Alleged Document From NYPD’s Disorder Patrol Unit Leaked Online

Last night on Reddit (so take this with a grain of salt), a user posted an image of a document “snagged by an occupy protester.” It’s a piece of paper from the NYPD’s “Disorder Control Unit,” outlining the tactics and guidelines an officer is expected to follow during a “civil disorder incident.” What you find below might surprise you…

n7oae Alleged Document From NYPDs Disorder Patrol Unit Leaked Online

Wow. There’s nothing even vaguely incriminating about this document: orders to “Be tolerant of verbal abuse” and “Clearly distinguish between those arrested and innocent passerby/onlookers” idealistic and somewhat unrealistic in the face of police criticism for barring journalists and other “onlookers” during mid-November’s OWS protests. If it’s fake, Mayor Bloomberg couldn’t have made up a better falsified document as a testament to the city’s police force. If these sheets were actually handed out to officers…well, they’re more of a guideline, really.


  1. Brvhrt46 says:

    NYPD is one of the most sophisticated police agencies in the world.  Its “guidelines” are quite the opposite of what one would expect from “a police state”, however it is not the lockstep “machine” that such guidelines envision.  It is comprised of over 30,000 police officers, male, female, short, tall, fair and balanced, emotionally disturbed, multiracial, religious, irreligious, left-wing, right-wing, etc., etc.  Well-intentioned or not, like them or not, these guidelines are subject to more than 30,000 interpretations.  No matter what guidelines you make, you are going to suffer significant deviance from the plan when it’s spread out among 30,000 individuals, be they cops, soldiers or neurosurgeons. If these guidelines “surprise” you, perhaps you are the victim of a skewered and somewhat naive perspective on “the human race”, believing that “good guys” and “bad guys” are divided by occupation.  Plato said, “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” Life is a struggle for all of us.  Try assuming good intentions on the part of cops, demonstrators, and others, and cast a cold eye on those points at which “good intentions” break down.  All cops are not “sinners”. All demonstrators are not “saints”.  It’s a pity that the moral purposes of both are demonized by language and behavior of  the fringe element on either side.