassing and difficult when you are looked at like a junkie who just wants to get a fix or as someone unable to overcome their problems using it as a crutch. Shame on you for degrading people who need this med, you took your story of willpower and used it to smack people in the face when you could have offered kind words of  encouragement for those who may be able to treat their conditions through other means, and that to me shows that while you may have kicked this med, you certainly have a lack of moral character and could use a little more DISCIPLINE AND SELF CONTROL. You chose to be hurtful when there was the opportunity to be inspiring and helpful. I think anyone reading this can see how brightly you flashed your true colors with your choice of words. To those of you who are like me and do need this med, my thoughts go out to you. First for the fact that you are suffering from something that has made you need this and second for the fact that a highly physiologically addictive medication was prescribed to you and without warning made unavailable. I have taken this med for 2 years and am currently in the beginning stages of what will be severe withdraw b/c I was not able to safely taper off before I found out that no pharmacy anywhere near me will have this medication until at least next year. This isn’t an issue of who should and shouldn’t be taking this, it’s an issue of being prescribed something so potent and having no fair rights in being warned that it would suddenly be unavailable. They are so strict on what you have to go through to fill your prescription of this med because of its effects but make no laws to protect the patient when they decide to put a hold on manufacturing it. Because it’s Adderall, this is being pushed aside as no big deal but it’s a huge issue, one that is a glaring example of the FDA and drug industries problems. Too bad so many will suffer while you high and mighty people chastise us rather than see the real problem and not speak out against the unfair practices going on in the pharm. world. How many of you will be the ones crying when your heart pills, insulin, etc, are all gone and the government brushes you aside? Why not use your clear, non-amphetamine clouded minds to see the potential effects if this trend continues, and why not use your time to help point a huge finger at the core issue of it all, instead of pointing  judgmental fingers at people on the med. Its a damn shame to see such repulsive behavior from fellow citizens.

    10. THE BEAR IS GOD says:

      The Bear, so everyone is the same.  Every human has the same mental challanges that you do.  Wow that is amazing!!!  Truely a miracle of modern science that everyone on the face of the earth does not face more of a challange staying on task as  THE BEAR.  Oh if only everyone was like THE BEAR.


        Congrats to  THE BEAR for not taking meds you do not need

    11. Coach1 says:

      Perhaps you don’t suffer from the severe inattention/hyperactivity that others do.  I can tell you as an ADHD sufferer and a psychology student, that is NOT the case for many people with ADHD.  I made it for 20-some-odd years without a diagnosis or any type of medication, but without understanding what my problems were and how they could be treated, I ended up in a deep (near suicidal) depression.  People who have TRUE ADHD have difficulty functioning without the combination of learned discipline AND medication. 

    12. Tmchopper says:

      fuck you.  if you don’t really need it, you probably weren’t that bad off…

      this shortage has FUCKED my and my ability to focus at work (a professional job that requires a lot of attention to detail).  It’s what I do and what I can do well, as long as I can concentrate… if not it takes SOOO much energy to force what the medication helps me to do, that I become an angry asshole…

      I’d rather be a nice guy able to concentrate, then and asshole not on meds…

      if you have a problem with parents or doctors “forcing” things down your throat, then that’s on you.

      I wish someone would have seen this sooner in my life and maybe K->college would have been much more bearable

      1. Tmchopper says:

        BTW – I have been diagnosed with ADD (around age 30).  It doesn’t help me just concentrate or do my job – it allows me to concentrate and perform my responsibilities at the same level as everyone else around me who HAVE NOT been diagnosed with ADD and HAVE NOT been prescribed these meds…  i.e., it helps bring me back up to “normal”

    13. Revolt Of The Imbeciles says:

      There are plenty of people who are abusers of, or over-medicated with, amphetamines and other drugs. Obviously.

      There are also people for whom the right dosage of amphetamines can help unravel a lifetime of depression and severe anxiety. For such people, diminished function of the pre-frontal cortex/inhibitory systems/executive function cannot be rectified solely by “learning a little discipline and self control. ”

      There are different degrees to which individuals are affected by ADHD. Your experience, including what you are able to do, or not do, is not indicative of everyone else.

      The only thing here that’s “utter bullshit” is people being angry about ADHD because they don’t think it exists. Similarly, before we knew about Dyslexia lots of those kids were just considered “stupid.”

