Bitberries! Bitcoiner Uses Heat From Mining to Dry Strawberries

couh4h Bitberries! Bitcoiner Uses Heat From Mining to Dry StrawberriesOne Canadian bitcoiner has figured out how to make the wasted electricity produced by bitcoin mining slightly less wasteful by using it to dehydrate strawberries (organic ones!). The anonymous Bitcoiner lives in Western Canada, and, according to a friend posting on Reddit, the town is fired up about the e-currency. “You likely will be able to use bitcoins most places in town by late spring (local pub, grocery, computer shop, bed and breakfest [sic] already on board),” says the friend, posting under the handle freeborn.

The strawberries are apparently sold at the local grocery store and can be paid for with bitcoin; the back of the package says: “These berries were produced using filtered, recycled heat produced by computers that perpetuate Bitcoin: the world’s first alternative, decentralized currency.”

The bitberries are not available online, but the strawberry farmer is looking into ways to put up an online storefront. Golden berries and goji berries are also available for bitcoin.

The berry on top? The mining rig runs on hydropower, freeborn says.