Alleged Document From NYPD’s Disorder Patrol Unit Leaked Online

Last night on Reddit (so take this with a grain of salt), a user posted an image of a document “snagged by an occupy protester.” It’s a piece of paper from the NYPD’s “Disorder Control Unit,” outlining the tactics and guidelines an officer is expected to follow during a “civil disorder incident.” What you find below might surprise you…

n7oae Alleged Document From NYPDs Disorder Patrol Unit Leaked Online

Wow. There’s nothing even vaguely incriminating about this document: orders to “Be tolerant of verbal abuse” and “Clearly distinguish between those arrested and innocent passerby/onlookers” idealistic and somewhat unrealistic in the face of police criticism for barring journalists and other “onlookers” during mid-November’s OWS protests. If it’s fake, Mayor Bloomberg couldn’t have made up a better falsified document as a testament to the city’s police force. If these sheets were actually handed out to officers…well, they’re more of a guideline, really.