    14. Elespratt says:

      My 25 yr old daughter was told to use a little self control and self discipline by a misguided adult 2 years ago and stop taking her adhd and anti depressant medication.  Unfortunately she listened.  Then committed suicide 2 months later when she didnt have enough of that precious “self control”.  People like you make me furious.  Psychopharmacology isnt perfect and there are people who are misdiagnosed and do not need meds.  But there are SOME WHO DESPERATELY DO.  Be careful what you say…you never know how it may affect someone!

  9. Crochetfairy says:

    I didn’t understand this…  Why can’t the pharmacy just substitute to another brand, since when do you need a whole new script? 
    A doctor visit costs 225$ ???
    So glad I’m Canadian.

    1. Guest says:

      Schedule II Narcotics can only be filled EXACTLY as prescribed…

  10. ADDer says:

    A pharmacist told me the other day (in NYC) to try pharmacies that are located close to hospitals as they tend to get more controlled substances in their shipments than other pharmacies.  I ended up getting mine filled at a Duane Reade after hitting 2 other pharmacies. 

  11. Too bad it’s all the high school kids/college kids/other professionals who don’t really need the drug but find ways to get prescriptions for it (and pop their pills with a side of 5-hour energy) because they think it will make them smarter or work better who are probably causing the shortage, keeping the drug away from people who may actually need it to function.

    1. science question? says:

      do we have any proof that it actually increases “focus” like it is claimed to? My honest opinion is that all it does is keep you awake/make you feel more awake. What is the science behind adderall helping decrease attention deficits caused by add/adhd?  Like the biochemistry I mean.?? If it were the case that it only keeps people awake then it could be claimed that the people that you mentioned need it just as badly as others in order to function.

  12. Erikk says:

    aww poor babies can’t get their meth

    1. Tmchopper says:

      you’re an idiot

  13. Anonymous says:

    Perfectly healthy, normal people who sincerely believe that taking legal crack is a great way to get through their day really scare me.

    1. Moomoo92567 says:

      4 me its the ignorant n misinformed. Or those unaffected by something that they dare 2 pass judgements on those who truly r affected, profoundly

  14. Irritated in MA says:

    You bunch of idiots, it’s not the FDA or drug companies fault you cannot get your precious addereall pills-  it is all the stupud morons, you know who you are, who use the drug just to be more productive.  If you don’t have a medical diagnosis of ADD or ADHD you have NO BUSINESS taking these pills.  For your information, my son really needs these for his condition, and I cannot get it because of all you stupid, addicted, weak and selfish mamby pambys who cannot grow up and take responsibility for you own stupid actions or shortcomings- get a friggin life, and leave the Adderall for those of us who truly need it!!!

    1. funny because... says:

      Sweetie I’m pretty sure everyone able to get the drug at a pharmacy -i.e it is prescribed for them HAS a medical diagnosis of ADD or ADHD, otherwise they would not have been given a prescription by a doctor. If you are suggesting that these people lied to get a prescription (which I do know happens), how do we know that your son didn’t do the same? Or that his doctor isn’t just easily pursuaded into giving medication? (That happens too) Everyone who takes it (including those with ADD and ADHD- a large amount of which are false diagnoses, including possibly your son’s) takes it to “be more productive” because of the decrease in productivity caused by the medical conditions “ADD” or “ADHD” so… what is it you’re trying to say exactly? I do not take adderall btw. I do think I may have slight ADHD, but I don’t think adderall would help and I don’t want to feel zombified.

  15. Fake says:

    “the shortage is wrecking havoc all over the country”


  16. apocalypseplease says:

    I was told that this could only be a certain percentage of a pharmacy’s sales. Thus, they can only order a certain amount no matter the demand, per the DEA. Visiting a Walgreens in a hospital usually does the trick, but it is pathetic to have to drive place to place for this crap. Esp troublesome since you can only get a 30 day script per visit

