Daniel Radcliffe as Allen Ginsberg? A History of ‘Howl’-ing Portrayals (Video)

Daniel Radcliffe vs James Franco in a Ginsberg-off? Its possible. (Via Harry Potter and Howl)

James Franco (and David Cross, John Turturro, et al) have reason to be worried: Harry Potter is about to smash your portrayal of New York beat poet Allen Ginsberg into dust. Daniel Radcliffe, fresh from filming the Victorian horror flick The Woman In Black has reportedly joined the cast of Kill Your Darlings (not to be confused with the 2006 flick with the same name) as the famous (and infamous) part of Jack Kerouac/Ginsberg/Lucien Carr trio.
Also up for the role was Jesse Eisenberg, and Chris Evans as Jack Kerouac has apparently fallen through. Kill is slated for 2012 and will be directed by relative newcomer John Krokidas. So how will Mr. Radcliffe stack up to various other actors who have played the enigmatic man who helped define a generation of confused sexual young men? Let’s take a look:
James Franco in Howl:

John Turturro in Source:

David Cross, I’m Not There:

Ron Livingston, Beat: