Bloomberg Spokesperson Admits Arresting Credentialed Reporters, Reading The Awl

stuloeserawlreader Bloomberg Spokesperson Admits Arresting Credentialed Reporters, Reading The Awl

Stu Loeser

Stu Loeser, Mayor Bloomberg’s spokesperson, just sent out a note regarding an Awl report listing the names of reporters arrested during the Occupy Wall Street protests. In the email, reprinted below, he goes on the attack, noting that only 5 of the 26 reporters arrested are credentialed by the city, almost as if to distinguish between the rights of credentialed and non-credentialed reporters.

And who were the actual, real, card-carrying, government certified reporters arrested? AP reporter Julie Walker and Patrick Hedlund from DNA Info were both issued Desk Appearance Tickets for Disorderly Conduct, while Paul Lomax of DNA Info and Karen Matthews and Seth Wenig, both of the AP, had their arrests for trespassing voided.

Full memo after the jump. Do enjoy, and, don’t forget: Bloomberg’s spokesperson reads The Awl. Be less stupid:


To:       Interested Parties
From:   Stu Loeser
Re:       Just 5 of the “26 arrested reporters” are actually credentialed reporters
Date:    Thursday, November 17, 2011

Like all of you, I’ve heard and read many reports of reporters who supposedly were wearing valid NYPD press credentials, yet allegedly encountered problems on the streets of New York. Like some of you, I had those stories in mind when I read The Awls’ rundown of “The 25 26 Arrested Reporters and What They Do.”  (In case you missed it, that piece, that piece is linked here.)

Not being familiar with many of the media outlets for which The Awl says these reporters work, I had the list of “26 arrested reporters” checked against the roster of reporters who hold valid NYPD press passes.

You can imagine my surprise when we found that only five of the 26 arrested reporters actually have valid NYPD-issued press credentials. Note that we didn’t check – and don’t really care for the sake of this exercise – if the reporter’s credential lists the media outlet for which he or she currently works.

One more thing. Of the five reporters with valid press credentials who were arrested, three were arrested for trespassing and had their arrest voided. As the Associated Press and others reported, there’s no doubt that these personnel – and others – were in fact trespassing.  There’s no question that protesters sliced open a chain link fence and tried to take over private property.

This report was published by the AP:

“Reporter Karen Matthews and photographer Seth Wenig of The Associated Press in New York were taken into custody along with about eight other people after they followed protesters through an opening in a chain-link fence into a park, according to an AP reporter and other witnesses. Matthew Lysiak of the Daily News of New York was also arrested at the park, according to witnesses and the Daily News.”

Thanks for taking the time to read this.


picture 22 e1321580078338 Bloomberg Spokesperson Admits Arresting Credentialed Reporters, Reading The Awl

Update 9:59 p.m. Stu Loeser responded to our post from his @stuloeser Twitter account (and also made some very helpful copy editing suggestions!).

Also, @Megan, it’s not “AS IF” I’m distinguishing btw “credentials and non-credentialed reporters” (sic), that’s exactly what I am doing

& @megan, you don’t have a press pass; that’s your option. But why should some random NYPD take your word that you’re press?

As a point of reference, the eligibility guidelines for NYC Press Credentials include:

Applicants must be a member of the media who covers, in person, emergency, spot or breaking news events and/or public events of a non-emergency nature, where police, fire lines or other restrictions, limitations, or barriers established by the City of New York have been set up for security or crowd control purposes, within the City of New York; or covers, in person, events sponsored by the City of New York which are open to members of the press.

Applicants also must submit one or more articles, commentaries, books, photographs, videos, films or audios published or broadcast within the twenty–four (24) months immediately preceding the Press Card application, sufficient to show that the applicant covered in person six (6) or more events occurring on separate days .



  1. Susie Madrak says:

    So the implication is that there’s something shady going on when a media outlet which wants to cover Occupy events doesn’t apply for local press credentials? Sorry, Stu. I’m not buying it. 

    1. Ed Cates says:

      If they’re going to insist journalists go through the application process (seriously, apply for a permit to cover the PD? Unamerican much?), could they at least clear any future events/crises/authoritarian paramilitary exercises with those journalists’ schedules?

      Wouldn’t want to go to all the trouble of getting an “Super Ironic Free Press Permit” and then miss out on a big story, would we?

  2. cnawan says:

    Most reporters worth their salt wouldn’t want your ‘NYPD Press Credentials’ because, guess what? It would effectively make them NYPD Press.

    Giving control over the flow of information to a paramilitary group with demonstratably selective interpretation of the rule of law (do you honor Temporary Restraining Orders signed by a Judge or not?) is a recipe for a poorly informed populace and a weaker democracy.

    1. Ed Cates says:

      But it’s great for the Plutarchy!