  17. Guest says:

    Way to profile legitimate users with actual ADD who truly need the drug. Seriously, WTF? Thanks alot , all you dckheads who get scripts from clueless doctors and then use it to “get your housecleaning” done or stay up late to study for tests or whatever the hll you do with it. SMDH. Great to know that once I stop breastfeeding and am able to take it again Im gonna have trouble finding the medication that made my life so many times easier that it was like breaking through the wall that held me back since I was a little child. I got diagnosed with ADD after I got a brain scan that showed that i undoubtedly, absolutely had it–the scan basically is able to physically show emotional/mental/chemical imbalances and is used to diagnose problems caused by physical brain issues similar to how a EKG can diagnose heart problems and a MRI can diagnose back injuries, etc. you see it right there on the screennpretty much spelled out for the doctor.  anyways once I went thought that it was one of the biggest breakthroughs in my life. it made such a incredible difference and taking extremely low dose of adderall once a day was like being a new person. Thanks to all the slacker-azz hipsters and college students poppin em like candy I get to deal with not being able to get the medication I legitimately need. But its teh same old story as the a-holes scamming opioid scripts too that make it incredibly difficult to get the care you need for chronic pain as well. I always appreciate all you guys hard work, goin out of your way to take what you believe youre entitled to because you want it and screwing the rest of us who actually need it! Nice job folks!

  18. glenbeckisanidiot says:

    gotta love that free market, Bush Republicare medical care program.

  19. Kekadragonfly says:

    I am a bit shocked by this all. I myself am ADD and use adderall for my concentraition, and yes it works. I have found that people now days sell off thier scripts to friends and family memebers. (kids at highschools sell them 20 bucks a pop at parties) This combined with other just rampid handing out of the drug has prob. caused the shortage. ( and is why they are saying that they have distributed enough anphedimine to not have a shortage)  It sounds to me like people are just poping the pills to tweek, to make it through longer work days etc. I can’t say this is true for everyone but when i take the pill it makes me more normal not super charged…but if i don’t have the pill i am not going to run to 15 places to find it. I honestly feel that it is become the new prozac replacement for what is wrong with all americans now.
    This might sound harsh, and I understand the trials of being truely ADD and for a very long time mis diagnosed, cuz that happened to me but I also see more and more people are ADD when maybe they are just…not. anyone would have some change in thier performance level when given speed…but that doesn’t mean everyone is ADD.

  20. Moomoo92567 says:

    some of u refer 2 persons SUFFERING without their proper medications as whining n need 2 get a life. OBVIOUSLY U Don’t have the disease and if u are saying u do have it, your doctor misdiagnosed u 4 sure. Hope ur kids don’t get it, cause u wouldn’t care

  21. Pharamcy Student says:

    “There was no possibility of getting an alternate dosage of the same meds without having the doctor issue a new script,”  This statement is flatly wrong.  Talk to your pharmacist, and if you give the script to them at a reasonable hour, they can call the doctor and have the dosage form changed to something they have available.  If they have 5mg immediate releases and you are willing to pay a bit extra, you can take two 5mg instead of taking one 10mg tablet.  They make it so what the independent pharmacist did sound illegal or unscrupulous; when it is a normal business practice.

