Comedian Sues Kim Kardashian For Being the Worst

Photo via Rob Delaney

Rob Delaney is a prominent figure on the alt-comedy Twitter scene. He has an impressive 239,672 followers, and is oft-retweeted by no less impressive figures than Samantha Ronson, Mindy Kaling, and Juliette Lewis. Still, the comedian is inviting a world of pain with his latest stunt: suing Kim Kardashian (along with Ryan Seacrest, E!, and Comcast) for $18 million…the amount of income he claims she made off her wedding shows.

Why? Well, maybe a better question would be, “Why not?”

Though Mr. Delaney has told every media outlet available that he is serious about the lawsuit, he doesn’t have much legal ground to stand on. He doesn’t necessarily even have a logical leg to stand on, as became obvious during an interview with The Village Voice, where the comedian told Rosie Gray his reasoning behind suing a recent divorcee:

It’s egregious. If you’re going to get paid that much, you can stick it out for a little while longer. They have over 70 Kardashian shows; If they’re going to foist that on us and involve us in that commitment, if I’m a guest at their wedding, then they need to stick it out. Put in the time. It’s not like you have to live together, my God. Just fake it for us for a little bit.

He also plans to give the money, once he wins, to his “terrible” uncle. He doesn’t have a lawyer, but plans on representing himself and citizens of America in his suit. “I can’t change the law but I can aim the law at whomever I want,” he said, explaining what makes this country so great in just one sentence.

The only problem with this publicity stunt is it’s just that: a stunt. It’s a ploy to get more Twitter followers, or at least a tweet-back from Ms. Kardashian himself. When asked whether or not the reality star is even aware of her pending litigation, he shows his hand:

With the number of times that this has been mentioned on Twitter, it’s certainly possible that she’s aware of it…I’m a comedian so I know some celebrities, but I don’t know anybody at that level of incandescent godlike fame. So she hasn’t responded yet.

So what’s wrong with a faux-outraged one-sinded Twitter feud? Nothing, except Mr. Delaney’s insistence that this isn’t a joke, that he really plans on going through with the suit, because Ms. Kardashian’s income (along with E!’s complicity in the payout) really is that egregious. (Which, of course, it is.) He’s playing into the stupid media spin cycle of the story while pretending to stand outside of it and admonishing everyone for paying attention to the reality celebrity.

But this is the equivalent of Leno taking an opening monologue potshot at the 72-day marriage. It’s not like Mr. Delaney is trying to enact any real change…he’s not even going down to protest the 1% which Ms. Kardashian is definitely a part of. That wouldn’t sit well with his “celebrity friends.” He’s just trying to get more and more attention for himself with a fake/real civil suit. So And what is the end result of this?  That one day Mr. Delaney may have as many Twitter followers as Ms. Kardashian herself?

He better get to work: he still has 9,760,328 fans to win over.

Comedian Sues Kim Kardashian For Being the Worst