Bachmann Campaign Accuses CBS News of Bias

Minnesota Congresswoman’s Michele Bachmann’s campaign staff went ballistic after one of her communications director, Alice Stewart, was mistakenly CC’d on an internal CBS News email. In the message, newly minted political director John Dickerson said he’d rather interview someone else on his post-debate webshow. Congresswoman Bachmann’s staffers responded by accusing CBS of bias and calling for Mr. Dickerson’s head.

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  1. Steve Doan says:

    they be hatin’!

    1. Ugh says:

      The doofus CBS reporter last night was a smug moron. When the dems have a primary run-off in 2016, the debates had better be run by conservative journalists.

      1. Furd says:

        What conservative journalists?  Oh wait, I guess there’s about a half dozen of them.

      2. Anonymous says:

        Oh quit whining. Fox News had a debate. How many liberals were on that panel?

      3. Anonymous says:

        Juan Williams was one.

      4. Anonymous says:

        Yeah, and it was the only seriously moderated debate.

  2. Anonymous says:

    CBS News is a joke. What a blatant violation of journalistic ethics — they have their candidates they want to push (Romney, Gingrich) who of course will ultimately lose to Obama. 

    America should not let the media decide our President. That’s our job as voters. A true debate would have equal time, equal questions, for every single candidate.

    In this case, Michele Bachmann has every right to complain; even more so Ron Paul, who IS a frontrunner in fundraising and the polls, yet he was allotted only 89 seconds out of an hour! His message frightens the greedy government-industrial establishment, which is why they will try their utmost to suppress his message of liberty and the Constitution.

    1. Tony Silva says:

      How does being 5th or lower in most polls make you a frontrunner?  OK, so maybe if Romney slips past Ron Paul, he’ll still be viewed by FoxNews as the front runner, but I tend to think of front runners as being in first, second or third place (just as in horse racing, tournament sports, etc.)  Fourth and fifth place gets you a participation ribbon and a certificate of appreciation.

      1. pete838 says:

        By most polls Ron Paul is 2nd or third, and has been first in several straw polls and polls. Gingrich has raised virtually NO money, and Romney has gotten most of his from corporate interests. How are these guys polling first and second?

      2. Anonymous says:

        I’m thinking because a bunch of idiot GOPers answered a phone call and favored them. That’s, you know, what polling is. 

      3. TheRealKingMax says:

        Your mom has an entirely different opinion of the word “polling”.

        BTW, tell her I’ll drop the check off later.

      4.   We don’t pay as much attention to polls as you suggestable lefties, so it will be shallow-thinking, intellectually challenged flea-baggers who will usually spew their vapid opinions to the pollsters.

      5. Anonymous says:

        The major media sheperd is calling. He lost his DrSnake sheep. History should indicate that most care very little about polls.

      6. Tony says:

        The answer is substance!  Money can’t buy everything.  People are paying attention more then they have anytime in my life, and thats almost 50 years.  They are realizing more and more every day that Newt (Like him or not) has the best grasp of the issues, and his solutions are more in line with what they would come up with(Common Sense).  He is getting his message out using the debates, and they don’t cost anything.  Now, since people have seen him first hand unfiltered by the media, they are seeing the positive side of him that the liberal media doesn’t want to be shown.  These debates are important for that reason.  You hear candidates say to look at their plans and solutions on their websites all the time, but how many people actually take the time to do that and evaluate the candidates on substance and common sense instead of just their personality or their hair(Go ahead laugh, you know it’s true.).  Anyone who takes the time to look at “The 21st Century Contract with America” on his website, and read it in detail, will have no doubt that he is the most conservative candidate in the current field.  He even has a section where you can submit suggestions for executive orders that you would want him to do the first day if he is elected.  Check his website out at

      7. BIGBILL1 says:


      8. pete838 says:

        Do tell. How? For suggesting that the United States has no business sending hundreds of thousands of troops to countries the People don’t care about? For deciding matters of state based on constitutionality?
        What a bizarre concept! Actually following the supreme law of the land.
        Americans are so used to the unconstitutional warfare and welfare state that’s all we know anymore. Imagine having a president that would actually balance the budget. Who was the President last time that happened? It was Calvin Coolidge!

      9. Temple4 says:

        He is not a madman, just a giant ego. He loves attention.  My mind is made up..Cain- NO WAY. We have an idiot in there now that has no ever held office! I am voting for  Romney.  He will sweep more Rebublicans into the House and Senate. WE need Unity.  God help us if we get Obama.  Did you see him meeting with the leaders of the World Chewing Gum.. What an ass. 

    2. Anonymous says:

      I do agree with you on one of your points. In this country, journalism is awful. Even the Brits have better journalist.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Can you possibly imagine what it was like in the 50’s and 60’s when our parents only had these three networks to get their information? It’s amazing to me there aren’t more messed up people in the U.S.

    3. Anonymous says:

      Ron Paul has a right to complain; he actually has some support. Bachman is just whining because she has nothing to say but demands the right to say it anyway. 

      1. doggone says:

        Romney and Perry are always put on center stage because that  what the pathetic mainstream media want. Bachman and Gingrich are the only candidates with true experience. I’m not saying they are my choice, i’m just stating the facts. As for whining, have you actually listened to Ron Paul? Good God, every time the man speaks it sounds like he has a sinus infection. 

      2. Anonymous says:

        Perry needs to join reality and throw in the towel. No one listened to Ron Paul’s economical predictions in the past regarding a banking crisis and a mortgage crisis. Paul has ample experience but he’s not bold enough. We need Cain’s voice, face, and direct manner of speaking. We need Gingrich’s knowledge, experience, and debating techniques. We need Paul’s economic policy and clean history. Find a way to morph these, and we’re golden. Maybe Gingrich as Pres. (using Paul’s economic advice) and Cain as VP.

    4. Bob Forsberg says:

      Ron Paul is noise, sometimes with a good message always with poor delivery and never taken seriously. Romney, Gingrich and Cain are the only serious players. I like Michele Bachmann, but her numbers don’t add up.

      1. banh says:

        Yeah, you’re right Bob… since we’re in the process of being wiped out as a country anyone can look up to, we need to produce equal amounts of bullshit in the Reich (Right) as they do on the Left. 

        So, Romney, Perry, Gingrich are the equivalent antidote for the Marxist we have in the White House now.. 

        If you actually thought for yourself rather than let your political conditioning rule you, you’d be a Ron Paul supporter.

        Take a step on the wild side Bob, look outside that paradigm of yours..

        Ron Paul 2012

  3. Kayman88 says:

    Like her or not respect should be given. Personally I like her….

    1. Ww1251 says:

      she’s a psychopath

      1. Carlkparsons says:

        What makes you qualified to diagnose her mental state?

      2. Guest says:

        When the liberal loons can’t win a debate or have a conversation with facts they resort to personal attacks.  Shows the mindset of members of the Democrat party

      3. Anonymous says:

        Says the personal attacker…Hypocritical much?

      4. Anonymous says:

        I watched the debates, that’s what qualifies me.  I would diagnose her mental state has: submerged.

      5. Anonymous says:

        She terrifies the liberal elites of my former party who’ve been plundering our national treasury from their seats inside corrupt NY/DC for the last 50 years.   Those out there who are wannabe plunders too, are naturally afraid of her, since she will rip these entrenched betrayers of The American Worker out by their roots, thus ending your hopes of your also getting on that same publicly-paid gravy train.

      6. you don’t know what a psychopath is, thats a  rediculous statement!

    2. Anonymous says:

      I respect her!  I also have a celebrity crush on her!

  4. Pacoystein says:

    The candidates should shun the media and have the Republican Party arrange something that at least resembles a debate. Let the media film the events or lose the revenue.

    1. Anonymous says:

      That’s precisely what I’d do if I ran the national party.  Good thinking!

    2. Jeff Cooper says:

      Exactly!  I think the debates should be moderated by an independent person, or group.  Better yet, have a debate moderated by two opposing policy think tanks, such as Demos and Heritage.  My point is when debates are moderated by bloggers and journalists from the liberal media, you get loaded questions that meant to get a particular response.  

      1. Klaus says:

        Think tanks are nothing more that tax-free front organizations whose sole purpose is to advance the positions of the globalists and the central banking cartel, which is the exact same purpose of the media networks.  They are both propaganda vehicles with slightly different audiences, but their missions are the same.  So, a debate hosted by a think tank will be no more fair than a debate hosted by a media network.  End the tax-exempt status of NGO’s (Non-Governmental Organizations), such as think tanks, and then maybe we’ll get a fair debate.  And cancel your cable and satellite TV subscriptions. We’ve got to speak with ours dollar in a corrupt system where money talks.  Every dollar counts.

      2. Anonymous says:

        Surely you don’t think all think tanks are promoting the same agenda Klaus, do you? I agree with cancelling the cable though.

      3. Klaus says:

        Compartmentalization is the strategy of assigning different parts of a mission to different agents to accomplish the completed project.  The agents, in this case think tanks or media networks, therefore appear to compete with one another but really don’t.  Problem-reaction-solution is then employed where one agent creates a problem, a second agent has a reaction, and a third agent proposes a solution to advance the globalists’ goals.  Bottom line is all the media networks and candidates in both parties support the wars and the Fed.  All cards dealt from the same deck.  Except for one candidate …

      4. Anonymous says:

        You’re wrong. Think tanks aren’t media networks. The Heritage Foundation is just the opposite of Media Matters. They’re not working to get the same results.

      5. Klaus says:

        Look beneath the fleece.  
        “Experts” in both NGO’s attended Bilderberg. 

      6. t-bone says:

        Bilderberg? Now you’re getting into coversion. Try to stay on topic. The Bilderberg is functionally operated by (socialist) democrats. So who cares? This is our conservative bastion – for the moment.

      7. Klaus says:

        Rick Perry attended Bilderberg in 2007, and you are correct, he is a social democrat.

      8. Paul is Senile says:

        This girl Klaus is a braindead Ron Paul supporter. Just ignore her off-the-wall comments.

      9. Anonymous says:

        blahblahblah. Fox News hosted one of the debates. How are they the “liberal media.” The GOPer candidates willingly sign up for these debate debacles, fulling understanding the rules. If they look silly or insipid, it’s because they–not the moderators, are silly and insipid.

      10. KMA says:

         they are establishment no liberal or conservative they just want things to stay the same

      11. snoopy says:

        dr snake you liberal troll.One fox debate and how many left wing liberal media debates (11 totaled).Sounds fair and balanced to you I suppose since you reside in a surreal world created by the left wing media.

      12. RJPTrip says:

        Well create more new channels that meet YOUR needs — FOX NEWS is GOP TV and it is trash. You want more trash tell your Billionaire masters to create more Far Right Wing Fake News Outlets.

      13. Hankbemis says:

        fox news is liberal

      14. trueconservative says:

        What the ….?  fox news is liberal…Buddy you need to smoke smoking dope.

      15. RJPTrip says:

        Well yeah to a Far Far Right Wing Fascist — which we have to assume you are ……

      16. KMA says:

         I think every question goes to every candidate and they should all have equal time to answer each question that’s the only fair way to have a real debate and make sure everyone gets a fair shake

      17. herb cain-palin says:

        All the candidates? Does that include Roemer and Johnson and anyone else formally announced? And how many channels are going to set aside a whole day for such an insipid monstrosity? How many people will bother tuning in to see candidates like Bachmann who have about the same chance I do (I’m currently unannounced, fwiw) of carrying a state answering the same questions with the same time allowance as the “real” candidates?

        Kudos to CBS for keeping things in perspective, and for putting “Queen Michele” in her place. (Hey, if Herb Cain can say it so can I.)

      18. WalterCronkite says:

        Hey Brilliance..  Who is Herb Cain????

      19. herb cain-palin says:

        “Take Herb Cain. Look at why he’s doing so well right now. He’s, I guess
        you could say, with all due respect, the flavor of the week because Herb
        Cain is the one up there who doesn’t look like he’s part of that
        permanent political class. Herb Cain — he came from a working class
        family. He’s had to make it on his own all these years. We respect that.”
        – Former half-term Governor Sarah Palin (Retard-AK), 27 Sep 2011, to Greta van Susteren on Pox News Channel

      20. Jarocho says:

        You are correct.  Cain can say it, and so can you.  There is an enormous difference, however, between a queen and a princess.