  22. Smutasshoeeee says:

    The majority of you people clearly do not know how much of a controlled substance Adderall is. Controlled substance meaning that this medications has a VERY big potential for dependency & abuse. It’s made off of amphetamine which I would hope you’d be educated enough to know that that’s the same shit that’s in meth. The majority of you must also not know how addiction is a horrible thing to deal with. Adderall is pretty much legal meth. Once you get prescribed it & start taking it on a daily basis & you don’t have the hyperactivity part of ADHD, meaning you obviously just have ADD, there’s gonna be a 95% chance you will start getting more & more dependent on it & just like meth, once it wears off you feel like absolute shit & just wanna take more. I am an addict to this pill now & it’s the amphetamine it’s made from that i’m addicted to & depend on. & what angers me the most is I wasn’t looking for this pill on the streets or took it to get hype at a party. i was prescribed it 2 years ago because I couldn’t focus & listen to shit that didn’t interest me & had no motivation for anything , even things i  wanted to pursue, like music. I just didn’t feel like having to go & do work for it. & because I don’t have the “hyperactive” part of this learning disorder like other kid i knew did, while they would be sitting & not talking acting like a zombie, but doing there school work, I on the other hand was feeling fucking euphoric as shit & couldn’t stop talking or could sit still, yet at the same time would actually listen to a math listen instead of doodling on my folder or writing a an essay that i focused on deeply & put it very detailed. Both the euphoria I would get from it & then the horrible fucking comedown of it eventually made my dependency & tolerance of Adderall higher & higher. It seriously pisses me off seeing some of these ignorant UNEDUCATED comments criticizing these people & judging them & telling them to get over it & that you people can get shit done & do work right & focus & work on shit without it so why can’t they. Lmao so fucking uneducated it makes me sick. First of all, you obviously either have the hyperactive part of it & therefore you don’t get the euphoric feeling of Adderall, everyone’s brain works differently which is why 2nd of all, you are blessed to not having an addictive personality, not having a mental state of mind or personality easily influenced by controlled substances. & that goes for street drugs too, not just Adderall. It angers me so much because I was just a kid who wasnt the greatest at school but at the same time wasnt bouncing off the ceilings like what most people think ADHD just is. It’s not. It wasn’t my choice to be given Adderall at age 17 & being told to take it 2 times a day for the first 2 months i had it. I didn’t get it off the streets or was asking people around for it to try it. Who gave me the Adderall to experiment with? My doctor did. & now I’m a full out amphetamine addict, so bad that if i run out of my prescription before i can get it refilled I serioulsy call it hibernation. I will do nothing but sleep & eat & go into seclusion. The withdrawal is fucking torture. So before you go & judge the people in this article who are upset about not being able to get there Adderall prescriptions refilled, maybe you should take the sticks out of your asses & take a walk in their shoes. Oh & “The Bear” , that is what’s so horrible about someone who suffers with an addictive type of personality. You clearly know nothing about psychology & how the mind works. & not just the “normal” persons mind, how EVERY SINGLE HUMAN BEING HAS A DIFFERENT STATE OF MIND, which obviously includes their personality, the way they are emotionally, how they interact socially, etc…I could go on & on but you assholes aren’t even worth trying to explain how the mind of an addict or a person with a drug/substance dependency & tolerance is not that of a bad person, isn’t that of a person who doesn’t have the ability to be “disciplined” or have “self control, & lastly ISN’T that of a person who wanted to become so dependent & rely on a pill that is part of the Schedule II drugs under the controlled substances act for the united states which is what it means:
      Required findings for drugs to be placed in this schedule:
    The drug or other substance has a high potential for abuse.The drug or other substance has a currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States or a currently accepted medical use with severe restrictions.Abuse of the drug or other substances may lead to severe psychological or physical dependence.
    1 Opiates
    2 Stimulants
    3 DepressantsWhat’s the 2nd one there?  Stimulants. Hmm Adderall is made from a form of amphetamine salts. What is the first drug listed under stimulants? Amphetamines. 

    This is long as shit & I could honestly careless if any of you read it, but the bottom line I’m trying to say is….Addiction is an illness, people who struggle with addiction & an addictive type of mental state are sick, just as someone with bipolar disorder, schizophrenia or a physical illness are sick. 

    So therefore…until you actually even know & educate yourselves on this topic, I suggest you keep you prickass mouths shut & shove some chicken nuggets up your asses along with the stick that must be up there as well. I fucking hate narrow minded ignorant pricks who will put their 2 cents in about an issue they know absolutely fucking nothing about. Good for you that you don’t need it or depend on it. Some people arent as fortunate to not get easily swayed by something that has a high potential to hugely affect ones mindset. & actually many addicts first start using drugs OR alcohol as an escape. Maybe they don’t have the shit you have. Trust me, I would be the first one to know about his entire issue, not even just the adderall issues but how addiction can really destroy a person, how once they start taking something & it makes them feel good, better then they feel sober, that they want to continue feeling that euphoria or happines because maybe they never really felt truely happy or feel they have the potential to do anything they set their minds too when they aren’t on a substance that can release shitload amounts of dopomine into the brain . alright this is just getting me more & more pissed off & it’s gonna me late for work. I just couldn’t help it with some of the asshole commens i read. & if any of you has another uneducated ignorant narrowminded prickass thing to say back to this, i’d be honored if you would. because when it comes to a topic like this, i will argue with any motherfucker until they’re blue in the face. So come at me with your opionated comments. Trust me, it’d be a delight to read them ;) hahaha chao assfucks <3

    1. Anonymous says:

      I know just how much of a controlled substance it is……….however………..I know a hell of a lot more people taking and being prescribed to klonopin and xanax  (benzos) on a regular basis than adderal.  And just so you know, two drugs you can actually die from withdrawal: benzos (xanax and klonopin) and alcohol…there isn’t even any withdrawal after taking adderal.

  23. Nik says:

    I have narcolepsy (without cataplexy) and depend on these drugs.  I don’t use them to get a daily fix.  Provigil and Nuvigil do not work as well, however I may have to switch back due to this shortage.  This is as stupid as the change from my aerosol inhaler for my asthma to a pump action inhaler because apparently my aerosol rescue inhaler was destroying the ozone layer.  I’m all for saving the environment but I would rather be able to do it while breathing and not falling asleep behind the wheel.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Uhh…good for Brian….but this kind of downplays the horror of trying to get your sh1t together on a daily basis  being ADD WITHOUT your meds…….