  3. Stu, you’re a deush bag!!!

  4. Bob Poll says:

    I would think that someone like Mike Bloomberg, who owns the largest news media operation, would have an appreciation for the more effective parallel media that is currently operating.  To not respect or even be aware of there importance as an information source is shameful, particularly if you  are a media baron/mayor or his spokesperson.

  5. Tracy Frank says:

    Sooo, he’s saying that in order to NOT be arrested, you must possess one of these “get out of jail free” cards though even when you’ve jumped through their hoops and manage to get one, you’re gonna be arrested anyhow? Smell that? It’s the smell of victory.Victory for the movement and victory for the journalists when they take this administration to court. And I hope you guys do…

    1. Shay says:

      And yes, He  is going Dooooown. Just like I told him he would. I have a new name for him and his minions. Hitler Bloodberg and his Neo Nazi minions. Did it not remind you of that? =) In a way =)=)

  6. Robinsrehab says:

    … And why am I even posting to a guy named *STU LOOSER*?   Is that a real name?  Naaa… thats a Stage Name right?  Stu Construction is short for STUPID Construction where I come from. REALLY?

    1. Shayzzwayzz007 says:

      hahaha ^5.   Sorry, that was funny.

  7. Stu Loeser (proper spelling ‘Loser’), the Bloomberg
    Administration’s Joseph Goebbels or Baghdad Bob is spinning for the good work
    of  The NYPD –New York Paramilitary Department. You see its very
    necessary for security to arrest and assault little girls who look like they
    are living on the Ramen Noodle Diet because Der Fuehrer vould not vant any
    objectionable reports to leak out from Zucotti
    Park. The NYPD’s air
    support already denies media helicopters rights over the air space downtown. So to make Der Fuehrer happy we must certainly clamp down on these pesky reporters who dare reveal de plans.

    1. Thebes says:

      Bloomberg “made” $2.4 billion from 2008-2010.
      When most of use “make” money it ends up reported as income on our taxes. We don’t have a vast supply of ever-increasing wealth outside of our dollars and our paltry retirements.
      In 2010 Bloomberg paid $500,000 in Federal Income tax.

      While many of the 1% cry about paying all the taxes, we can see Bloomberg ONLY paid around 0.05% on what HE made. Much less than the typical Taco Bell night shift worker with no kids.

  8. JosephBroz says:

    Straw man here.  The cops arrested several of the
    reporters for trespassing after they followed protestors who cut a hole in a
    fence.  So where do we draw the line between ‘reporting’ and ‘committing a
    crime’? If reporters accompanied 3 burglars into a jewelry store in the middle
    of the night, just so they could write about it, are they reporters or criminal
    accomplices? Are the cops then required to make judgment calls of who is what
    when they eyewitness a criminal act?  And believe me I can’t stand the
    cops…just sayin.

  9. Badguest says:

    This statement by Stu seems a bit ingeniousness. Given that reporters and photographers often travel TO news events to cover the story. Does this mean that journalists from around the world, or, outside NYC are no longer allowed to cover news in the city?

  10. Thebes says:

    The government doesn’t “certify” reporters.
    Some governments issue ID cards to some media so that their officers and officials can tell their department knows who the reporter is.
    Most “media credentials” are simply issued by the employer or agency the reporter works with. You could make your own for your blog.


  12. CherylBryant says:

    Destroying books. Smashing laptops. Arresting  journalist without the proper “papers”. Propaganda flowing out from politicians mouths that, “There were just not that many people out here,” when thousands are protesting. Sounds like some kind of oppressive dictatorship not what I have been taught to love about our American values.

  13. Connerjoseph31 says:

    Wow so the media can only go where the police allow them now? Stu, are your goals to protect Heavily armed police forces or the innocent, vulnerable press?  To say YOU MUST HAVE A  PRESS PASS orYOU WILL BE BRUTALLY ARRESTED, is again a violation of our Constitutional rights.  But I forgot, New York doesn’t need a constitution, it has  Wall Street and plenty of Thugs to protect the banksters who are, to this day, getting away with the Largest Thievery Ring  in our World History!!!!  May God Bless all who oppose these Globalist scum.  

  14. Bob says:

    Sadly, it is becoming very clear who actually “to serve and protect” is focused on, the status quo, the 1%.

  15. The important question here is why the NYPD is allowed to determine who is a reporter. The credential process could easily be managed through journalist organizations.

  16. The NYPD should not be determining who is a reporter and who is not. The credentialing process could be handled by journalists’ organizations.

  17. What’s really funny is that many of the press arrests listed didn’t even take place in New York.  Does Stew Looser really think all reporters in the USofA need to carry a press pass issued in NYC, or they aren’t really from the 4th estate?  Small wonder NYC’s spinning out.  With leadership like this…