Astor Apartment Buyer Revealed. Yes, He’s in Finance

brooke astor at home Astor Apartment Buyer Revealed. Yes, Hes in Finance

Ms. Astor in her apartment (photo from Architect Design)

As you’ve probably guessed by now, the buyer behind Brooke Astor’s $21 million apartment is in finance and like most 8 figure apartment-buyers, this guy is a hedge fund hot-shot.   Daniel Sundheim, a portfolio manager at Viking Global Investors, made the costly Astor investment with his spouse, Brett, city records show. Brett, as in the female form, as in The Sun Also Rises. While slowly liberalizing, we’re not entirely convinced the Park Avenue co-op board would have approved the couple if Brett were in fact a he. There’s also the board’s curious history of turning down prospective buyers conspiring to get their grubby new money hands all over Ms. Astor’s place.

Mr. Sundheim proved his investment savvy in the purchase: originally listed for $46 million in 2008, they ended up paying just $21 million for the fourteen room spread. Spanning the entire sixteenth floor of the building and part of the 15th, the home leaves, well, nothing to be desired. Six terraces, five bedrooms, four exposures, three french hens, two master suites and one private elevator landing. Yes, Mr. Sunshine- er, Sundheim, now is your time.


  1. Joseph Katz says:

    who knew mrs. astor was african-american?

  2. Dagg67 says:

    The fifteenth floor is a most unhealthy place to live. See Christopher Alexanders “A Pattern Language”. Humans are creatures of the ground and there is good evidence that living above the fourth  floor where they are too high to relate to the ground causes mental disease. Look at all the misguided public housing. All these rich fools think it’s cool but look at the departing owner if you want to see an unhealthy looking person.

  3. Matthew Bohun-Aponte says:

    The board may have preferred a family willing to make the apartment their primary residence, rather than someone who intends to use it as a pied-a-terre. The previous prospective purchaser is most often described as a Swiss currency trader, so if he doesn’t have a green card, he can hardly describe a NYC apartment as his primary residence without running afoul of US Immigration.

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