Ai Weiwei’s Mother Speaks Out Against His Tax Bill

Mr. Ai at his studio, with a friend.

In a recent interview with The Guardian, Ai Weiwei’s mother Gao Ying spoke out about the treatment of her son at the hands of Chinese officials, describing their behavior as “creepy, crooked, evil.”

She elaborated:

“As a mother, I love this country, I love the people and I want this country to have a good image globally. But these events are too shameful. How come so many things of this kind happen to him? Isn’t this hounding him?”

It’s not a bad question. Surely there must be someone else they can abduct and then slap with a bill, a la Brazil?

Mr. Ai spent almost three months in prison earlier this year, and was recently told that he owes the Chinese government $2.4 million, allegedly for tax evasion. Donations have poured in to help Mr. Ai with the burden, and supporters have even thrown money over his fence and onto his lawn.