Call of Duty Sells $400M Worth of Violent Person-On-Person Killing Games In One Day, Further Confirming Scary Assumptions About Universe

2011 11 11t214657z 3 btre7aa1hbp00 rtroptp 3 tech us activisionblizzard original Call of Duty Sells $400M Worth of Violent Person On Person Killing Games In One Day, Further Confirming Scary Assumptions About UniverseNot that we’re usually covering video games or anything, but a software-related development worth noting: Activision/Blizzard’s hit series, Call of Duty—which simulates war, in pretty realistic detail—released their latest title Modern Warfare 3 yesterday. People went crazy for it. Literally, crazy.

Via Reuters:

Activision said in a statement on Friday its biggest holiday title had sold 6.5 million units, which breaks last year’s record of 5.6 million units, or $360 million in sales.

They also go on to mention that last year’s Call of Duty release made $1B in two months. Still not convinced about the whole crazy thing? In Denver, this happened:

Lomon Sar, 31, was angry Tuesday when Best Buy wouldn’t sell him a special “Hardened Edition” of “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3” at a midnight release event even though he had pre-purchased the game. “I put my hands up to my head and I’m like, ‘God, now I’m mad.’ I said, ‘I am so pissed right now I can blow this place up,'” Sar said. He now admits it was a “poor choice of words,” but says he didn’t mean it literally.

For some reason we get the feeling that if this were, say, Super Mario Sunshine, people wouldn’t have taken him as seriously. That said, this is a total realistic first-person war sim, and yet, Call of Duty isn’t nearly as peppered with the kind of parental outrage that accompanied games like DOOM, which is about battling the demons of hell, as opposed to humans of other nationalities, who we’ve, like, actually been to war with as a country.

As opposed to demons of hell, who we have yet to go to war with, officially speaking.

Basically, Call of Duty gets the culture-shaming pass because it’s thinly-disguised jingoism and propaganda as entertainment. They just sold $400M worth of this thing in one day.

Just sayin’.