Black Friday Shoppers Take Their Barricade Busting Cues from Occupy Wall Street

Yesterday, the photo on the front page of the print edition of The New York Times showed some people sitting in tents outside a Best Buy in Texas. Without the helpful caption explaining that these occupiers were there to shop and not to protest, this could have easily been perceived as an anti-consumerism sit-in. But that would have gotten everyone pepper-sprayed.

But wait, no: the shoppers got pepper-sprayed for shopping! “Shopper pepper sprays crowd to get deal,” reports the Daily News, of aggressive shopping tactics deployed by a shopper at a Wal-Mart in Los Angeles.

Then there was the news this morning that shoppers were so willing to take direct action to occupy a Hollister store in SoHo and register their disgust with private property that they decided to “redistribute” the Christmas goods.

Meanwhile, down at Zuccotti, Occupiers have organized a read-in starting at noon, “to exercise our right to read and share books in public spaces.” They will be reading “silently and peacefully” for one hour. Another possible tactic for shoppers to get the best deal: not buy anything?