      21. DJH says:

        Funny, you’d probably be the first to complain if they did it to candidate odumbo!
        It always cracks me up the way the left whines and cries for truth, honest and accountability – until it’s time for them to be held accountable.

      22. What exactly is controversial about calling the Wicked Witch of the West  “Queen Nancy” anyway??  This is exactly what happens when the left wing media run the debates.   Insanity.   I saw a David Brooks column today on what kind of inequality are acceptable.    He says that you could wear an Ivy League school t-shirt because those schools are vastly superior to other colleges and we accept that, but any shirt that indicated you were a Catholic or Baptist would be UNACCEPTABLE because it might be  taken that you thought your religion superior and all religions and all moral systems are exactly equally worthy.   I assume this includes having your newborn “pass through the flames to Molech” of course.     Personally, everytime I see Nancy Pelosi I wonder where is that gal with the ruby slippers and the pail of water?

      23. Klaus says:

        The fact that this is never done is evidence enough the debates are rigged by every media netowrk, who all work for the globalists.  

        All pro-war, pro-Fed, and pro-Homeland Security, all the time.

      24. Paulistas go away says:

        Why don’t you Ron Paul nuts renounce your citizenship and move with Jessie Nutjob Ventura to that bastion of freedom and civil liberties called – Mexico?

      25. Of course you might like a moderator like Limbaugh, Beck, O’Reilly, Coulter etal!  That would be nice!  What they need is an elimination format like Dancing with the Stars where the also rans are voted off and only the ones with an actual chance of winning are on the stage. Save a lot of wasted time!

      26. RJPTrip says:

        Of course Limbaugh, Beck, O’Reilly and Coulter are NOT journalist – nothing but uncivilized clowns for the Far Right Wing masses …

        Sorry our Presidential Debates do not sink to the level of the lowest common denominator that supports them.

      27. RJPTrip says:

        You have had Fox News debates stop your whining you wanna-be fascists. You can not just blot out view points you do not like – liberal or otherwise.

        Be clear the “main stream media” is not liberal – it is just not as FAR FAR RIGHT WING as you are. Thank god.  

      28. fortunamajor says:

        You wanna put your money where your mouth is? I can tell by your ignorant posts that you are very uneducated in the media covering politics. I can guess that you are twentysomething and have been fed a whollop of liberal blab.

        I highly doubt that you were around to watch the 3 major networks before cable because if you had, you would know what you’re saying is not true.

      29. RJPTrip says:

        You just exhibited what your problem is GENERALIZATION –

        I am mid-40”s and hold degrees in Mass Communication and Psychology. My field of study was the mass manipulation and mass education of people through words and imagry and the differences between them. I studied how to appeal to predjudices and fears to gain support. I studied the history and application of mass communication techniques over time.

        I fully understand and deconstruct and report on the intentions of most video, radio and print propoganda. The cause, intent, effect and actual outcome.

        I can as an educated professional tell you Fox News is not a resource that can be trusted. Nor is Drudge (with it’s misinterpreting fake headlines), Nor Red State, Nor Human Events.  All trash full of lies to get middle class people to vote for the interests of the very wealthy.

        They Far Right Wing techniques are used time and again to success in every nation over time. They destroyed Germany because the dupes fell for them. They cause Spain great suffering because dupes fell for them. And America’s middle class has been decimated because of Dupes falling for calls Christian Nationalism in this country and responding by voting GOP.

        You again are one of those Dupes that destorys county’s by falling for the Far Right Wing tactics used by those who want power and money.

    3. Anonymous says:

      Bingo!!  It is a shame that even the GOP plays into the hands of the so-called “news” media.

    4. Enigmasolution says:

      Do ytou people not realize that the media, the republican party, and the democrat party are all managed by the same small group of wealthy families?

      1. Drwho0 says:

        and just WHO might that be ??

      2. Anonymous says:

        He is going to blame the Jews in 3, 2, 1…….

      3. Adolph says:

        zionism is not judaism… it’s not the jews stupid…. it’s the fucking commie Bolshevik zionists same as it always has been.

      4. Anonymous says:

        Oh sure, we can all see where you are so tolerant…..ADOLPH. Go zyklon b yourself.

      5. Plykab says:

        So funny!!  The democrat water useful idiots and the republican useful idiots use the exact same tactic to a tee!  Of course Aristotle gave us the 10 argumental fallacies, the main one of course is argumentum ad hominem. Don’t argue with the facts, just attack the character of the messenger, lol.  So the useful idiots on the Democratic side, whenever they are faced with someone arguing a point that they cannot logically respond to will say: “you are a racist, you hate those blacks and hispanics!”  The Republican useful idiots will use the same tactic, but with a slight twist.  Instead of calling the individual racist against blacks, they will say that they are prejudice against Jews! 

        Isn’t it amazing that the useful idiots have the EXACT same tactics?

      6. Anonymous says:

        And, what are the names of these families? . . . 

      7. Adolph says:

        Rothschild Rockefeller Bilderbergs for starters. 

      8. Don’t forget the other Jewish bankers and investors and millionaires:
        Warren Buffetowitz, Bill Gatesky, Mr. Wellesohn and Mr. Fargohen, Amadeo Gianniniitz (who created the Bank of Italy aka Bank of America), J. P. Morganstein, The retailing Waltonbergs, and, of course, T. Boone Pickenstein.

      9. TheRealKingMax says:

        Mr. Paul….

        Please stay off your wife’s PC, take your medication, and go to bed.

      10. Anonymous says:

        Conspiracy theorist, you better double-check all thirty locks on your front door. I hear the UPS is in cahoots with the Taliban.

      11. RJPTrip says:

        Some wealthy families are less FACIST and GREEDY than others it seems.
        OBAMA 2012

    5. Dangordon says:

      is time that America stop being held hostage by the likes of CBS, NBC CNN, etc.
      OK it is time to tell the GOP that we are tired of them using the main stream
      media to hold the debates. They need to look at using another way of airing the
      debates. Something fair and balanced, giving equal time to all of the candidates.

      is there contact Info-

      Republican National Committee

      310 First Street, SE
      Washington, DC 20003

      p 202.863.8500 | f 202.863.8820


      Make your voice heard!

      1. Anonymous says:

        Since when is the Bloomberg network mainstream? Quit your griping and get better candidates. Then the debates won’ t look so bad.


      3. Anonymous says:

        Settle down Irving and turn off the caps lock to start with. There? Their? Maybe it is us. Licking?  You weren’t focusing on Michelle B. were you?  However, I agree with you.  If a person doesn’t think these moderators spend a lot of time with their off screen experts attempting to lay a trap then that person needs to get back to the tent at their OWS site.

      4. GUEST :) says:

        Do you really imagine that someone is yelling if they type in caps? BOO! :)

      5. TheRealKingMax says:

        What an azzclown you are.

        “Since when is the Bloomberg network mainstream? Quit your griping and get better candidates. Then the debates won’ t look so bad”.

        Bloomberg is a safety nest for you lefties.  And as for “better candidates”, there is NO ONE in the DemoDonk Party that could come withing a country mile of any of the GOP candidates.

        Do us all a favor – get OUT of the country and STAY out.

      6. Lbviman says:

        Ron Paul is the only intelligent one among them, including all the losers any Democrat puts forward.

      7. Too bad he’s a flaming nut.

      8. Anonymous says:

        Funny how those that stand up for the constitution today are considered nuts by some of the populace.  If you are so in support of war why don’t you write a check to the Pentagon for the amount that is in your Savings account.  In fact every war loving American should do the same.  I want to see how much you support these wars.  Put your own money where you mouth is.

      9. doggone says:

        Oh I get it, I you was security you support war. At the rate Obama is going my savings account and the defense budget will be the same very soon. A big fat fricken NOTHING!

      10. Paulistas are morons says:

        I don’t have to because I paid $10k in federal taxes last year.  It was taken out of my pay check by my employer.  Your theory is stupid.  We can’t pick and choose what government policies we want and only pay for those.  If we could, I would direct all of my money to go to military, law enforcement, and general government operations with none going to entitlement programs or anti-poverty programs.  I get a laugh out of you people who are so stupid that you don’t realize that “wars” are necessary to protect our interests abroad.  And the “wars” are a pretty small part of the budget anyway. 

      11. Klaus says:

        What interest do you have abroad?  How much have you received from your alleged interest?  The globalist corporations and bankers have done what for you?  What piece of the action are you getting?  A Made in China U.S. flag at Wal-Mart and what else? Who is making all the profits from the Afghan opium poppy fields, 93% of the world’s supply, which are being protected by U.S. troops?

      12. banh says:

        Hey, you sound like a wannabe dictator, mister. You know, if you send your resume to the Venezuelan embassy, I know that they’ll be looking for a new guy as soon… 

        Where’d you get that mindset?? Whew!!

      13. And by that same standard, all you “redistributors”…pass out YOUR money first.  Go ahead.  Give it to the government to redistribute.  No.  You don’t want that.  You want  other people’s money for that.  I’d tell you to put your money where your mouth is, but we know that’s anatomically impossible

      14. Plykab says:

        Of course you’re mistaking the Ron Paul supporter, who doesn’t like the war OR the welfare state, for someone else.  The constitutionalists are against the pre-emptive, non-defensive wars, just like they are against the corporate welfare and normal welfare.  The constitutionalists, i.e. Ron Paul supporters, are just against big government altogether.

      15. Paulistas are morons says:

        The supreme court says what the constitution means.  Maybe you “constitutionalists” should read up on what it means rather than crying like little babies because you don’t get your way.

      16. Banh says:

        Plykab, that’s the short and sweet of it, right? We don’t need to recreate the Soviet Union or the British Empire.

        These people who seem to NEED big government to feel cozy in life should get themselves a passport and go live their dream…somewhere else.

      17. fortunamajor says:

        Well, we don’t send money to the Pentagon, but we do volunteer ourselves with military enrollment and going over to serve our country so progressives can spew their hatred here.

      18. Bruarius says:

        Explain why he is a flaming nut, please.

      19. Paul is Senile says:

        Because he is so braindead that he wouldn’t have a problem with Iran having a nuclear bomb?  Because he would pull American troops from all around the world and endanger our allies in Asia and Eastern Europe?  Because he doesn’t understand basic geopolitics regarding the need for American troops around the world to protect our interests?  Because he is one of those nuts that wants to crash the financial system based his conspiratorial beliefs?  Because he is senile. 
        Is that enough or shall I continue?

      20. So you have a problem with Iran having the bomb.  Yet you’re anti-war.  I disagree with Paul but when it comes to senility, check the mirror

      21. Paulistas are morons says:

        I never said you are anti-war if you have no problem with Iran having the bomb.  That makes you stupid.  It doesn’t tell us anything about your views on “war”.  Are you the coaward that flagged my comment for review?  And I am in no way senile. I am in my thirties.  I am not 75 and spouting nonsense like Ron Nutball Paul.

      22. Plykab says:

        The senile attempt to spread propoganda.  Let’s get his positions straight, at least then there can be a civil and legitimate debate.  Ron Paul is not for Iran getting a nuclear weapon.  In these types of situations we must compare real alternatives, not made up ones like you propose. The alternatives are not: choose whether you want Iran to have a bomb or not.  The alternatives are: will you go to war to deny them the weapon or not. Obviously, sitting on your couch,  you are willing to send other people’s kids to go die in Iran, but Dr. Paul is not.

        Secondly, why exactly do you think it is a good idea for the USA to defend rich places like Germany and Japan again?  Why is it a good idea for the USA to borrow money from them in order to defend them?

      23. me says:

        He has flat out said he has no problem with Iran having nuclear weapons

      24. Anonymous says:

        That’s not true. He said he would go to Congress before going to war instead of jumping the gun.

      25. me says:

        Heres some other demented things he has said……”I would not have ordered Bin Laden raid”…I think we can safely assume that 90% of the black males in that city are either entirely criminal or semi-criminal”…..”I dont believe for a minute that the religion of Islam is our enemy”…..”Why stop Iran from getting nukes”….”I want to totally disassociate myself from the Reagan administration, he is a total failure”….’Its sad we assasinated terrorist Al -Awlaki”  No way do we need this bozo running our country.

      26. Dolfan125 says:

        Do you remember what happened last time the Germany and Japan had a strong military? Just some small conflict called WWII.

