Business Insider Introduces Novel Concept Of Food Hooking

holly golightly1 Business Insider Introduces Novel Concept Of Food Hooking

Dinner at Tiffanys

Scarlett O’Hara may have dramatically vowed to herself that she’d never go hungry again, but then again she didn’t live in the era of According to a Business Insider article today, a young woman in New York named Jessica Sporty used the dating service in order to save on her grocery bills. You see, men would buy her expensive meals and dinners, and in return, all she had to do was go on a date with them.

What a very novel transactional process.

From the “trend” piece:

Sporty went from easily spending $500 a month on dinners alone to having someone else dole out an average of $60-plus per night. She also stopped eating lunch and opted for a light breakfast to save even more.

According to our calculations, Sporty made over $1,200 a month. does require a $50 monthly subscription, but the dates more than made up for the entry price.

“I mean, a guy buys me three drinks at $15 a pop and that right there made up for my Match fee,” said Sporty…

Well first of all…she didn’t MAKE that money, she saved it. But the sad thing about this item isn’t the obvious and tired prostitution/Holly GoLightly comparison–hell, we all appreciate a free meal now and then–but how Ms. Sporty’s story is touted as some sort of frugal economic advice. You see, she and her roommates were very thorough about their dining expenses:

One of them called for making spreadsheets about each guy who took them out for their drinks and/or meals. It included names, photos and details from their accounts.

The girls also let each other know where they were going for the night. And they never let guys pick them up at their apartment and instead met up at a public location.

Spreadsheets? We didn’t think you could make trolling for guys to buy you dinner on the Internet could sound any more sleazy, but turning these men  into numbers on a spreadsheet is just sad. We guess you could call it a certain type of feminism: these men were just walking wallets to Ms. Sporty, but again, this isn’t a new archetype. Call it fool’s gold-digging…Ms. Sporty wasn’t looking for her sugar-daddy, just a dinner-daddy.
And no, we don’t feel any sympathy for someone who claims she can’t afford to eat dinner on her $45k salary while living in Murray Hill. Move to Brooklyn and buy yourself a hamburger, lady.
The story ends with Ms. Sporty getting “tired” of the scene and finding a boyfriend. We hope this guy’s a chef, for his own sake.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Her boyfriend must be a loser to continue seeing this skank.

    1. Detex says:

      If she was able to hide this from the 5 guys at a time I am betting he doesn’t know yet…

      What’s the difference between you and a mallard with a cold? One’s a
      sick duck and I can’t remember how it ends, but your mother’s a whore.

  2. Bob says:

    What goes around comes around !

  3. Pauleta says:

    rsrsrs, minerva is amazing :)

  4. Fernando Ribeiro Machado says:


    1. Ricardo says:


    2. Xxanta says:


    3. There are times I am ashamed to be Brazilian.

  5. Jana Teofilo says:

    If the guys invited her to dinner and she accepted not see any problem …

  6. Here in Brazil this is normal!

    1. Gigia says:

      Maybe this is normal for you, but I am sure this is NOT normal for mostly everyone else.

    2. Renato says:

      WTF? I am also Brazilian and this is definitely not normal here.

    3. Julio Lopes says:

      Teu cú. 

    4. adelio says:

      Você diz isso por que é apenas um idiota que gosta de falar mal do brasil, seja qual for a noticia você viria aqui dizer q no brasil isso é normal, larga de ser babaca, isso nunca foi normal aqui no brasil, para de ser puxa saco de estrangeiros seu idiota pq eles estão se fudendo para nós.. por isso q a imagem do brasileiro la fora é tão distorcida… eles acham q todos aqui são ignorantes e q nossas mulheres são todas vagabas quanto na verdade as mulheres aqui são muito mais puritanas q mulheres de vários outros países, vá na Alemanha, holanda, republica checa entre outros para você como a mulherada la é muito mais assanhada mas por idiotas como você quem tem a má fama  somos nós Brasileiros.. eita povinho q não se valoriza…

  7. Heberabispo says:

    mulher moderna e isso ai mesmo,eu nunca paguei nada pra mulher alguma na minha vida,nao tenho carro e apezar de ser “bombado”(faco jiu jitsu) e “boa pinta” ja levei muitos foras exatamente por me recusar a pagar para ter sexo.

