Daily News, 'Voice of the People,' Calls the 99% 'Obnoxious'

brawlstreet1 Daily News, 'Voice of the People,' Calls the 99% 'Obnoxious'As he was laying off reporters last week, Daily News CEO Bill Holiber praised the News’s long history as the paper of the 99%.

“Since 1919, the Daily News has served working-class families throughout all the communities of New York. For more than 90 years, we have been the voice of the people – celebrating our readers’ diversity, defending their interests, and protecting them from exploitation as we have worked to help them achieve the best-possible quality of life in New York.”

Unless, it appears, standing up to exploitation steps on the best-possible quality of life of the park-going residents of Lower Manhattan.

In an editorial published online today, the board wrote (via Alex Pareene):

Whose park? Not theirs. The ground is privately owned space dedicated to public use under a confused section of the zoning law. Never mind how the rules came into being, the important point is that the plaza is dedicated to broad use. It is supposed to be a place where workers can have lunch, where tourists can rest their feet, where kids can run around.

Later, it describes Occupy Wall Street demonstrations as “obnoxious” twice in two sentences!

Obnoxiously, they sang “We Shall Overcome” when the police moved in, as though holding onto this one plaza was analogous to integrating schools and lunch counters. What they need to overcome is a sense that they occupy a higher moral ground than everyone else and are entitled to the privilege of behaving obnoxiously.

Meanwhile, Daily News reporter Matthew Lysiak was arrested at the protest today, and has been liveblogging it intermittently on the paper’s website. He did not have a press pass on him, according to a News staff tweet.


  1. Valleycat28 says:

    The pic on the front page of today’s news, WOW, Thanksgiving, that’s what it’s all about.  A REAL hero.  God bless FDNY!!  Catherine Wankmuller, Valley Stream, NY

  2. Valleycat28 says:

    OWS, get a job!!!  And you know what, when you do you will be too tired and all you’ll want to do is go HOME and get some sleep.  A tent just won’t do it.  Too much time on your hands.  There are jobs out there, but you feel too good for them.  Waa waa waa!!!!  Don’t have much sympathy for you.  I’m a civil servant and thankful.  Certainly not making the big bucks, but thankful for what I have.  It’s called a ‘good work ethic’, which you do seem to have.

    1. Valleycat28 says:

      I blew it.  My last sentence about OWS, get a job, should’ve said, “you do NOT seem to have”.  Sorry for the faux pas.

  3. Valleycat28 says:

    I like him, but does anyone find it odd that Herman Cain refers to himself in the third peson?  A little weird.

  4. Valleycat28 says:

    I love this, I never realized I could get back to you so effortlessly.  There are times when I hate the NY Daily News, you’ve become so liberal.  Remember those who brought you success.  Us-everday-guys.  The life blood to this great City of ours.  Although, we remain silent, we are there.

  5. Valleycat28 says:

    Mmmmmmmmmm!  Just thinking!!   FDNY probably 97% white, Corrections probably 97%  black.  I don’t see any push in white neighborhoods, spending millions, on recruiting white Corrections officers.  There’s something wrong with this picture.  But, just thinking!!!

  6. Valleycat28 says:

    Keep up the recruiting of those who really don’t want the job, and you will never have another front page banner stating “BRAVEST”.

  7. Valleycat28 says:

    Why does the media refer to Thomas Paine Park as Foley Square?  Foley Square is at the northwest corner of 60 Centre St.  There is a plaque in the ground that states so.  And a sign at Thomas Paine Park that states its name.  Foley Square is just a little piece of property with trees and benches outside of 60 Centre on Worth and Centre.