      27. Paulistas are morons says:

        Just admit he is a nut. If you want to support a senile nut, that is your choice.  But quit pretending that he isn’t a senile nut.

      28. Anonymous says:

        He’s not a nut. He’s brilliant but some dislike his passive nature. Don’t worry chicken little, Israel will NEVER allow Iran to have a nuclear warhead. All of the GOP candidates know this. Some use this information to gain support of hardcore conservaties.

      29. doggone says:

        Come on, are you serious.
        “the only intelligent one among them”. He’d be affraid to defend himself against  a horse fly. He thinks the Muslim brotherhood is the equivalent of the Boy Scouts.  He has no defense policy because he thinks no one wants to hurt the U.S.

      30. BIGBILL1 says:


      31. banh says:

        Yes, he is VERY angry at the way our country is being destroyed by our Oligarchy, our Constitution is being turned into bathroom tissue, and the way the general public are being turned into “subjects” of the Oligarchy…  Want to talk about foreign policy Bill??

        Ron Paul 2012

      32. RJPTrip says:

        Ron Paul is a selfish person with an advance degree who wants to keep all the money he makes and not support the society that makes him rich.

      33. fortunamajor says:

        Well, that is your opinion and you have every right to say so. However, I disagree.

        I think Paul is spot on with much of the monetary policies domestic wise, but he is a dismal failure on foreign policy. That’s my two cents.

      34. doggone says:

        No matter how bad the candidate,they are far better then that idiot socialist we have now!

      35. Anonymous says:

        Yeah! Which reminds me – when does the socialism and Marxism kick in?

        “Ayers!” “Muslim!”….doggone idiot…

      36. Plykab says:

        Total government spending as a % of the economy is now much higher than any time in the USA’s history, with the possible exception of the WWII years, but i’m not sure.  REgulations continue to sky rocket.  The difference between socialism and capitalism, is who controls the means of production. The government gains control of the means of productino through spending and regulation. And we are not talking of absolutes, the USA is a mixed economy. It has been more towards capitalism than socialism, but with all these bailouts, corporate welfare, warfare and regulations, it is swinging into the socialism side quite aggresively.  Basically, once it gets too far over to the socialism side, you wont need anyone to remind you when the “socialism will kick in.”  Once you’re in a gulag type system or in a concentration camp, then you’ll know automatically: “yes, the socialism has now gone full blast and has kicked in, lol”

      37. snoopy says:

        The debates look fine as do the candidates.It is the left wing “gotcha” moderators who ask the questions.Poor questions poor debate.Just that simple you liberal troll. I find the candidates quite refreshing compared to your boy o,bummer and that walking gaffe machine called joe biden.

    6. It is time that America stop being held hostage by the likes of CBS, NBC CNN, etc. OK it is time to tell the GOP that we are tired of them using the main stream media to hold the debates. They need to look at using another way of airing the debates. Something fair and balanced, giving equal time to all of the candidates.Here is there contact Info-Republican National Committee310 First Street, SEWashington, DC 20003info@gop.comp 202.863.8500 | f 202.863.8820 Make your voice heard!Thanks Dan GordonSouth CarolinaPS I do not support Ron Paul.I am still trying to decide who would be most qualified

      1. Anonymous says:

        If you’re looking for the most qualified, you’re looking in the wrong place in the GOP debates. If Michelle Bachman didn’t have Ronald Reagan and Obamacare to endlessly repeat, she wouldn’t be able to speak at all.

      2. TheRealKingMax says:

        Since you are “endlessly repeating” your hilarious, retarded attacks…

        Please tell us: what is it like to go through life as a pathological liar?

      3. That’s ALL I want my ‘leaders’ to say. Nothing much else is as important. They really have no business outside of National Security.

      4. fortunamajor says:

        You know, you are exactly right. I’m a die hard conservative too and she made me cringe after repeating herself over and over the same talking points.

      5. Anonymous says:

        I suggest the SyFy channel.

      6. RJPTrip says:

        LOL … yeah go hold a debate at the Human Events website — that will get them a lot of coverage / eyes

        What a joke you are.

    7. Anonymous says:

      You’re joking right? Without the media these knuckleheads wouldn’t even show up. All of them have signed up willingly for the chance to natter on endlessly.  It’s their own bloody fault they have nothing to say.

    8. Legallyinsane says:

      right! they should stick to FOX and screw all other media outlets.

      1. herb cain-palin says:

        I like that idea but for a reason you probably haven’t thought of: it keeps the wingnut contagion confined to one channel on my cable.

    9. Nightsong says:

      Great idea.

    10. Anonymous says:

      Fox News with Bill O’Reilly or perhaps Glenn Beck as the moderator.
      They could give them the questions and answers 3 weeks before the debate.

      1. Anonymous says:

        No, those two are into selling their books. At least Billy helps to some degree with the Wounded Warrior program but we wouldn’t need that if we minded our own business.

    11. Dylan S says:

      You people do not make any sense. Liberals would LOVE for Bachman to win the nomination, because they think she would have no chance against Obama. So a liberal media conspiracy to fix the debates, if it existed, would run in her favor. She got tons of positive coverage when she was ahead in the polls. Her falling off the radar came AFTER many conservatives lost interest in her.

      Your hatred and paranoia are crowding out logic. 

      1. fortunamajor says:

        I’m a conservative and I liked Bachman a lot. But she lost me when she said that the (human pappo)shot made a girl get autism.

        She didn’t bother to check to see if this was even possible or had any credibility in saying that. She should have taken the woman’s statement and refer it to her staff and then, if it had any legs to that accusation, then she could have brought it up.

        Also, she kept saying the same thing over and over….”let’s make this a one term president!” Ugh…….That got really tiring.

        I want both candidates to tell me what their political philosophy is and WHY theirs is better.

      2. RJPTrip says:

        Sad she did not lose you when she said she wants to turn America into a Christian Theocracy and that GOD sent her to do so.    

        Glad you have some brains.

  5. Key says:

    Complete BS news.

  6. Don says:

    The joke’s on CBS since about 16 people watched their “webshow.”

    1. loony says:

      the web-link did not work for anyone that i know of whom tried to watch the last half hour. CBS has made it clear we’re only to get a slanted view and ‘sound-bites’ that support their twisted political ends. i have not found any video of this debate without commentary or editing.

      CBS is just another corporate shill for the obama campaign, much like the occupy movement and SEIU/ACORN- how long did that take before it was hijacked for money?

    2. Anonymous says:

      As many as 16?  That must have set a record for them!

  7. Bobsyouruncle says:

    So they’re upset CBS wants to interview someone with a chance of winning?

  8. Barack_Obozo says:

    lol…CBS is what you do when you watch ’em

  9. imfortherevolution says:

    Ron Paul’s been side-swipped for 30 years and now everything needs fixed. RP 2012

    1. Carlkparsons says:

      Ron Paul is his own nemesis. Like a broken clock, he’s right twice a day, but that’s about all.

  10. amagi says:

    Of course, CBS is biased.  I would have loved to hear more from Ron Paul on foreign policy, but do you think republicans  or democrats really want to rock the status quo? They asked Huntsman and Santorum more questions who polled least.

    1. Starik1 says:

      CBS is owned by Israel and AIPAC.  Get a clue

      1. Taxpayer2 says:

        You’re definitely a nut case and have an Israel phobia. 

  11. Rsr_143 says:

    CBS and the rest of the Pro ObaMarxist Socialist media are biased?

    File that under Duhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

    All of the republican candidates should point out the ridiculous bias that the Pro Obamarxist “debate moderators” are slinging.

  12. JJCasino says:

    C–BS  never vetted Obama like the rest…now he’s ruining a once great nation with his failed policies, his class warfare, his anti-business climate, and his racial polarization.

    1. Ww1251 says:

      or maybe all you racists feel it’s ok to come out in public because we have a black president….god bless the tea party for making that acceptable to everyone.

      1. Carlkparsons says:

        Herman Cain is the only one with slave blood in this race, or are you too bigoted to admit that?

      2. Klaus says:

        If you watch TV, pay the IRS, or stand like an idiot in dirty socks while a stranger in the TSA touches your daughter’s genitals, your blood is slave blood, too.

      3. Frostjack50 says:

        Ww1251 – you are SO… ENLIGHTENED!  Damn I wish I could stuff your arrogant ego into my cranium!

      4. marywnm says:

        ww1251 calling everything racist when you disagree is getting to be “old shoe”. if that is the old answer you have , you have no answer.  being black does not make obama’s policies any better or worse.  grow up.

      5. Anonymous says:

        Going the “racist” route?
        How quaint.

    2. Anonymous says:

      Most of the media in this country is now over-the-top liberal. Some don’t even put in much effort to hide it. It’s amazing.

      1. Anonymous says:

        (snore) That’s the losers whine. Since when is Fox News liberal? They sponsored a debate.

      2. James says:

        Get real. The media as a whole is very liberal. FNC’s most influential opinion commentators (O’Reilly, Hannity, Cavuto) are admittedly conservative but generally fair and not afraid to go toe to toe with any liberal. The strait journalist at FNC are the most fair in the business (Wallace, Baier, Cameron, Rosen, Goler, Ed Henry, Angle etc.). Hardly any bias that I can see. Others (Greta, Shepard Smith) are pretty strait down the middle also.

      3. Anonymous says:

        Fox held 1 debate. Open your eyes, dufus.

  13. Anonymous says:

    These “debates” are nothing more than watching these very dismissive hosts, in their thinly vailed attempt, to show the world their unabated contempt for the GOP candidates.  Their universal pattern of facial smirks are a dead give away, especially before, during and after they pose a question to Congresswomen Bachmann, or Congressman Paul, and/or former Senator Senator Santorum.  These hosts in of these “debates” cannot hide, even if they wanted to, their contempt for GOP candidates.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Your absolutely right.

  14. Heavily Armed Irishman says:

    CBS, NPR and their ilk are government news. Drudge Report, Zerohedge, Russia Today, PressTV,  World Net Daily, Infowars among others for stuff you’ll never hear about, and then decide for myself.

  15. Rttucker says:

    Is this really a surprise to anyone? How many times does the media do this before we stop watching.

  16. Anonymous says:


    Does Michelle, or anyone in the GOP, have the testicular fortitude to expose the Illegal Kenyan Occupation of 1600?

    1. The GOP is useless! An official document from the FEDS, declaring Barry’s SSN a “Mismatch” is still not enough for them to ask any questions.
      Auntie Obama = ILLEGAL
      Uncle Obama = ILLEGAL
      Nephew Barry = ILLEGAL
      The Kenyan Trifecta!

  17. Jerry says:

    Very poorly written article Hunter Walker.

  18. clever says:

    Do not fret, the MSM and the GOP establishment already picked Romney you never stood a chance if you actualy thought you stood a chance you should get out of politics same with Cain he was done as soon as his poll numbers went up the GOP insiders painted stories about him making sure he would go down.

  19. Morrow says:

    Pretty good description of Dickerson. Matter-of-fact, it’s kind of flattering. He could be called worse.

  20. ”John Dickerson should be fired. He is a piece of shit. He is a fraud and he should be fired.”

    That pretty much sums up the status of the entire cbs network.  Who listens to anything coming from cbs?

  21. ShowMeM82 says:

    CBS Biased?  If Hunter Walker thinks THAT is a news story, he’d better find a new occupation.

  22. Jaimie says:

    Having the mainstream media host Republican primary debates makes about as much sense as democrats holding their primary debates on conservative talk radio.

  23. NetShark says:

    The candidates should be all given the same questions with the same amount of time to answer. Same goes for after debate interviews.  

    What’s so hard about this?

    Btw, Newt is winning every debate handily.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Could you imagine Obama undergoing this scrutiny?

  25. Thomas Shea says:


  26. Thomas Shea says:


  27. Frostjack50 says:

    You cynics are simply not as enlightened as the MSM personalities – so sit down, shut up and eat your broccoli!

    1. Anonymous says:

      I have to eat my broccoli too?!  I already finished my peas.  Hope & change sucks!

  28. Anonymous says:

    You are an embarrassing liberal racist.  In California Education, I’ve seen massively more racism from liberal edu-insiders than from conservatives.  The White liberal has engineered the destruction of the Black family and are diligently working on destroying the Hispanic family.  Obama is an out and out racist himslef.


