The NYO Adderall Wire: Where You Can Fight The Drug Drought

adderall addiction help The NYO Adderall Wire: Where You Can Fight The Drug DroughtLast May, The Observer chronicled a problem beginning to plague New York City: a shortage of Adderall, the amphetamine ostensibly used in conjunction with a diagnosis of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) or just plain old ADD, but is often employed as a totally legal way to do speed during the workday. As one can imagine, a shortage of the drug might affect New York City particularly hard, which—with the shortage now in full, national swing—it has.

Fierce debates on the moral and ethical imperatives behind Adderall use aside, most of the response to ‘The Great Adderall Shortage of 2011 Rages On‘ was (to paraphrase):

Yes, we know. It’s awful. Now where can we get some?

They’ve kept coming. And it’s become worse. We’re hearing tales of people not only unable to fill prescriptions of plain-old Adderall IR (instant release) in any size, generic or otherwise, but also tales of being unable to fill the alternatives to Adderall people are being prescribed in order to work around the shortage: generic or brand-name Adderall XR (extended release), Vyvanse, Concerta, Ritalin, et al. Just last night, from a tipster:

“Went to Duane Reade on Union Sq. for Adderall 30 XR, no brand or generic. Girl in front of me was trying to fill Vyvance 15mg, she almost started crying, said she went to three other pharmacies before. We both went to Walgreens on 14th, same deal. None of my XRs or her Vyvance. She looked like she was about to have a breakdown, but was wearing really nice boots.”

As such—in the name of dubious public service, and imperiled, well-booted New Yorkers everywhere—we’ve set up The NYC Adderall Wire. Email whenever you can or can’t fill a prescription of one of the many amphetamine-esque drugs New Yorkers are trying to score right now. We’ll keep this page constantly updated so you can know who does and doesn’t have.

Of course, this experiment requires the good will of those willing to share their fortune in actually finding a way to get their prescriptions filled, and people trying to secure a limited quantity of anything might be reluctant to report upon their findings; all The Observer can offer is the ideal of good karma, and nothing more.


UPTOWN (24TH AND ABOVE): No entries yet.

11/22/2011, Duane Reade at Union Square: “Out of 30mg XRs brand and generic. Out of Vyvance 15mg.”
11/22/2011, Walgreens at Union Square: “Out of 30mg XRs brand and generic. Out of Vyvanse 15mg.”
11/22/2011, Duane Reade at 23rd and 3rd: “Filled 30mg XR brand, but they said they were close to out. Had 30 XRs generic in stock.”

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  1. Go to grocery store pharmacies (not Wal-Mart) like Kroger, United, etc and independent pharmacies. They don’t dispense as many CIIs as chain pharmacies. Also, I know Walgreen’s is able to check their system to see the stores that are most likely to have your CII. Oh, and don’t waste your time driving around from pharmacy to pharmacy–just call them and see if they have it. They’ll be able to check and you’ll save a trip.

    1. with it being a controlled substance most pharmacies won’t tell you whether or not they have it in stock. the amount of people abusing it is too high. you’re correct about the independent places; though in my state they mostly don’t take insurance. this post is actually a great idea, but might be frowned upon for legal reasons.

      1. I’m a pharmacy technician. They have no problem telling you in Texas, and we have some of the toughest drug regulatory laws in the country. 

        There is no difference between you going to the store and them telling you they have in stock and you calling ahead–either way you’re going to find out if they have it or not. There is nothing illegal about it. I wonder where you’re getting your information? Sounds like it’s from your ass.

      2. Jwalks05 says:

        I live in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex and there is NO Adderall IR period.

      3. guest3425 says:

        I think it depends on the pharmacy and the pharmacist. I work in a pharmacy where narcotics are heavily abused, lots of fake scripts and our pharmacist refuses to tell people over the phone if we have a narcotic in stock. It’s unfortunate because some people do have legit scripts but its those few fake ones that ruin it for the rest of them. 

      4. StayInTexas says:

        I was told the same thing. I got my information from a pharmacy tech at the Duane Reade on 28th and Madison. 

        Marjorie: go find some Texas site to post on and leave the New York Observer to New Yorkers. You’re out of your element.

