Same Same, but Different: 15 Parallels Between Silicon Alley and Silicon Valley

  • For all the playful sparring between America’s bi-costal tech hubs, the Alley and Valley of Silicon have a lot in common. The venture capitalists who ride the red eye are doing their part to unite East and West, poaching talented startups for their favorite incubators and dangling technical co-founders like carrots on a stick.

    There are stark contrasts between the two hubs: Bay Area companies favor reception desk NDAs, as Fred Wilson recently pointed out, while New York companies don’t bother; Silicon Valley-ers are on California time, while New Yorkers prefer punctuality.

    However, Betabeat’s favorite part of the SATs was definitely the analogies (we’re bloggers, not coders, remember). So let’s put aside all the talk of whether New York will ever catch California as a tech mecca and reflect on the striking similarities between the two.