  25. Mesoon2bnurse says:

    Insulin is in fact NOT a necessity. With diet and exercise, most diabetics are able to control their glucose levels more effectivly than with insulin alone. So, I guess it’s a matter of self control…
    Just like I expect you to take your meds AND complete therapy for Depression, Arthritis, Diabetes and High Blood Pressure, I expect the same from those with ADD.

    1. Noni says:

      As an RN for 35 years, let me remind you that there are many people who do not make insulin at all, for one medical reason or another. Although diet and exercise are very important for them, the lack of insulin can cost them their lives and self control in that case is not an issue! Continue studying and remember to be encouraging to your patients and not judgemental if you plan to be effective and productive in your chosen profession.

  26. OccupyTheDEA says:

    The DEA is fing pointless

  27. There is NO shortage in raw materials, or any of that nonsense. It is government regulation that is causing this. There are more people than ever on the medication, it’s the end of the year, and the FDA only allows pharmacies a specific quantity of the drug each month. Therefore, any ‘shortage’ is being artificially stimulated by bureaucrats, and it’s fucking bullshit. Tell me – why in the WORLD would we allow our government to LIMIT how often and in what quantity a pharmacy can order medications?! There is no rational excuse for regulation like that. None. 

  28. Seriously says:

    Wow, I feel like I am reading a zombie apocalypse story. Seriously, the ones addicted to adderall to “earn a living” or “keep a job” You are the product of the government machine, wake the fu*k up!

  29. Paul Walnuts says:

    It’s disingenuous and inaccurate to blame the FDA for this.

    real culprit is the pharmaceutical industry, particularly the
    pharmaceutical industry practice of “Just-In-Time” manufacturing. Within the past ten years
    pharmaceutical makers have enacted, tested, and perfected the industrial
    practice of “just-in-time manufacturing” (JIT).