  8. Jennie says:

    She was exchanging her time and energy for the dinners which you could argue represented her wage. The men didn’t understand the bargain, so it’s not really fair, but I don’t think this story is nearly as shocking as the fact that women still only make $.77 for every dollar that a man makes doing the same job.

    1. NCRaider says:

      Wow, talk about dragging totally unrelated and incorrect information into a topic…..

    2. Anonymous says:

      Women doing the same jobs as men make the same.  In fact, in many technical jobs women make more due to more advanced degrees.

      People producing studies of lifetime earnings and dividing that by total wages earned make fake statistics that do not take into account time off for having kids or raising kids or the differences between the DD work men do (dirty-dangerous like construction, mining, oil/gas drilling, welding, etc.) and the types of work women do.

    3. Philster7656 says:

      Woman porn stars make more than men porn stars, so yes, I agree that this is a travesty. 

    4. I am Querulous Yellow says:

      That .77 canard has been so completely refuted by experience.  Women are more highly educated and better compensated than men doing the same work.  You need to update your magazine subscriptions, or learn to use Google.

  9. David Traversa says:

    If those men she found are so… naive? or maybe so generous (could it also be that they expected something in return?) I think she only did the right thing for survival. Anybody will do it when hunger knocks at the door, read stories from previous wars and you’ll see what women (and men) did to get something to eat…

    1. dfg says:

      Survival? Hunger? Wars? Are you joking? She’s 23 and makes $45,000 a year. She sees men as good for one thing- supporting her. If any man is unfortunate enough to get involved with her he should know what he’s dealing with. She is no different that a man who sees a woman only as a life support system for a vagina.  

  10. Mark In FLorida says:

    5 dates? No one goes more than 3 dates these days without boffing, right? So she paid them back on at least 2 dates? Maybe all 5. Sounds okay. A hooker would have cost more than a dinner.

  11. Marcio says:

    Interesting. I think it is immoral, but it must be quite tiring.

  12. pren says:

    Wanna know what the really funny thing is?  All these girls are like this.  All of them.  That’s why only stupid homosexuals want to get married anymore. 

  13. Mathmajor says:

    Not sure who works in your “Math” department, but according to my calculations (and I am doing the math in my head here) Sporty is clearing on average $1,775.00 a month. Or are you assuming she only goes on dates on weeknights?

  14. Mathmajor says:

    I am sorry I just re-read your article and it is even better than that. Her savings is $2275 per month, she is getting $1775 per month in food and she was paying $500 before, assuming she doesn’t pay that $500 anymore she is saving $2275 per month. Not bad, her saving that is, not your math. Your math is still bad.

    1. Sheldon K says:

      Actually, Sporty earns $0 when she eats out.  The men who buy her dinner aren’t giving her any money, just food.  Her income hasn’t increased at all, she just avoids paying for more expensive food, and avoids grocery shopping.  If you’re given a gift, you income hasn’t increased.  The food is a gift to Sporty.  Therefore, Mathmajor, your math is incorrect, since your assumptions are false.  But I think you have a future in politics, where a reduction in projected spending is considered a “savings.”

  15. I am Querulous Yellow says:

    Nothing wrong with this at all — but then I would legalize prostitution.  This woman Sporty has probably missed her calling, or she is in the minors, so to speak, perfecting her craft before moving up to the big leagues and staffing an escort service or even marrying into Greenwich.  BTW, every yuppie female is a feminist, until the check comes or divorce papers are served.  Then they’re the vulnerable, weaker, fairer sex deserving of money and protection.  This used to bother me quite a bit (as illogical double standards will) until I realized I didn’t have to get married again, and buying some attractive woman dinner was a cheaper and safer way of getting some action.  (Well, this isn’t entirely true: some will do it for a few drinks.)  I’m not sure why these brilliant females don’t know that we know what they’re doing, however, or why they don’t dislike that aspect of themselves that barters food prepared by strangers, for sex with people whom they won’t remember.  

  16. Give it away, give it away, give it away now…

    If she put out, the guys won’t be complaining.

  17. C Paradis says:

    “We guess you could call it a certain type of feminism,” only if you had no idea what feminism is. Did Ms. Sporty call herself a feminist? There is nothing in this article to support the idea, only this throw-away phrase, which does nothing except feminism look like active man-hating rather than one part of humanism that seeks equality. Which is exactly what these women are not doing.