  29. Frostjack50 says:

    At one level I sympathize with the desire to showcase a candidate with better current ratings.  BUT if the idea of the “news media” were more in line with “reporting the news” rather than “show biz”, then one would hope/expect that their choice of interviewees would be based less on contemporary popularity vs seeking to present a balanced view of the different positions.  OK, I’m dreaming… this is CBS angling for ways to promote the liberal leftist agenda above all other considerations.  Damn, what am I thinking!

  30. Anonymous says:

    You are an embarrassing liberal racist.  In California Education, I’ve
    seen massively more racism from liberal edu-insiders than from
    conservatives.  The White liberal has engineered the destruction of the
    Black family and are diligently working on destroying the Hispanic
    family.  Obama is an out and out racist himslef.

    1. Peggy says:

      I respectfully disagree. Liberals ARE racists, but they hate WHITES. Even White liberals work 24/7 to destroy their own race. 

      1. Anonymous says:

        Agree with you 100%!

      2. Anonymous says:

        Nah, we only work to destroy thugs like you. :) And it’s a full time job.

      3. mcneticbob5 says:


        Snake, wha’s with you? I’ve been noticing your comments over and over. I do my best to avoid many of the pitfalls of life. In the past I had to learn the hard way by trial and error. So many of us have wasted our
        time with losers like you by using our presupposed trust and giving  the benefit of  the doubt. We used our
        own kindly bringing up as a yardstick. We became suckers and victims
        unrealizingly. What losses we incurred without stepping back and seeing the
        picture?  The picture rational thinkers will see is
        deceit and cunning. It’s inbuilt in such persons as indicated by your notes. Over
        the years it is ingrown in the modus operenda, the stock in trade of a con
        person, a user and a loser. This is where we must discipline ourselves and
        jettison burdensome bums. The cure is your own problem. Good Luck!


  31. Ryan Mouk says:

    A main stream media conglomerate being bias towards people or things that differ from the viewpoints of their sponsors or board members? Never, untrue, would never happen.

  32. Anonymous says:

    CBS biased?  LOL…is anyone surprised?

  33. Beverly Lloyd-Lee says:

    It’s time the RNC and the Tea Party formed an alliance to lay down the law to the ‘dd (dumbed down) media.’  Every participant in the debate IS TO RECEIVE THE SAME NUMBER OF QUESTIONS AND NOT LOADED OR TRICKY. 

    It’s time we stopped letting the ‘dd media’ select whom they want to win the primary as in Mitt Romney . . . as they did last time with John McCain (the RINO of the bunch).  Remember, ‘dd media:’ it’s supposed to be THE PEOPLE who choose the victor . . . not you.

    While we’re at it . . . let’s suggest the ‘dd media’ actually read “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America” by Charlotte Iserbyt.  They might learn how they got that way.  

  34. Anonymous says:

    White liberals are the embarrassing racists of America.  In California Education, I’ve
    seen much more functional racism from liberal edu-insiders than from conservatives.  The White liberal has engineered the destruction of the Black Family and are diligently working on destroying the Hispanic Family, having had great success at undermining the White Family. 

    Obama is an out and out racist himself if one looks carefully at  his sub-textual actions, not his deceptive words.  The successful con man is always your smiling, upbeat ‘friend’.

  35. Anonymous says:

    CBS and Scott Pelley are pieces of shit.

    1. Piece Of Shit says:

      Hey! Don’t compare them to me. I’m insulted!

  36. Mike S says:

    All the MSM is BIAS  Congresswoman Bachman. Congressman Ron Paul got a whole 89 seconds. The person with the most to discuss and debate has been shut out throughout this process, by the MSM and the RNC. It’s so transparent now, and such a travesty, I’m wondering why vote at all anymore….The MSM and the establishment republicans pick our candidates for us. 

  37. Anonymous says:

    If a female Democrat candidate was done this way, the feminazis would be up in arms.
    With true Conservative women like Michelle Bachman, or Sarah Palin, they are either completely ignored, or attacked in the most despicable manor.

    1. Starik1 says:

      Wanna make a bet?  Hillary will be the next pres.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Not surprised, it comes from the Comatose Brain Strain network.

  39. RR Guy says:

    Should conservatives be surprised? 


    Same garbage from the Progressive media – different day.

    My favorite point in the cBS (emphasis intended) coverage is when Pelley actually got into an argument with Newt Gingrich after asking a stacked question of him.  But then again – the media sees their role as “news makers” and propaganda arms for the far-left in influencing the American public.

    The exact opposite is happening.  The only people they are fooling is – themselves.  Proof will be in the tidal wave that will hit the U.S. next November at the ballot box.

  40. Robert Sicurelli says:

    CBS is an part of the Obama hawala money machine. As long as the Pravda bureaucrats are kept well enriched they wouldn’t care if Pol Pot or Adolf was POTUS.

  41. Anonymous says:

    Hey folks it’s named see bs for a reason…

  42. JEFFinOH says:

    Watching the debate it was pretty clear they didn’t want her to talk…. They have their pick already… Mitt

  43. Anonymous says:

    If you’re looking for a Fair debate don’t count on finding one on a leftist station…

  44. Greatness Lost Is Legend says:

    Next debates have to be more limited.  Since there are a dozen, split them into six each.  Candidates are drawn by lot.  In this way half show up at each debate, allowing more time for answers to complex questions.

    In the General Obama and X have to debate without a MSM “moderator”.  Questions are chosen by each camp, the debate two hours long, four to six in total. No teleprompter, all secondary electronic communications frequencies jammed.  Put nurses with restraints near the stage to haul Obama off when he loses it. 

  45. Tony Silva says:

    Sounds like Bachmann’s CR is no better than Ed Rollins.   You don’t go running through the Spin Room calling journalists pices of Sh*t — even though many of them are — when you’re promoting your candidate as a pure as the wind driven snow Evangelical.   As Rick Perry would say, “Oops!”

  46. Anonymous says:

    Michele, please remember that CBS is the once proud network that was forced to fire Dan Rather for publishing forged documents about President Bush’s service in the Alabama Air National Guard.  Rather than close down the network and admit that the “apple is rotton to the corps,” they bamed it on Rather and a few producers and tried to keep wagon moving forward without wheels.  You cannot expect them to be fair to conservatives, especially conservative women!

  47. Bazbo6 says:

    1. She’s running 6th! It’s a fact she has little hope here.
    2. who does she think she is trying to have a someone fired that does NOT work for her campaign?
    3. If infact she is serious about having media fired because media believes the polls say Bachmans through then it sounds like free speech.

  48. Libertycat says:

    They ignore Bachmann because she’s every bit as capable, if not BETTER qualified and on the right side of the issues than anyone else in currently in the race.  Listen to her answers how well thought out they are.  It’s not just CBS…After all it started right on Fox with Chris Wallace asking her if she was ‘a flake’ and it hasn’t gotten any better.   I’ve stopped watching them all.  I get news on Drudge, BBC, the Blaze, Infowars, WND.  I’ll keep sending money to her campaign and will start making calls for her next week in IA because she IS the REAL deal. Wake up America!  And YES, she can win if we don’t let the media, the establishment GOP, Dems, globalists… (good grief..have I missed anybody?)  pick our candidate!  Bachmann 2012~

  49. Anonymous says:

    The only debate that was fair and worth watching so far was the one between Gingrich and cain. They should all be like that – or EVERY candidate should be asked THE SAME QUESTION and ALL should be given the same amount of time to answer it. What CBS and other stations has done is completely unfair.

  50. sylvia johnston says:

    It truly confounds me that republicans only response to the ugly democrat media is to cry rail on about it. Why is Fox the one network that, alongside the boring, endless mouth flapping of democrats(that’s when I switch to something, anything better), showcases Republicans? Are the Conservatives in America so few, so poor, so uncoordinated that a Real Assault is just not possible? My God, America is near death. Do you have room on all your insignia, armor, etc. to insert an S in The USA? WHY DO YOU PLAY THE GAME?

  51. Anonymous says:

    CBS sucks, but then again that isn[‘t news

  52. Anonymous says:

    No shock here.

  53. jodal says:

    CBS bias?? No, it couldn’t be!!!

  54. GeoWashington says:

    You are dealing with low life Rather scum from this network

  55. mrs. L says:

    she is the exact same thing as having obama clinton bush romney cain, all of them, except ron paul.   Anyone other than paul and you’ll get the finishing of this country.  If you want justice and for us to get financially back on our feet.  We don’t owe the zionist families of london primarily squat.   They killed glass steagall so they could run wild and rob the country with a scheme they’ve been running on the world for decades.  People, our congress lets outsiders, foreigners of america print our money out of thin air then loan it to us and we have to pay them back with real wealth plus interest.   Get it.  It sounds to insane to be possible so you just keep going.   STOP.  You work 5 months of the year for taxes alone.  Now our taxes don’t go for 1 cent of american services, it’s all interest now congress spent more in 2 years than last 230.  no kidding.  people, we are only paying interest.   they get about 600 billion a year from us for free.   I’m not kidding..but they own the media so you never hear the cold truth..they’ve killed 3 presidents and 2 were attempted.  One of those was Andrew Jackson.

  56. Jasonn says:

    CBS and the other “mainstream” media notoriously leans to the left, but that email merely stated the obvious fact that they’d rather interview a candidate that was one of the front runners instead of Mrs. Bachmann who has slipped in the polls.

  57. CBS is a libtard mess. They couldn’t even manage to stream the debate properly. Idiots.

  58. Podany4tx says:

    Have a debate with Breitbart. That should be interesting!

  59. Robb Moffett says:

    Bachman still has the best immigration voting record of ANY 2012 contender, by a wide margin.  I consider her and Ron paul to be the most under rated candidates by the media.

    1. Anonymous says:

      A “Christian” mother who supports torture and a man who wants to take us back to the 19th century are the most under-rated GOP candidates? You people need to start casting the net wider.

  60. Anonymous says:

    I’ve watched all the debates and these putzes were the most obnoxious moderators yet. I would’ve liked to see all the GOP contenders simply walk off the stage and leave CBS sitting there with egg all over their faces.

  61. JerryEl says:

    Although some of you didn’t like it “Enigmasolution” had a valid point.  The next POTUS has already been picked and that is Romney.  If many of us don’t get together and take our country back from the “pickers” which is the moneyed elite of the world whoose advertisement money and local takeovers over of community groups we will never hav a choice.
    We have to come together and support the candidate who is not backed by these people.  Herman Cain, Ron Paul, and Michele Bachman are the leading outsiders of the contenders.  We have to face the fact that Paul or Bachman are not going to beat the money machine of Obama but Cain has a chance…The best chance.
    He’s a “real” African-American, not a half-blood, he has some basic ideas that with proper people surrounding him can turn them into excellent policies for our Nation’s future.  He needs the suppport now not later.  All of the rest of you, especially the Ron Paul folks need to understand he is not electable and come together and support Cain as the only outsider that has a chance to send Obama back to the streets of Chicago.

  62. Mrteachinca says:

    Seriously, you guys can’t hire a competent proofreader?!  This is an insult to your readers.

  63. Anonymous says:

    Why do Republicans keep having their debates moderated by their enemy? It’s like they keep lining up in front of a firing squad and then complain afterwards about being treated unfairly. What do they expect from the communist-loving, straight-White-Christian-hating mainstream media? Surely there’s a better way to have these debates?
    Republican candidates should have a free-wheeling round-robin debate amongst themselves WITHOUT some smarmy liberal weasel moderator (or any moderator) running the show, like a Lincoln-Douglas debate format.   

  64. Millieann says:

    All conservatives should boycott these sham debates next time around.  They are nothing but game shows where the candidates have to be witty before the buzzer goes off.  They are frequently (mostly?) moderated by liberals who absolutely have no use for conservatives.  Why do we do this?  And I don’t give a flip if Rick Perry is good at these sham debates.  I just want him or any other conservative candidate to be good at figuring out what we need to do to get this country rolling again, and then get ‘er done.

  65. Anonymous says:

    Shes kind of kooky. Just her personal life alone is a little odd. She is to extreme, I wouldn’t vote for her at all.

  66. Pdlenter says:

    It is kind of odd that we permit liberal reporters to question our candidates.  Everyone knows well over 90% of the media are flame throwing liberals.  None of them vote for Republicans and if they dared to they would be summarily fired.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Name one question that was unfair.