    this means making their supply chains and stock super-FIFO so their
    warehousing costs are low. For pharmaceuticals, warehousing is
    expensive; you have to climate-control most of your lots and in many
    cases you’re required to provide expensive security and physical access
    denial for them based on their “controlled substances” or other legal
    natures. So… JIT manufacturing is a solution. What complicates things for
    JIT manufacturing is bulk and raw materials sourcing. See, back in they day –up
    until the Eighties– most US pharmaceutical manufacturers sourced their
    raw/bulk materials like heparin and food dyes and whatnot from domestic
    American manufacturers. Then came (1) the weak American $Dollar, (2)
    improvements to overseas shipping, and (3) efficient electronic
    international investment monetization. What resulted was a shift
    overseas of bulk and raw materials manufacturers. Now, that’s
    not a bad thing, necessarily. Heparin is easy to make. Food dyes like
    Yellow #5 are easy to make. The thing is, the FDA is only so big. They
    only have so many doctors and inspectors to monitor the goods pipelines,
    there are thousands of goods pipelines for them to inspect, and more
    are added every day. Enter the shady manufacturer. See, the
    shady manufacturer is a foreign entity that scrapes a few hundred
    $Thousand together and opens up a plant somewhere in, say… Belize.
    China. Scotland. Russia. Spain. Panama. They manufacture easy-to-make
    raw and bulk materials like heparin and food dye and sell it on B2B
    networks that the major pharmaceutical manufacturers who have long since
    the Eighties started outsourcing manufacturing when they could, buy.
    Only thing is, they do with substandard standards and practices. Some of
    the stories I hear would make you barf and swear off food and medicine
    for life, believe me! Thing is, since their investment is so
    low and their pipeline to buyers is now so convenient to use, these
    overnighters pop on and off the FDA’s radar like flashbulbs.
    Pharmaceutical makers aren’t going to go spend the time and money to
    inspect every third-party supplier’s lots. That’s ridiculous. For that
    kind of money they might as well make the bulk and raw materials
    themselves! So, they don’t. Contaminants get passed on through to you. Because of the ease-of-startup-pharmaceutical-manufacturing-business
    practices enacted during the Reagan years, continued under Bush The
    First, propagated further by Clinton in his drive to save money,
    propagated further by Bush The Second in his drive to make his
    investment pals more money, and neglected by our current Prez Obama,
    these manufacturers can fill out the application to start a
    manufacturing plant and get a provisional approval to sell their goods.
    By the time the provisions wear out, they’ve already sold a few thousand
    lots here and a few thousand there and a few thousand here, and they
    can fold up shop and disappear, reappearing later under different names,
    in different places, with different faces. By the time the FDA sends an
    inspector to these dirty plants they’ve either absconded with their
    money or they’ve already prepared an appeal against the FDA’s judgement,
    which is something they can get away with because Bush The Second
    removed most of the teeth from the FDA’s legal bark. Just like
    what he did to the EPA. OCR. DOC. FSIS. All in the interest of big
    businesses like private oil developers (EPA), private security firms in
    public schools (OCR), privately run prisons (DOC) and private food
    manufacturers (FSIS). Anyway, with JIT manufacturing you get
    stuff like the tainted heparin scare of 2009 and the vaccine shortage of
    2010. Those were direct results of JIT manufacturers who sourced bad
    foreign bulk/raw materials. This trend to JIT-style business practices is hard to reverse. It CAN be reversed, however.
    For starters, we should kick out most of Congress because most of
    Congress cosigns the laws that give these private corporations and
    companies such “liberal leave” with their standards and practices, the
    same private corporations and companies that bought these politicians.
    I’m talking about Congressional representatives like Kerry, McCain,
    Dingell, Young, Rangel, Cochran, Leahy, Baucus, Waxman and George Miller
    who have had so many terms, they’re literally dug into us like ticks.
    Those and many others are the assholes and asshole-ettes who take money
    to write these loose-ass, business-liberal laws. Second, we
    should demand the President fire career politicians from Secretary and
    Agency head positions. The Commissioner of the FDA, for instance, is
    this chick who has nor experience in pharmaceutical nor food
    manufacturing. She made her career in disaster response. The whole POINT
    of the FDA is to avoid disaster, not cause or react to it! She only got
    the job, though, because of her political connections while there are
    at least a dozen people I can name who actually come from within the FDA
    who can do and deserve the Commissioner job. Third, and this
    is actually the hardest thing, is train yourself to be a picky consumer.
    Don’t buy a medicine made with shady materials sourcing, and since it’s
    required by law that drug manufacturers tell you where they’re buying
    their raw and bulk materials from, you can find this information out
    (see my Note in my Facebook profile about vaccination shots for 2011,
    for instance). The information IS OUT THERE. You just have to find it
    and use it. Fourth, live smartly and healthily. Most people who
    take Adderall don’t need it; even the AMA admits it, and they’re as
    interested as the pharmaceutical industry to see that you and I buy it.
    So, if even the AMA, the world’s biggest and most powerful lobbying
    group for expensive healthcare, says live healthily, they’re probably
    saying it because it’s a truth even they can’t hide.

  30. Xxemographyxx says:

    Adderall is for NARCOLEPSY as well as ADHD!
    Adderall helps me live a safer life by fighting the uncontrollable sleep.
    It is possible that I could die because of the lack of my medication.
    I don’t think this is a funny subject in any way what so ever!

  31. Gregb88317 says:

    I want to know what we can do to protest the FDA? And why is Shire manufacturer the only one?  Do they even take into consideration the population increase by the minute? I have been taking adderall for 12 years.I called 25 pharmacies last month. The Ma and Pa pharmacies are not able to cough it up.  I’ve never put up with so much baloney in my life. I don’t want this to be the center of my life.  I had to settle for generic for the first time ever last month  and I have had nothing but raging headaches

  32. I just walked 4 blocks to a Mom & Pop Pharmacy in downtown DC after calling 12 pharmacies…

    This has to be what heroin addict’s feel like during a drought…

  33. ListenToTheTruth says:

    Thank GOD I was prescribed this from 13 to 19. The doctors kept uping me until I was taking two 30 mg instant release a day. When I finally quit crying about adhd and stopped taking thier toxic chemicals I had the worst withdrawls puking, insomia, depression etc… The point is don’t take this or atleast don’t just give it to your kids for stupid reason.This is nothing but dope prescribed by doctors and it turns people in to junkies and it wrecks life.
    former tweaker.

  34. Apharmacist says:

    THis is a national problem, I’ve heard stories from CA, PA, GA, and UT.  As medication becomes available I stock pile my pharmacy as best  I can.  Before you go to the doctor’s office call pharmacies and find out what strenghts are available that day and dont delay getting it filled; find a pharmacy that is actively trying to stay in-stock; those are the pharmacies working extra hours to take care of patients and deserve your patronage. 

