Episode 4: Khoi Vinh of Mixel – Using Social Interaction to Rethink Design

Welcome to 12 to Watch in 2012, a new web series profiling some of New York’s top minds doing innovative things with technology and design.

Meet Khoi Vinh, creator of Mixel, an iPad application where people can create social collages with interlinked images, and then gives users the ability to remix already-created compositions. The simple and intuitive technology present in the Mixel application presents a new outlet for creativity with a user-friendly interface, and the social element of the app helps users completely rethink design, with the assistance of shared ideas. The iPad, to him, is the “perfect art making device,” and Mixel is the technology that allows users to harness that creativity.

Mr. Vinh was the former designer director for NYTimes.com, the online face of The New York Times. He left the Times in the summer of 2010 to focus on his startup dreams, and Mixel is his first release to the public. Prior to his career, he went to school to study drawing, painting, and illustration, and he noticed that his illustrations were naturally very collage-like. In this case, Mixel represents a return to his design roots, albeit one with a far more technological bent than that which was originally available to him.