  67. texaslady says:

    I watched the first hour and the 1/2 hour later on the NJ site sucked.  The sound kept stopping and starting.  I gave up with that part.  I felt the hosts were awful in their time keeping and the questions.  Bachmann and Paul were clearly slighted.  They should have been able to answer more questions….it is only fair.  But the media can’t even spell fair.

  68. Wing15601 says:

    Every one of the so called “debates” has been orchestrated by the media to highlight their preferred candidate. Even FOX did it by giving Perry and Romney the most questions. The constitutional protections given to the media should be removed as the organizations parading as media are in fact political support groups and should have to register as such with the Federal Election Commission.

  69. Shairk. says:

    So what’s new? ALL the MSM outlets are left biased.

  70. Anonymous says:

    Bachmann is the best of the bunch, I really like her. She’s a patriot, honest and sincere. But she lacks media savvy, which of course means she has a snowball’s chance of beating slick and slimy candidates like Romney or Cain. A Gingrich/Bachmann ticket would be awesome! Gingrich would kick Obama’s treasonous commie ass to the curb in a debate, and I’d sleep well at night knowing that Bachmann was VP.  

    1. Anonymous says:

      Quick, get your prescription refilled NOW. Bachman is a twit, a low voltage, low rent version of that other twit Palin.

  71. Andy Jackson says:

    At least they’re now admitting what we’ve known all along. They completely ignored Bachman AND Ron Paul (even more than usual) that time and it was ridiculous. Maybe more people will notice from now on how the media tries to hand pick their favorite candidates and force them down our throats.

  72. Joe J says:

    Where is the National Organization of Women (NOW)?  The only female candidate in race is clearly a victim of discrimination.  I wonder what they have to say on this issue…

    1. Selma says:

      NOW doesn’t care about Bachmann because:
      1. She’s against abortion

      2. She’s Christian
      3. She’s conservative
      4. She’s not a lesbian

  73. PL Parkey says:

    I could not agree more. Journalism, particularly TV news medium, has been dead for years. What would U.S.  look like without Fox? Answer: Like BBC controlled socialist UK. Mainstream coverage has gotten progressively less objective and much more ideology driven. And, they do it with more smoke and veneer, than ever before. Slick spin with a slant, nothing like network news. And, their push to re-elect Obama and forge what is newsworthy, e.g., Cain’s so called harassment, Perry’s debate shortcomings, Michelle Bachman’s every word…..just not worth spending one second watching these guys, much less allowing them to host a rigged debate.

    1. Anonymous says:

      That’s your problem: looking to the shiny talking box for comprehensive news. Read a newspaper, fer pete’s sake.

  74. Anonymous says:

    So we are supposed to tune in and trust national media? The previous debate was much fairer. These guys weren’t interested in allowing the candidates sufficient time to say something. They wanted sound bites. They decided that the “public” deserves to hear from some and not others. So why are we paying attention to these networks?

    CBS is so committed to the democratic process that they drop the debate one hour into it for something else that will sustain their ratings? Oh, by the way you can go to http://www…….. if you want to hear the rest. We, CBS, have heard enough, and we have decided that you the public have heard enough too. Good Night.

  75. Roger Sterling says:

     CBS = Communist Bull Shit

    1. Anonymous says:

      LOL. Bitter bitter, eh Mr. Sterling? Name one unfair question that was asked last night. Get better candidates and it won’t look so bad.

  76. Kenneth says:

    How about 15 minute responses instead of 1 minute responses and questions not composed by Baruck Obummer and Rahm “I know I own a house here somewhere” Immanuel.

  77. nlg says:

    Anyone who is surprised by this story (and is ok with it) is clueless to  what is the major downfall of our country.  When you don’t have an honest and fair press, we have no power as “We the people”.

  78. Terry Jones says:

    It’s Bush’s fault

  79. Tammy Rainey says:

    When Ms Bachmann raises her voice about the systematic exclusion of Gary Johnson then I’ll entertain her complaints when the worm turns on her. Ditto Huntsman and Santorum.  Only Pual and Gingrich have spoken up for Gov. Johnson to this point. Now when they have “come for you” Bachmann is offended? Oh well.

  80. G Williams says:

    Hand the debates over to some school children. They understand how to play fair.

  81. Billdunigan says:

    Two losers…CBS..(Crappy Bull Shit) and Michele Bachmann…both need to give it up…truth is, Newt is the only intelligent person in the room..

  82. Michele says:

    You need a proof reader..”Ms. Stewart forward the “unaltered email” to her press list with along with a statement saying it describing it as “indicating bias” that showed a “planned effort to limit questions to Michele Bachmann at tonight’s CBS / National Journal Debate.”

  83. Scott says:

    In any case, Bachmann is done, but the point of this story matters.  “In the hopes of getting someone else,” and “She’s not going to get many questions” is disturbingly, and rather telling.  The media prays to see little consequence to actions such as these, and they SHOULD see consequences, in whatever form.  Bachmann should drop out, but what is in these emails should not.  The media has an agenda, and that’s fine if they are transparent about it, but they are not, and that’s a crime.  A crime that needs to be prosecuted Omnino Necessarium.

  84. Anonymous says:

    Welcome to reality people

  85. Charles9574 says:

    You think thats bad, Ron Paul got a whole 89 seconds of air time! Another display of media trying to steer the audience

    1. Anonymous says:

      In Ron Paul’s America there isn’t any electricity anyway. He wants to take the US back to the 19th century.

  86. Bumpkinpm says:

    They’re trying to limit Bachmann and Paul because they are both excellent candidates for President, incredibly intelligent in the political arena, and in the use of Constitutional law, and they (CBS handlers and their contacts in the political arena) know they wont be able to control them.   SO, we need a Paul/ Bachmann ticket, or a Bachmann/Paul ticket to get the best  President and VP we will have available.  I like some of the other candidates, but we want the ones who wont play into the hands of the lifers in politics and in business.   I’m thinking its time a woman showed these boys how to run it right.    It has LONG been understood that women are inherently more often honest and sincere than men are in the political and business arenas, notwithstanding there are always a few rogues in everything.  There are even more women who sincerely attend churches and try to improve themselves, in the USA, and I have heard several Pastors and Bishops say that if it weren’t for the strength of the women in their congregations, they wouldn’t have nearly the reach into the public than they have now. Which tells me that women are overall more interested in doing the “Right things” and have a stronger conscience than so many men.  Again, there are exceptions to every rule, but there are unmistakable ‘rules’ in life.

  87. Jstuart says:

    No doubt the newsman really is a POS since most of them are liberal Pieces-OS.

  88. Anonymous says:

    Reality is harsh, huh Michelle? You’re down in the polls, no one wants to ask you anything and your answers, when you are asked, are idiotic. Quit and go home–and take Perry with you.

  89. Anonymous says:

    John Dickerson is merely one more example of someone who sought employment in the MSM because he failed to land a job as a piano player in a whore house.

  90. Anonymous says:

    It is a scam.  If you haven’t notice this is all on purpose.  The republican party hates Ron Paul and his values just as much as the MSM.  The dems, republicans, & the media are all working for the same goal of destruction of this nation.It is called the push to globalism under the UN just like daddy bush promised.  Welcome to a One World Gov.

  91. Anonymous says:

    If you truly want the debates to be thoughtful and comprehensive–at least for a GOP debate, then narrow the participants to those that have double digit polling results.  Why are Huntsman, Santorum and Bachman, for example,  cluttering up the stage?

  92. Anonymous says:

    Biased?? CBS??? Oh dear!! The nasty vile and lying media has helped Soros Obama and the Democrats destroy this country. They have zero credibility today.

  93. Anonymous says:

    this is the same media that reports on 35,000 dollar termination agreements from herman cain yet ignores over 2 million spent by obama the usurper to hide his records when accused of forging his photo shopped birth certficate. This is the same media that spins comments such as “last resort” into war rhetoric by GOP candidates, yet ignores HOLDER’s obvious hand on turning fast and furious into fight against 2nd ammendment and failure to apologize to an American family that he killed as accessory to murder by his failure to act. Paterno got axed for failing to act, and nobody got killed, it’s time to fire HOLDER (and obama btw)

  94. The Republicans need to have an independent group a’la the League of Women Voters run these ‘debates’ and design them in such a way that the participants have more than 30 seconds to provide a position or an answer. The 30-second sound bites merely provide cheap cannon fodder for the MSM to assail the candidates as being shallow and uninformed.

    Take back the debates from the MSM.

  95. Kev says:

    Michele, you were limited just because you are a woman.   Now sue, as that is what US feminists do.

  96. Anonymous says:

    What took you so long to notice.  All the major media sponsored debates have anointed Romney as the candidate.  How many times do they start questions with him, call him first for a rebuttle and ignore the others?  It’s all a sham and no one should watch these farces. They are not debates, they are orchestrated lynch mobs.  The moderators are far from neutral or even balanced in their views.  Shame on the 4th estate.  Edward R Murrow, Huntley and Brinkley are hiding their faces in shame.

  97. D1234 says:

    If it can be proven there was a deliberate effort to afford some candidates more time in these debates, isn’t this a violation of several federal laws and regulations per the FCC?

    I mean, this isn’t a matter of petty whining–these accusations can have real teeth with hefty federal fines/sanctions attached

  98. yonish says:

    She still got more questions and face time than Ron Paul, in fact Paul got the least of them all. The best gets the least in this evil operation.

  99. Anonymous says:

    The CONSENSUS MEDIA prays that if (WHEN) Obummer gets served in this election,it is by the mildest of RINOs-they are simply covering all their liberal bases.OF COURSE they are biased against a REAL conservative.

  100. oldgolfer says:

    cbs newman (forget his name… he is so forgettable) except when he was telling one of the debaters about “law”.  HIS OPINION, mind you!    CBS is Obama’s lapdog, along with NBC and PBS, etc.

  101. Anonymous says:

    While I am not a fan of Michelle , I do believe that she has been discriminated against in more than one setting. 

    Michelle is actually much more knowledgeable and articulate than Perry, Santorum, Paul, and especially more so than Herman Cain. The points that she makes are more pertinent and impressive than the egotistical Newt, who is so impressed with his own words that the remainder of us do not need to be. 

  102. g says:

    Next thing you know the mediatards will be pushing that RINO Romney..oh, wait…

    1. Dwstick says:

      That is EXACTLY what is going on here.  The lamestream media is manipulating the debate process in their not-so-subtle attempt to get the GOP candidate of their choice.  To them, the only acceptible Republican is one that Obama  can beat in the general election.  Remember how gaga they all were over McCain?  Remember how they gushed over Dole?  Once the primaries were over, they proceeded to vilify these same people.
      Cain was catching up to Romney, then….BOOM….out came the sexual harassment ‘stories’.   Is the lamestream media against sexual misconduct?  Hardly.  In an eight day period from when the Cain story first broke, ABC, CBS and NBC aired a combined 99 negative Cain stories.  In that same 8 day period from when sexual misconduct stories about Bill Clinton first broke, these same networks aired a combined EIGHT negative Clinton stories!  Eight stories, spread out over the Jones, Willey and Broaddrick accusations!  This wasn’t about sexual misconduct; it was about getting rid of a candidate that was a threat to their pick, Romney.   

  103. OF all the debates these moderators were the BOTTOM OF THE SESS POOL.  When sonme one was talking he butted in and was wrong. if he kept his mouth SHUT we could have some of the points I really think Couric would have done better and I cant stand her   CBS there is a reason you are in the pitts and this proved it

  104. Anonymous says:

    Bachmann is a moron…

  105. KMA says:

    she got alot of time compared to her poll numbers. Ron Paul was the one that got really blacked out

  106. And Our Dear Ms. Bachmann is not grossly biased herself???  Give me a break.  This is politics, and politics is a contact sport. 

    Dear Michele:  If you can’t take the heat, then get out of the kitchen and go back to the Great White North where you belong — in deep freeze suspended animation. 

  107. RKT says:

    That’s disgusting.  I noticed she was being shunned.  Bias media…do your job.

  108. 7cedars says:

    CBS has already heard my view as to why Bachmann and Paul were not allowed to speak enough.  A FAIR debate, which apparently the media doesn’t get, is when all are asked the same question – if it lasts 2-3 hours, it lasts 2-3 hours.  How DARE CBS or any media decide WHO we should vote for!