  35. Tina-Marie says:

    People who do NOT have ADHD & do NOT know what we go thru on a daily basis, should NOT be posting their rediculous comments about something they know nothing about.  As for myself, it is hard for me to go about something as simple as my daily routine, something that I do EVERYDAY, without my meds. Ive tried numerous times to live a normal life without the use of stimulants. Unfortunately, its something I cant do without.  I even hate taking asprin! I wish there was another way for me to control my ADHD without medication and i work the same, if not better than with Adderall.

  36. Go do studies on Dye in Foods and Nervous System Poison. Then most of you “idiots” will realize ADHD isn’t “NATURAL”. They’ve done huge amount of studies on ADHD, and it has ALMOST a DIRECT CORRELATION to your food. STOP EATING SHIT FOOD, EAT HEALTHY.

    Half of the population taking this ” miracle ” pill are drowned by the idiots pumping it out. Do you realize how badly it can deteriorate your organs? You are honestly killing yourself by taking this, I have 3-4 friends that were given adderall by THEIR PARENTS because they ASSUMED THEY HAD “NATURAL ADHD”. Now all 3-4 of my friends are drug addicts, heavy drug addicts.

    If you didn’t grow up with ADHD, and no one in your family has ADHD, why the FUCK are you giving your kid ADDERALL, A HEAVY PRESCRIPTION DRUG WITH HEAVY SIDE AFFECTS.

    Enjoy killing yourself, and your kids because you can’t “function”. Welcome to reality, I got 99 problems and I choose to live with mine. WHAT ABOUT YOU?

  37. “Either way, Brian is prepared. As someone with a “bunker mentality,” he
    had managed to stockpile enough to keep him well between prescriptions.
    It may be more expensive, he explained, “but there is nothing more
    awesome than wiping out nine months of housecleaning guilt with a little
    blue pill and half of a Saturday morning.”

    Am I the only one who sees something direly wrong with this statement? ” I take a pill so I can clean my house super quick, ITS AWESOME ”

    My cousin is addicted to pain killers, he cleans his house when he’s all fucked up off the pills. Sound Familiar?

  38. Am I the only one who sees something direly wrong with this statement? ” I take a pill so I can clean my house super quick, ITS AWESOME ”

    My cousin is addicted to pain killers, he cleans his house when he’s all !@@#ed Up off the pills. Sound Familiar?

    If you’re taking adderall, news flash. It’s Meth, You can sugar coat it however you want.. You’re giving yourself meth, you’re giving your kids meth. Good for you guys.

  39. Oneinamillion213 says:

    I’m 24 years old and I am prescribed 20mg adderol a drought indeed has also affected myself and a few friends. I Can not seem to focus without my medication. I have no insurance and I pay cash. 85$ I pay to be seen AND I was paying only 70$ dollars a few months ago today the first of December I am going to the pharmacy a Lil later and they are now charging me 130$ for my medication. Unbelievable yanno! They do it cause they can! Who are they the ones running the show!

  40. Gofuckyourself says:

    Just get the XR………………..?????????????

  41. Jwbfamily says:

    Thank you Brian you & people like you (basically
    speed addicts) have made it impossible for people
    with ADD/ADHD to get medicine they actually
    need. You should be very proud of yourself for
    being very efficient cleaning your house & doing the
    job you are allegedly qualified for.

  42. Gatorsis says:

    Some idiots need to keep their mouths shut, unless they suffer with severe depression; total lack of energy and other mental problems.  Until you have walked in my shoes, PLEASE KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT ABOUT THOSE OF US THAT REQUIRE CERTAIN MEDICATIONS!!!

  43. JoAnn T says:

    Take the people off who are using it as a diet 
    stimulant, and make them go to the gym and work out their issues..  It should only be prescribed for people with 
    deficit/hyperactivity disorders.  My son takes it, and it has helped him with his grades/studies.  He has taken Straterra and Ritalin and neither of those worked for him.  This drug works.  My son was flunking classes because he honestly couldn’t focus and pay attention.  Since his prescription was filled, his grades are returning back to his A & B honor roll.  

  44. Luvtracilyn says:

    Aderall is crack in a pill! It rots teeth. Causes hair thinning and those addicted to it will cry Like babies when it’s unavailable. Creating a generation of drug addicts. It’s all about money. It should be removed from the market.