      5. Adhd says:

        I’ve had no issue with pharmacies telling me if they have it or not, though almost all do not have any up and down the east coast.  Starting in DC, I worked my way up I95 to find a pharmacy generic 10mg Adderall.  I had to go to NH, 550 miles north, before I found one.  I was calling each pharmacy along the way as I drove north.  I did not expect to have to travel so far.

      6. Bryan says:

        Most states cant fill class a narcotics with an out of state prescription . Perhaps you know the only ones that do ? I live in DC , and I am so sick of having to go to the south with my fingers crossed ill find a back woods town where its not popular 

  2. Tyler. B says:

    I live in Bolivia and this is nothing. Adderal does not exist. Ritalin is available but only periodically. Imagine this scenario, but every time you look for it. My life before adderal was a life of crime or homelessness. In 2 years I have done more real volunteer work (not req. community service) than the average citizen does in a lifetime twice over. I am at the head of my class and seeking independent study abroad through my university. Regardless I feel your pain as the drug withdrawls awaken old depressions and throw us back in our old habits. Would all of us be better without it? I myself would be in prison or dead right now, and I have changed the lives of so many through my community action.
    I still think caution is good with children. At least wait till they are old enough to decide for themselves.
    Also I think docs should consider prescribing for the methheads. The “scene” of meth is so much worse than the drug. In the 50´s priests would take a tablet of methamphetamine and didn´t steal all they could. If some therapy could be used to break that scene, I think we would find that many of the tweekers were really just people who may have needed direction and medication. I have worked with many ex-methheads when I was job coaching for one of my volunteer places.

  3. frustrated says:

    i can’t get my 20mg.adderall anywhere i am on the salts my daughter also is on 30mg.can’t get tham anywhere recently they changed ours to adderall xr.which to us doesn’t work as well as the salts this has been brutally terrible for us both she works and goes to college.i work as a manager and i’m struggling bad.

    frustrated,in nn,va

  4. Rob23 says:

    Hey, you know what’s funny, I don’t know the dosages but places in Manhattan, I especially mean around where the “rich” areas are have no apparent shortages, just sayin.

    1. Rob23 says:

      P.S. I remember they said they had it (def the 10mg) at a Duane Reade at Madison ave. by fao schwartz

  5. Misterdaffyduck01 says:

    This whole situation is completely frustrating.  I have already been to three different pharmacies tonight trying to fill my Adderall 10mg prescription.  I was told by the pharmacist at the last pharmacy that everyone was out.  I’m so sick of the hassle I have to go through every single month just to fill my LEGAL prescription.  I’m going to my doctor’s next week and having him place me on a different ADHD med.

  6. Anna S. says:

    I live in southern California (orange county & LA) and have been on/ off adderal IR 30 mg. Typically generic by BARR for over 7 years now. Yesterday I needed to fill my script, and had to try 11 (yes, ELEVEN) pharms to get it filled. I really was near tears by the end when I found some out of the way Walgreens but that had them thank god. I have never experience this with adderall, sometimes I’d have to go to 2 or 3 at most so between what pharmacists where telling me all day and whatever I put together myself, I started googleing around, and found this. I know I’m not in NY and my post is irrelevant to most of you but I thought the authors might find it interesting, and maybe if someone else from my area had the same problems (which I’m sure they will since 11 is obviously not the standard number of tries) they might find this useful. That’s all I’ve got, and the Walgreens is on Bristol and Segerstrom in Santa Ana. Does anyone know any up to date facts on this? Is this problem goin to continue, etc.? I’d appreciate it.

  7. guesty says:

    the adderall, and now general amphetamine shortage, in NYC has been stirring quite an uproar.   I was prescribed 100mg/day of adderall ir and xr and after months of struggling each time to get it filled (finding a place that had them, let alone the quantity I was prescribed proved to consumer hours of my days) was switched to dexedrine.  The dexedrine has proved to help with my ADHD even more than adderall, so the switch worked out, until dexedrine began to be impossible to locate.  My recommendation to all in NYC looking for adderall is to call indie pharmacies (tend to have in stock more regularly) before seeing your doctor so you know whats available.  My doctor is very aware of the shortage and will write scripts for the same daily dosage of whatever i’ve pre-called to find out what was in stock.  Definitely best way to go IMO