American Library Association Condemns Destruction of OWS People’s Library

aefmrp9caaacg5q1 American Library Association Condemns Destruction of OWS Peoples Library

The Occupy Wall Street library crossing the Brooklyn Bridge last night.

The American Library Association has issued a statement expressing its support for the Occupy Wall Street People’s Library. Most of the 5,000 volumes in the People’s Library did not survive the razing of the encampment at Zuccotti Park on Tuesday morning.

“The dissolution of a library is unacceptable,” wrote ALA president Molly Raphael in a statement. “Libraries serve as the cornerstone of our democracy and must be safeguarded. An informed public constitutes the very foundation of a democracy, and libraries ensure that everyone has free access to information.”

Since the raid, the People’s Library has taken to operating with individual mobile units. The Observer encountered one library cart on the march across Brooklyn Bridge last night, and today in Zuccotti Park protesters gathered around a box of books and a spread of pretzels and marshmallows.


  1. Angelo R. Mozilo says:

    Lame publicity grab by ALA. Were the Zuc librarians paid up on their yearly dues? Were any Gutenberg bibles or first folios of Janet Evanovich damaged? Wall Street Woodstock probably won’t be remembered for its commitment to literacy (if it is, well, remembered)

    1. Actually, many of the missing books were signed editions donated by the authors. Their value would be difficult to determine, not to mention that the cultural significance of the  collection as a whole is invaluable.

      1. Angelo R. Mozilo says:

        Books in print autographed by living authors, OK… I did not realize they were in the collectors’ market