Artist Liz Glynn Seeks Volunteers to Raise Geodesic Dome Downtown

Buckminster Fuller in front of a geodesic dome.

On Monday, Nov. 7, Los Angeles artist Liz Glynn plans to erect a Buckminster Fuller-style geodesic dome in a plaza in downtown Manhattan, and has taken to Facebook to recruit volunteers.

The job posting, which was posted by the Performa performance art biennial, which is staging the piece, reads in part:

“No prior building experience is necessary.  Ideal participants have worked in the financial service sector or related professions, and are currently available for several hours on a Monday afternoon.” [Emphasis is Gallerist‘s.]

That special job experience is certainly intriguing. Ms. Glynn is said to be looking for up to 25 volunteers for the project, which will run from noon to 5 p.m., on Monday.

Mr. Fuller was unable to erect one such dome in 1948 at Black Mountain College in North Carolina, so hopefully Ms. Glynn and her compatriots will fair better. Of course, a bit of destruction has always been bound up in Ms. Glynn’s work. In 2009, at the New Museum, she built a miniature replica of ancient Rome in a single day with a group of assistants and then proceeded to sack it.

Looking for more opportunities to make art? As we previously noted, Marina Abramovic is looking for performers “with excellent physical stamina” for the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art’s gala-as-artwork, which she is organizing, and Guido van der Werve wants runners to take a 30-mile job with him, as part of another Performa project.

Artist Liz Glynn Seeks Volunteers to Raise Geodesic Dome Downtown