Anti Walmart Crowd To Take Their Case to Brooklyn Hipsters

The coalition that is trying to stop Walmart from building one of their superstores in the five boroughs is taking their case to a new audience tonight: Brooklyn hipsters.

This evening, the Retail Wholesale and Department Store Union–one of the leaders of the anti-Walmart fight–are hosting a concert featuring Indie artists Caithlin de Maris (formerly the frontwoman of the acclaimed Ranier Maria) and Yellowbirds at Union Hall  in Park Slope.

“We have a creative collective about that is getting cool and buzzed about bands and artists excited about the campaign against Walmart,” said RWDSU spokesman Dan Morris. “There is lot of interest in this campaign and in this fight.”

A poll by The New York Times showed that 62 percent of residents favor Walmart opening in the city.  Read More


  1. DIBS says:

    Hypsters, being typically hyporites, will say they are against Walmart to appear politically correct but if there was one near them they wouldn’t pass up the cheap prices.

  2. Mik Cherry says:

    While the unions hold concerts for rich white kids in Williamsburg/Parkslope…, the people in East NY continue to suffer from a lack of grocery stores and jobs. I have been looking for a job for months now and I would think that NYC would want walmart here for people like myself who are just trying to make it thru the day!!!