  109. KMA says:

    they should all get alot more time more then 89 seconds like Ron Paul hes the only person with a different view up there with poll numbers in the top tier. hes the only one that will not start more wars and attack people that dont attack us  the only vet and the only person that follows the the Constitution and knows what it says

  110. OrneryEagle says:

    Dear Congresswoman Bachmann, ‘you really think CBS is bias?’  If its taken you that long to deduct that most transparent fact, it is not mystery why you are down in the polls?….it’s a ‘bias’ jungle out there in Journaland.  

  111. cazman says:

    sad thing is the vast majority of American play along with this and listen to what the pretty news people tell them as fact when it almost always not even close to the truth or facts. news is nothing more than being about advertizement dollars and entertainment and manipulation of the masses and the tard Americans fall for it every time.

  112. Anonymous says:

    Yes here we go again as the GOP hopefuls genuflects before the old leftist media one more time, with the frailest  of hope that this time they will be fairer to them. WHY? Seriously why are they groveling at anything the old leftist media puts together for them. It’s doesn’t matter how much sense they make, or even how pretty they look. THEY’RE  always gonna do their best to make them look “stupid and mean” and they’re STILL GONA HATE EM ANYWAY! 
    Just when will the GOP Candidates ever learn?

  113. oh coem one folks you really think democrats are ever going to allow a fair Republcian debate?
    Get real. Deomcorats can’t have that happend they look stupid enough as it is.

  114. Anonymous says:

    America is being SPOON FED SHI#  Candidates as well as SHI# POLL NUMBERS, by CBS, and the establishment  in order to discourage the T-party, CAIN with 999 Needs A TAX LAWYER (Bachmann) as a vice pres. Two Tea party Patriots to take on the O-gang,..    Obama, O-gingrich, O-perry, O-huntsman, O-santorem, and the rest of the O-Lib &           O-rino  Party !            VOTE   HERMAN    CAIN   2012

    1. Anonymous says:

      You forgot O-Cain… ya know Mr. O-Federal Reserve &
      Mr. O-Womanizer…….I’ll take the honest and ethical one on the stage; RON PAUL 2012

  115. Lbviman says:

    On top of limiting Ron Paul to less than a couple minutes, while extolling the alleged virtues of the slimy newt, it is obvious to anyone with an ounce of sense that the media will ONLY allow those THEY endorse any significant air time, or any really searching intelligent questions. Last week’s comments by Ron Paul are indicative of his complete superiority to the other losers in the enclave of media endorsed Repulsives. Ron Paul for President 2012 is the ONLY secure way we can take our nation back from the crap heads in Washington.

  116. Anonymous says:

    I think any candidate polling under 4% should not be included in the debates. There presence is pointless and just takes much needed time from the 5 or 6 frontrunners. They could be giving each candidate 2 min to respond to questions rather than just 1 min. It would be helpful to some that need more time to get their point accross..and the 5 or 6 could have more equal time as well.
    I would have thought they would have had that wittling down process by now..

  117. Myavast1 says:

    Why did the GOP even allow these Obama-loving Kool-Aid-drinking phucks to moderate the debate? It beats me.

  118. Reid says:

    You guys have no idea how much this happens every day in ANY news room.  Almost all of it is undocumented.

  119. It
    is time that America stop being held hostage by the likes of CBS, NBC CNN, etc.
    OK it is time to tell the GOP that we are tired of them using the main stream
    media to hold the debates. They need to look at using another way of airing the
    debates. Something fair and balanced, giving equal time to all of the candidates.

    is there contact Info-

    Republican National Committee

    310 First Street, SE
    Washington, DC 20003

    p 202.863.8500 | f 202.863.8820


    Make your voice heard!

  120. Anonymous says:

    CBS is biased? Really? Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.  You just now figuring that out? Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.  Stop.  Please.  My sides are hurting.  Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.  You’re killing me here.

  121. Devan95 says:

    CBS biased? You mean the network that tried to corrupt a presidential election with fraudulent documents smearing the REPUBLICAN candidate? The network with Dan Rather and Mary Mapes, both Dem operatives? You mean THAT CBS? Well, that’s why we say CBS stands for Commie B.S.  and/or Constantly Broadcasting Socialism.  you pick.

  122. Devan95 says:

    Keep in mind that in addition to being heavily Democrats,  the media is also heavily unionized. Try being a conservative when all the crew around you are raving far left loons: camera operators, light & sound techs, makeup babes, ALL of them including the talking heads. Even Bill O’Reilly, who brags about being a member of AFTRA. Ike was wrong; it’s the government/media/union complex that is our greatest threat. 

  123. Crapkiller says:

    Biased because of socialist control of education and  Union closed shop. The reporters are mostly democratic activists. Democrat=socialist=wannabe communist= progressive. Tell me it isn’t so!

  124. Tot142 says:

    What do you expect from the liberal media. I don’t see why the canidates let themselves be played like that. Hell they can’t be that dumb, that they do not see this. Semper Fi.

  125. Anonymous says:

    ‘reality’ or no…CBS gets caught once again plotting to mold republican candidate image… ron paul is polling around 10%, but got less than 1% of the air-time… that’s deplorable… the GOP candidates should refuse any more CBS coverage…let them report second-hand from now on…

  126. Christine McMorris says:

    I’m not sure how many minutes each candidate was given in the debate last night on CBS, but I do believe the media have blacked out Ron Paul, even though he has done fairly well in the polls.
    They may believe he cannot win against Pres. Obama, but with the minimal coverage he’s received, they are controlling the eventual nomination for the Republicans in favor of others.  This leads me to believe that my vote won’t count, but I am voting anyway for the candidate who offers a logical answer to our foreign policy problems and, in turn, our economic problems.  I will be voting for Ron Paul.  Christine McMorris, Iowa

  127. Anonymous says:

    CBS is a has-been network now run by a bunch of worthless hacks.
    There simply is NO point in giving them the benefit of the doubt; they have proven their biases repeatedly.   Unless they were to issue an apology and fire the idiot, I’d recommend all the Republicans simply refuse to talk to their network.

  128. Rabid_Koala says:

    SeeBS is biased? No, really??

    How could anyone NOT know that?

  129. Boboz7 says:

    If anyone here thinks that the mainstream media is not picking and choosing candidates to face their boy in 2012, they are smoking something.

  130. Trace Mann says:

    As far as I am concerned ALL of the mainstream media are Poison to the health of this country……They should all be boycotted until there is at least the hint of objectivity!

  131. birdman says:

    everyone who is associated with mainstream media are soulless demons who are all pieces of shit! Ron Paul who clearly is the best,and the true “top tier”candidate! He got the loudest applause,& gave the best answers even though he only got 89 seconds of airtime! If he doesn’t win we deserve everything we get! What is wrong with these people? We are going to hell in a handbasket due to the liberal jew “mainstream propagandist media”!

  132. Elsewhere says:

    CBSNews biased!!!!!!!!!  CBS is bias masquerading as news.  I stopped watching them years back and watch only occasionaly to see the humor.

  133. Hector Garza says:


  134. potvin says:

    Yeah…and John Huntsman is at 1%, but every time I turn on the TV I see this RINO spouting off about something. The MSM has no trouble giving this liberal all the time he wants. So obvious it’s pathetic. 

  135. Starik1 says:

    Newt Gingrich is the author of the legislation that sent our manufacturing jobs overseas.  Newt more than any other single politician is a true traitor to America.

    Also he is bought a paid for by Israel and would see more and more American boys die for Israel.  In this he shares the same guilt as every other Republican candidate other than Ron Paul.

    They care nothing for peace or the American Military or America’s working class.  Nominating one of these turkeys will have the same result as when John McCain was nominated.  Ron Paul is the only Patriot running on the Republican ticket.  There are no Patriots on the Democratic ticket.

    If Ron Paul does not get nominated he will head a third party.

    1. Taxpayer2 says:

      I don’t care for Nutty Professor Newt but I extremely support Israel and do not support or like anyone who doesn’t.  They need to be gone and we should not support any country or people who are against Israel. Period! Those are the troublemakers of the world.

      If Ron Paul is the only so-called Patriot running on the Republican ticket, how do you explain his threat to head a third party if he doesn’t get the nomination?  That’s nuts, just like Ron Paul.  He cannot try to force or blackmail his way to the nomination and threaten to form a 3rd party if not picked and call himself a Patriot at the same time. We’re not trying to elect a dictator.  This is ludicrous and you all don’t make any sense.

    2. Taxpayer2 says:

      By the way, you say “they care nothing for peace or the American Military or America’s working class”, insinuating that Ron Paul does?  That’s hilarious!  His insane belief on foreign policy is the most dangerous position against peace.  Israel is peace and we stand with Israel against the people who have no idea what peace is and have no intention of going there, ever.  It’s in their DNA to be the troublemakers of the world from birth until death.

  136. Only the willfully blind or a hopeless idealogue doesn’t know about the liberal bias in all of the MSM, so find your way around them as Reagan did. In the final analysis, they are nothing but inconsequential pipsqueaks, anyway.

  137. Bob says:

    Sounds like honest analysis of the situation by the CBS guy.  Bachmann had her 15 minutes and failed.

  138. Jennifer says:

    This was the first time we’d dialed CBS in 15 years I think.    Probably won’t do it again!  Ugh.

  139. Jennifer says:

    Sorry to see Major Garrett has joined a Lib “think” tank.   Used to admire him.

  140. Anonymous says:

    Think tanks, main steam media, and now congress is about to install political gateways on the internet. Net Neutrality will be law of the land shortly.
    Watch for the beginning of  “soft censorship” on the internet as the democrat machine figures out how to manipulate and control website choices and content with the law.

  141. Waicool says:

    This is a report of a socialist democrat posing as a journalist employed by a main stream media outlet in the USA.  It is a wonderful expose of the fascism practiced by bigoted liberal progressives working actively to intentionly shape the political narrative of our nation.  This journ-o-list is a turd with a concussion.

  142. Paulii says:

    I agree that the debates should not include personalities of the moderators. 

    The reality is that these debates are a part of the media “business”, and as such, they should not be allowed to both make a profit and interject their own politics into the discussion.

    In addition, there is a clear lack of equality in the moderation process. At the least, we should give all the candidates at least close to equal time – we need to really get to know these folks. As we see, these debates do matter. 

    From Gov Perry’s feebleness to Speaker Gingrich’s clear understanding of every issue raised, to Mr Cain’s one dimensional nature.

  143. stoptouchingthatmabel says:

    MSNBC, CNN, CBS really now, have a clearly neutral party
    hold the debates and if these liberal media venues care to cover them fine but I
    would not let them or their liberal lackey commentators have any control over
    the debates.

  144. Jinny Walz says:

    Once more Republicans are allowing media to select their candidate.  When will we ever learn?  This is but one reason many conservatives are yelling for a new party, one with a spine and a set!

  145. Anonymous says:

    Ron Paul got only 89 seconds.  The fix is in.  Don’t fall for the mainstream media’s propaganda!

    1. Paulistas are morons says:

      I believe that was the responsbile decision because it isn’t nice to let senile old people embarrass themselves on TV.

      1. Anonymous says:

        If he’s so “senile,” how come he’s the only one that makes any sense?  He’s the only candidate who’s not a bank owned marionette too.

  146. Anonymous says:

    The media is playing the Republican nomination like a fine violin. 

  147. Anonymous says:

    To be expected.  Corporate media is sponsored by corporations that buy commercial ad space. Those corporations tell CBS who to favor in the debate.  So all those sponsors during the breaks – they are the true enemy of liberty.   Look at the top CBS advertisers and you will know exactly what products not to buy next time you are at a store.  

  148. Anonymous says:

    NBC is still the most bias tv network. They changed their peacock l

  149. Anonymous says:

    NBC is still the most biased tv network. They changed their peacock logo’s color to green to honor Solyndra and government subsidies. Their in bed with Obama. Their “more colorful” slogan has nothing to do with graphics. It’s all about racism.

    1. inlklnre says:

      Yeah, I was watching the office and NBC kept playing EDF (environmental defense fund) public service annoucements.  IF NBC keeps promoting extremist environmental groups, I won’t be watching much longer.

      1. Anonymous says:

        You mean you still are?

  150. Get Smart RNC says:

    Honestly, as a lifelong Republican, I cannot understand why the Party let’s CBS, PBS, NBC, CNN, NBC, or MSNBC have anything to do with the debates.  They should all be on Fox News because Fox News is the only channel that dosen’t have a bias against Republicans.  The other networks love nothing more than to make Republicans look stupid, which isn’t really difficult with the loser candidates we have.

  151. Don”t you just love these rich people deciding who is going to be your next President. Isn’t it great living in a society that has dishonest media lying to you everyday. Wow, these are the days my friend when war is peace, TSA fondling your children is accepted and by George, Christians want to kill women and children. Yep, this is the New USA that we all deserve, according to the media. I don’t like Bachman, I support Ron Paul, but both of these people deserve to speak and be heard. I will be the decider, not CBS.

  152. jnich753 says:

    of course, the CBS ‘eye’ is promoting the Bilderberg Group New World Order RINO candidate Jon Huntsman, was there ever any doubt? Huntsman will sellout our country, on that you can be 100% confident, Huntsman MUST be stopped, even as veep

  153. Nightsong22 says:

    CBS is so biased and is even more increasingly as time goes on.  Same thing with CNN,  and so on.  And, I thought Pelli or whatever his name is was horrific and could use some direction in tact and manner.

  154. Anonymous says:

    The reality seems to be that the media does not want a free country. You cannot have a free republic with a dishonest & biased media. We have an egregiously dishonest and biased media. Ergo – the media would prefer Stalinist USSR to a free America. No other logical conclusion can be drawn. It’s pretty simple.

    They dissed Bachmann & gave more time to that joke 1%Huntsman than to Paul. I’m not a Paul supporter, but fair is fair & the media is not.

  155. Nightsong says:

    Ms. Bachmann, I for one am very proud of you,  not just for this, but for all you stand for and your manner in doing so.  You are a great lady.

  156. Mike Rogers says:

    Don’t forget that the bad strategy of the campaign, it’s poor handling of its NH staff, and the unhinged behavior discussed here all stem from Bachmann becoming smitten with Keith “PotatoE” Nahigian during the pre-Ames bus tours of Iowa.
    Showing incredibly bad judgement, Bachmann surrounded herself with yes people, and thus lost touch with reality.

  157. Biz Duck says:

    The guy is probably gay, and since Bachmann hates gays, they probably hates her. It’s called blowback.

  158. pa says:

    CBS will play every dirty trick in the book to re-elect their boy, Obama.   The total corruption and disgrace of the media is evident to anyone with eyes and ears.  I NEVER watch or listen to CBS.  Lies, distortions, in the bag for any Democrat, deeply unfair to any Republican.  And is there any thinking person out there who believes the leftist American media is honest?

    1. Nightsong says:

      yes, and why??? do they want to re-elect their boy,  why?

  159. Real Rick says:

    CBS playing dirty? NO! Can’t be!!!

  160. Anonymous says:

    The discrimination and defamation lawsuit by Michele Bachmann should be coming since she has  evidence.   The congressional over- sight committee should investigate this charge and pull CBS’s liscense to operate in the  United States and leavy a massive fine of 100 billion dollars as a warning to others that want to follow in the discrimination of free speech cases.

  161. Anonymous says:

    Sad debate and poorly ran and questioned. very little rebuttal and debating. 

  162. RE:  “A CBS spokesperson sent a statement to CNN saying the email was ‘a candid exchange about the reality of the circumstances–Bachmann remains at 4% in the polls,’ ”

    If that is their response, then what. pray tell, is their official excuse for giving even less time to Dr. Paul who has consistently polled between 8 and 12% (and growing)?  And at a “national security” debate?  I mean seriously, with the exception of some of Hunstman’s statements, Paul is the only one offering a different view on things.  And isn’t that what a DEBATE is supposed to be, different sides making their cases?

    You want to make it interesting and legitimate?  Try putting Huntsman, Paul, and Gary Johnson on one side of the stage, and all the rest on the other and then alternate back and forth.  Response and Rebuttal.  Point and Counterpoint.  Now that would be a debate worth watching.  It would also get amazing viewership (are you taking notes, news media?).  It would even provide an actual public service.

    Then you could do the same thing on economics, in which case you put Paul, Santorum and Bachmann on one side explaining why TARP and the bailouts was wrong, and all the rest on the other side defending their support for TARP and the bailouts.

    Then you do one on immigration and try to find distinctions there.

    Then you do one on social issues and make the distinctions there.

    What you’re currently doing are not debates.  I’m not really sure what they are . . . a reality modeling show?, political exhibitionism?  C’mon guys, give us what we really want.  Think of the advertising dollars?

  163. Bill says:

    I wonder as well why the GOP allow their debates to be moderated and aired by the Left media.

    I never watch CBS news, (don’t want my brain to freeze) but I had to, if I wanted to see the debate.   You could clearly see  the stupid grin moderator Major Garret had when asking questions,  and enjoying the opportunity to try to get “gotcha answers’  from the candidates. In addition he had a tantrum when Michelle Bachmann  tried to add to a response from another candidate,  while allowing others to do so….What a joke!

  164. Dubya88 says:

    Huntsman…undercover RINO still working for big boss man Obama.

  165. TruthDetector says:

    Dan ‘Memogate’ Rather still calling CBS’ shots…

  166. Ned says:

    This is what happens when the media – who are no friend of Republicans in general (let alone any conservative in particular) are given the whip-hand in these debates.  They should be party-sponsored events, with the media bidding for the opportunity to broadcast (but not run) them. 

    Once the media was “officially” unbiased and tried to look that way; no longer.  NBC is an arm of the Committee to Re-Elect Obama, and CBS is hardly better.  Don’t even get me started on CNN …

    Ned Barnett
    Republican Party Communications Director – Nevada & Clark County (Las Vegas), 2010

  167. t-bone says:

    The “BIG 3”? Romney, Perry and Cain. Sadly the best of conservatism is again misrepresented. The media sadly ignores Michelle because she’s the best representative of the right.

  168. those that will not delete the closing of federal reserve, bringing our troops home, deleteing 23 million federal employees from the rolls of welfare, could not possibly care about several of the candidates presence during a debate! from doing business here in america are certainly not going to fair and balanced in anything they do! the list of candidates was not to include any persons except who they want to be president! in other words the election was rigged before it started so what else is new! 

  169. I thought i was fighting for our nations  freedom in the united states but later found I was fighting for theirs ( the elite to command the world) it is too late to save them for they know not what they do!

  170. there are many fine answers to the delimea we face as citizens just trying vote or communicate about what is important to us, however none of those who stole elections by fraud care too hear those points, welcome to america! we can change our destiny or keep spitting into the wind it up to you!

  171. doug maurstad says:

    all blow and no fluff

    quit trying to outdo the other guy and be yourself
    you will win it

  172. Anonymous says:

    This is normal prep, but would CBS do this if they preferred the candidate. The answer is no because they are part of the left-wing political machine. CBS is radical left-wing biased as hell. Shouldn’t be hard to come up with something better than this.

  173. Anonymous says:

    CBS~ so very bias and Scott Pelly was showing his anal retentiveness at the debate, cutting everyone off and obviously loving it. The candidate would just get going and he would say time , time , time….ridiculous. The only reason I watched that channel was to see the debate, otherwise I never take anything they have to say seriously~ EVER

  174. Kelvin3987 says:

    Very funny !

  175. Jeelbear says:

    Yes, CBS is biased as evidenced by what they tried to do to Bush.  However, Michelle really should’ve dropped out by now.  I probably would’ve emailed the same thing.  Claming bias every time you’re ignored is a bit like claiming racism everytime someone disagrees with Obama.  Chill out, Michelle, you’re making us look bad.

  176. We (the conservatives) are once again letting the media choose our candidate.
    They also choose the liberal (although with virtually no scrutiny whatsoever.)
    Why we allow this has long been a mystery to me. It could be the Republican leaders are nothing but Dem-lite.

  177. e_z says:

    Debates? These are free media exposure festivals.

  178. Anonymous says:

    loaded questions are not a bad thing.. good practice
    Obomo has no record to run on, when we get into the election the biased media will stop at nothing helping the failure n chief . Might as well get in the practice cause they will need it.
    It will also help with the voters/independents as people are not as dumb as the dems, unions and media hope they are. elitists always think they are smarter than the population and ultimately its will be thier downfall. Obomo looses by 7%

  179. Anonymous says:

    the media builds the perception ( or lack of ), then says the person is not popular enough to get the exposure. 

  180. rowley says:

    All the media, even Fox, are trying to chose the Candidate to run against Demos with a  left wing or mushy middle  ideology.

  181. Anonymous says:

    Hey, sometimes the truth hurts.  The person who needs their butt slapped here is Carolyn Horn for Cc:n an “outside” party on an internal communication.  First offense, butt slap, second offense, go find a new job!

  182. Anonymous says:

    Regardless of the victim here, the media wants Romney, just like they wanted/chose McCain; I think this cycle Americans see through the biased BS! 

  183. Anonymous says:

    How many times does cbs have to offer Proof of Bias….before it is just accepted…Yea cbs is biased and they will be as long as any one tunes them in…the Good news…each day fewer people accept anything cbs has to say about anything…

  184. Anonymous says:

    I have to ask what CBS and the rest of the so called main stream media have to gain in promoting Obama so blatantly and trying to put the Republican candidates in a bad light and the only thing I can come up with is that there is some sort of collusion going on between them and the White House/Democrats.  Why?  Is there a monetary gain for them?  Are there FCC ruling they seek in their favor?  This isn’t being done for nothing and it needs to be investigated.
    Heaven knows, their ratings and viewership are already down and sinking, so wouldn’t you think they would understand that American don’t like what they’re pushing? 
    Americans do not like to be treated as though they are stupid (reality shows notwithstanding) and I think in the end, they’re making the wrong calculation.  I hope it will be their downfall.
    As to the Presidential debate (I understand Obama will ‘allow’ only one, it’s critically important as to who runs it and who moderates it.  It must be someone who will not play favoritism on either side. 
    And Obama must be checked to see if he is wearing a wire or a hidden communication device.  So, too, the other candidate, but most importantly, Obama because his cheating and fraud are the stuff of legend.

  185. Dave Johnson says:

    What a non-story.  This is not evidence of bias on the part of CBS.  It’s evidence that they’re interested in having a show that draws viewers.  The reaction and language used by the Bachmann campaign representatives belies a desperation that makes them think this email is news

  186. Marni says:

    Michele Bachmann will surprise everyone as she does well in January primaries in 2012.  In all her appearances and informal interviews, she has yet to stutter.  The stutter-in-chief of this Republican primary is Mitt Romney!  In informal interviews his stuttering is on display full time. Since not one vote has been cast, stop letting the media try to pick our candidate. Go Michele!

  187. Crotch says:

    Hey – whoever runs this site – whaddyasay we eliminate toilet language of an excrementious nature from our news writing?  I think naughty words of that sort show something of a just-learned-to-swear school kid mentality.

  188. JOe Dutra says:

    Not only is he biased, but he appears to be somewhat illiterate. 

  189. Sparky2 says:

    Michele….did you forget, you are an attractive female conservative, as was Sarah Palin.  Democrats (media) feel they own the women vote in the same way they own the black vote.  You are steering off their ‘plantation’ and expect you will either be vilified (as in Sarah) or minimized as they are doing to you.  It comes with the territory.

  190. Martin Bauer says:

    why should anyone want to interview a profoundly ignorant 14 year old….she a sad joke on the american people

  191. It_begins says:

    What?  CBS is biased?

  192. Seriously, why does the GOP even bother with debates that are moderated by the liberal media?  The entire process should be FOX News exclusive.

  193. Is CBS biased?

    Does the sun rise in the east?

  194. Sid says:

    As a Bachmann supporter from the time she announced, I can tell you that this may be the ONLY thing her campaign management has been correct about.  But, instead of complaining about the obvious, they should advise and prepare the candidate for the election process properly.  They have been running a general election strategy since day one. Instead, they should have been running a campaign for the Republican Nomination, i.e. Newt’s.

  195. Wouldnt says:

    Republicans should never appear on the enemy media – CBS, CNN, NBC, ABC, MSLSD, etc.

  196. Anonymous says:

    This is the danger of going into enemy territory (i.e. lame stream media) to have all these debates.  The Republicans are going to let the media pick their candidate.

  197. Anonymous says:

    I don’t understand why a conservative running for such a serious position would want to subject themselves to the “romper room” antics of these so-called “news organizations”.

  198. mike says:

    Well the point is that you cant interview every single candidate postr show in these web shows, so they chose not to interview her  because her poll numbers are not that great.  I dont see how thats a big deal.  What are they going to do have all 8 candidates getting interviewed?   Making an issue where there isnt one

  199. Anonymous says:

    There is not one person who has posted here that would want to be stuck with the Bachman interview after the debate. She has shown herself to be out of contention. CBS may or may not be biased, so what, but that has exactly zero to do with Bachman being out of contention and a non story.

  200. action says:

    Here is a perfect example of a class action lawsuit that the American voters should file against the media for voting disenfranchisement……

  201. Kellic says:

    How about Al-Jazera ? Could they host one or are they waiting for the Obama debates.

  202. Kja says:

    I would rather hear from Michele than the other candidates that we already heard from in the debate. Why is the media trying to suppress her conservative voice? R they afraid people will llike her? Anything to do w Soros $?

  203. I hope American voters will once and for all show the media that they’re not in charge, and we’ll see Ron Paul win by a landslide.

  204. David Wendell says:

    Didn’t have to even read the article. CBS News biased ? Duh …………………………. They’ve been biased towards the Democratic party for many decades. A proven fact – 80 % of main stream media “journalists” are registered democrats. Do you think it shows in their “reporting” ? Once again – duh ……………………………… Fox news and talk radio are slowly taking back the conversation after over 30 years of one-sided “reporting”.

  205. DJH says:

    That CBS is biased is not news, nor is it a new concept. Every single poll has shown the American people KNOW the media is biased toward the dems in general, and barry specifically. I do however get a kick of the silly twits trying to defend themselves and their ‘profession’.

    The utter lack of professionalism, no adherence to ‘journalistic’ ethics, wholly devoid of integrity and a flawed, superficial character are the hallmarks of the so called ‘journalists’ in the msm – but bachmann has far too many self inflicted wounds for this to sound like much more than petty whining from her camp.

    Does anyone remember the halfwit blond bubble head cnn sent out to argue with protestors on behalf of barry’s greatness early in the TP movement – before they were collectively referred to as the ‘Tea Party’?
    That was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen and cnn, along with the dumb blond, showed their skirts and knickers for all to see – but they can’t figure out why no one is watching them and why they have no credibility with the general public??????

    Honestly, if they weren’t capable of inflicting great harm on our republic by way of deceiving the mindless sheep who still defer to these clowns for ‘news’ their bias would be hilarious to sit back and watch – certainly better than any of the stupid shows the hollywood/msm brain trust seems to shovel into your cable box. If you already know the details and real facts it is extremely entertaining watching them try to talk around reality and ‘deliver news’ whose only tie to reality is the names in the story.

  206. think. says:

    who still thinks we live in a democracy ?

  207. Marnie says:

    Surprise!, Surprise! CBS is BIAS!!!!!!!!!!     So what is new about or the rest of the Main Stream Media! And sadly ill informed on wht they report. 
     I think a lot of ill informed and bias started when REPORTERS  started calling themselves JOURNALIST.

  208. FM says:

    Poor Bachmann, everyone is picking on her.   This debate was co-sponsored by the South Carolina Republican party who responded to the contention that Bachmann didn’t get enough airtime:

    “The SCGOP had no input on how questions were developed or to whom they
    were addressed. Congresswoman Bachmann seemed to receive a fair number
    questions, and had ample opportunities to answer.”

    Its not bias!  if you’re polling in 6th place you’re likely to get less questions!

  209. Anonymous says:

    The more Scott Pelley was humiliated by Newt, the more he tried to take it out on Bachmann.  Pelley succeeded Couric at CBS Evening News, but even Couric (the one that lost her job for asking condescending, biased questions) succeeded Pelley in looking objective by comparison.

    “Uninformed, out of touch or irresponsible?”  The new standard for the Left wing media.

  210. fortunamajor says:

    This is just so sad. The media says that they report on who the American people want as their GOP candidate, but we know THEY want to pick the nominee!

    They should drop and allow the SAME amount of questions to each candidate. They should mix where the candidates should be positioned during the debates!

    They should stop pitting Romney against Perry in hopes of showing Romney looking good and polished.

    If one isn’t Mitt Romney (they are just for the time being), allowing them to ride on the wagon for just a little bit untill they decide to get off.

    The snobby media believes that these candidates, Cain, Bachman, Paul, or Santorum are just entertainment pieces in the debate process. Not one of these people are to be considered seriously out of this bunch.

    The founding fathers would be aghast that, according to the media elites in Washington and NY, that ANYONE being over the age of 35 to run for the presidency isn’t enough. The truth is that one doesn’t have to have a progressive record or be a graduate of Harvard or Yale.

  211. Anonymous says:

    The network of “false but true” marches on with out punishment.  Maybe somme of their dope reporters will win a Peabody for their propganda, err, reporting!

  212. Cathy says:

    When are the GOP candidates going to learn that the “state run media” is grossly biased, corrupt and can’t be trusted.  More and more people are learning that the network media’s credibility is in the toilet.

  213. Allene Giles says:

    How many more years are we going to allow the liberal media to choose their hand-picked Republican candidate for us to be excited about???They only choose the one to pump up that they think the Democrat is most likely to defeat!!!

  214. Steve Jackson says:

    ummm…there was nothing the CBS guy said that wasn’t true. The truth is hard to hear sometimes. Bachmann is running for a low level sub cabinet post at this point.

  215. STOP THE INSANITY !!     This “debate” system for the GOP arranged by the media is like having Adolf Hitler plan your Bar Mitzvah.  The only winner is President Obama and the Democratic Party.    The GOP has allowed this to go on long enough.    Does everybody realize there are another THIRTY DEBATES PLANNED??????????????       THIRTY MORE DEBATES?????     Why can’t anybody make them stop??   If your congressman or senator is Republican then CALL THEM.     Then call the party in your state and the national party.    MAKE THEM STOP.  

    1. Tony says:

      Hank Jr. is that you?

  216. Dan from Alabama says:

    Awwww!!! Poor wittle Michele is crying because CBS won’t give her the same airtime as serious candidates. I would give her a sympathy lilipop if she were standing next to me. Could it be, wittle Michele, that after you won that Iowa straw poll you are so proud of, you failed to build on it by (wait for it) saying intelligent and productive things and fact checking statements before making them. Could it be that instead, you acted like a bigger buffoon than before and turned off even the TEA Party? And now you are at the bottom of the heap? I didn’t like you at the start of this race and you have done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to convince me otherwise. This rant of yours at CBS news makes me and many other americans shudder to think of how you would behave as president if you didn’t get your way. Obama, the man you keep slinging mud at, has had to deal with this from day 1 of his administration and he is carrying himself with more class than you could ever muster. You will not win the nomination and certainly not the election. I hope those simpletons in your district finally realize what a joke you are and vote someone into your seat who is more about representing their constituents than about putting on shows and grandstanding.

  217. Carlkparsons says:

    Does not matter; Romney has NEVER polled over 25%. Once 5 or 6 others drop out of the race, Romney will be toast. He’s been in the race the longest and has never gotten anything but a quarter of the Republican base.

  218. g says:

    Thank you, Dr Clueless.

  219. TheRealKingMax says:

    As I have said previously…

    You are an azzclown.

  220. Listen Dr., you would not understand what they are saying, even if you did listen to them.

  221. RJPTrip says:

    Bravo for speaking the truth — lame candidates giving lame performances is not the fault of the media

    The Republicans have been given the chance to applaud a man accused of sexual harassment, boo an out gay Military man, applaud the killing someone whose guilt was in question … and I forget the rest.

    A nasty group of people supporting lame candidates.
    Obama 2012

  222. Anonymous says:


  223. Michaelmak says:

    Wow, one whole interview!!…real scrutiny!

  224. Are you confused?  We’re talking about Michelle Bachmann, NOT Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.

  225. Davis Wentmer says:

    The REAL reason Palin is hated. She didn’t murder (abort) her son.

  226. fortunamajor says:

    Think of it this way RJ – If we didn’t have Fox News and this president got rid of talk radio, we would be so ignorant of common sense and truth.

    Is it any wonder why the liberals hate conservative radio? Why? Because if a person sees the “light” of truth, then they cannot have power of that person.

    They cannot control that person and that is what progressives want.

    If you control the message, you control them. That’s why this president is so dangerous to our republic.

    Tell me, when was the last time a U.S. President tried to tell people what news channel to listen to before Obama? Answer: NONE.

  227. fortunamajor says:

    RJ – the debates have been a good system for weeding out the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate. But, many of the questions on MSNBC and CNN for example would never have come up during a democrat party debate and certainly, not to this current president.

    The sexual harrassment accusations is a political ploy, I think from Axelrod’s doing to bring down a black conservative. His history of doing so in Chicago makes it more than a coincidence. As we’ve seen from 2 of the 4, both women have shaky backgrounds and monetary gain.

    The boos made at that one debate, did not go to the man for being gay, it was the question itself! I know that’s so hard for you to comprehend, but it’s the truth.

    “killing someone whose guilt was in question”……………not sure what you’re talking about. The death penalty, perhaps? If you do the crime, you do the time. Funny, the progressives give more time to save the life of a criminal and give very little time for a baby.

  228. RJPTrip says:

    Response – J Many of the questions on MSNBC and CNN for example would never have come up during a democrat party debate and certainly, not to this current president === TALKING POINT what is an example of a question that would not have been asked of other political candidates?The sexual harrassment accusations is a political ploy, I think from Axelrod’s doing to bring down a black conservative.  MORE RIGHT WING TALKING POINT – these woman have not come forward in a coordinated fashion, and it has been reported that this was from another Republican’s camp. Either way — Herman Cain has settled more than one sexual harassment case in his past. How many have you filed against you?Why a trend? You are happy to denigrate woman who filed suit – because it suits your needs – and is vile and disgusting behavior. Did you say the same thing about Paula Jones being a gold digger?As we’ve seen from 2 of the 4, both women have shaky backgrounds and monetary gain = PURE BS BASED ON RIGHT WING SLANDERThe boos made at that one debate, did not go to the man for being gay, it was the question itself! I know that’s so hard for you to comprehend, but it’s the truth.   TRY NOT TO BE OBNOXIOUS – it was wrong to boo the man or the question. Straight Supremacy is over get used to it. Self Serving Financial Bigotry is not cool.”killing someone whose guilt was in question”……………not sure what you’re talking about. The death penalty, perhaps? If you do the crime, you do the time. Funny, the progressives give more time to save the life of a criminal and give very little time for a baby.  HERE IS SOME KNOWLEDGE FOR YOU — Every single progressive I know would counsel a friend or family to not get an abortion – as the fetus will grow into the womans CHILD. But we do believe each individual must be allowed to make that choice on their own for this to be a country where a woman has control of her own body.    Not for the Death Penalty because too many people are killed in error (yes just one is too many – how would YOU like to be put to death for a crime you did not commit?)(A fertalized egg is not a person yet by law or  reality. You and I most likely would agree on lowering the term limits for abortion.)

  229. RJPTrip says:

    First off Fox News and Conservative Radio is NOTHING more in many cases than Yellow Journalism and Far Right Wing Lies and Propoganda.

    You disclose yourself as a DUPE being played by Billionaires when you expose yourself as a fan of Fox News “truth”. In other words most people correctly laugh at you as one of the dumb people in society who think they have the answer = but really are only being PLAYED by rich folk (way richer than you).

    The President of course has NEVER said to get rid of talk radio – he did not even support returning to the equal time rule (you know that is when people on the take from rich right wing people get to be on the radio – to help dupes like you wake up).

    I am sure there times when a good President advised someone not to listen to yellow journalism in the past – and that is all Fox News is.

    Boy you Drudge readers are DUMB DUMB DUMB — that is how the rich keep getting your vote to keep their paid flacky politicians in power to ruin the middle class.


  230. Dan from Alabama says:

    No, but she does murder wild life for no reason but kicks, she does want to force rape victims to pay the police to pursue the rapist AND force those rape victims to have the rapist’s babies. She also complains about the current administration without offering any solutions of her own and spreads rumors (death panels) to slander her opposition. That and many other reasons are why the little skank is hated.