Former Captain Ray Lewis Charged With Three Violations After OWS Protest; More Photos Of His Arrest

raylewisweb Former Captain Ray Lewis Charged With Three Violations After OWS Protest; More Photos Of His Arrest

Photo via Johnny Milano

Retired Philadelphia police Captain Ray Lewis, arrested yesterday after joining up with the Occupy Wall Street process, has quickly become one of the more iconic figures from the movement’s two month’s anniversary.

After we noted his arrest and put up several pictures of the event, we were contacted by everyone from The Associated Press to worried parents who thought they could find their son, who had been in the same paddy-wagon as Captain Lewis.

raylewisweb Former Captain Ray Lewis Charged With Three Violations After OWS Protest; More Photos Of His ArrestHere is what we know so far: Captain Ray Lewis has been released from custody. An unconfirmed Twitter account @CaptainRayLewis puts his release time at 9:00 p.m.

According to another source, Captain Lewis may not have ended up being charged with any assault.

raylewis3web Former Captain Ray Lewis Charged With Three Violations After OWS Protest; More Photos Of His ArrestFrom an email we received, “Regarding Ray Lewis”:
When the legal aid (or whatever they’re called) heard that ___ was ziptied next to Lewis, they asked ___’s mom for more info.

She and I knew that Lewis had been freed, or apparently so, much earlier .  The lawyer related that his people had heard press reports of Lewis’ arrest all day but that his name never showed up on the arrest rosters they were given. This even as of around midnight.

I’m prepared to conclude that Lewis, unlike ____, was not charged. And of course he was not released, alone, from Pearl St in the middle of the night.

We called the Office of the Deputy Commissioner, Public Information to see if we could find an initial charge for Captain Ray Lewis.

Who is “Captain Lewis?” asked the confused DCPI spokesperson. We had to clarify that Captain Ray Lewis wasn’t NYPD, and was also retired.  Then we were told, “We’re not identifying individual charges from the arrests yesterday…there’s just too many people.” We asked if it would be possible to find out if Mr. Lewis had even been officially arrested, according to their records.We were put back on hold, and then then told that Captain Lewis had been arrested on three charges.

“One violation of local law, and two counts of disorderly conduct including disrupting traffic and refusing to move on.”

So officially, the charges have been filed. We are still looking to get in touch with Captain Lewis, whose Twitter feed says he’ll back back at #OWS today. If you have any information, please let us know!

(Photos via Johnny Milano)


  1. Toaster724 says:

    legal aid or whatever theyre called?  nice.  how about tireless protector of your civil rights?

  2. Anonymous says:

    thank you captain ray lewis. you are brave and i appreciate and applaud your actions! 

    1. Anonymous says:

      PLEASE explain to me how blocking traffic on Wall St. makes him brave? What exactly are you applauding? Him being an inconvenience to the rest of us that WORK?

      1. Anonymous says:

        Well, his arrest was a symbolic act.  he wanted to stand with his ‘brothers’, the police force in solidarity with the 99%.

        Some people stand up for their beliefs.  Some have none.  thats the difference between Ray Lewis and you.
        You might take his advice and watch the documentary “Inside Job”.

      2. Anonymous says:

        My belief in life has been work hard, reap the benefits. It’s worked well for me so far, I suggest the rest of you try it. 

      3. Cal Darling says:

         Man, if only everyone who’s ever been down and out had thought of this!

        I mean, clearly none of them ever did, since it is impossible to still be poor if you work hard.  We wouldn’t have so many wealthy day laborers in this country, otherwise!

      4. Anonymous says:

        How many times can I “like” this comment?

      5. Joseph Cyr says:

        that doesn’t always work for everyone. I lived in the poorest neighborhoods in Boston but i worked my ass off to get threw school and too where i am at now. Went to college to get fucked over by student loans since i had a decent job i couldn’t reap the benefits of being poor and i didn’t make enough money to go to college so i took out a loan through Sallie Mae. I ended up graduating with a associates degree in applied science got a really great job that only a select few people can get and it pays really great** BUT **since i have the student loans, rent, car insurance, electric, internet, and cable which only leaves me with only $60.00 a week for myself for food and any other expenses. Now that fed taxes gone up, the interest on basically any kind of loan that’s out there gone up, and state taxes gone up I am totally fucked i barely even have enough money to even live. the only thing i can say that helps me out at all is i live across the street where i work….so in the long run if you think that working hard your whole life will payoff;  so guess again it doesn’t always work out that way you want it to.

        Even the technical and law school schools are realizing the fact that when a student graduates the chances of that student getting a job in the field of study is very slim to none. MIT and Yale acknowledged that there is only 25-35% chance of the students getting a full time job  

      6. Dudedudedudemanthing says:

         Yeah! All these lazy college grad losers should just shut up and get a job in this  horrid economy the gambling banks caused!  If they work hard, they might become the manager of the local McDonalds AND the Starbucks in 10 years!  While also being thousands in debt over ridiculous student loans, while the rich continue to increase the wealth gap in their favor. Your “logic” makes no sense.  The American Dream is just that, a dream, because you have to be asleep to believe it.  Just more patriotic propaganda they feed people to get them to shut up and do what the corporate overseers want them to do, slave away as mindless subservient thralls.

      7. jim blah says:

        This works when there are jobs to be had. Many of the protestors are down there because there are not enough jobs to be had. I worked hard, and all that got me was student loan debt, and out of work. And Cal Darling is exactly correct that if the mantra of work had and you will reap the benefits were true, not only would the Day laborers in this country be millionaires, but so would all those who slave away for retail and the fast food industry.

      8. Rvonschiltz says:

        my dear brother,  certainly the work ethic anywhere is honorable and respectable for man or woman.  it is certainly not the most desired virtue and most highly esteemed of the many noble aspects of a man/woman.  for example:  integrity, honesty,  and giving ones life for family or friend.  and then the most noble and GODLY VIRTUE WAS OPENLY DISPLAYED FOR ALL BY LAYING DOWN HIS LIFE(JESUS) FOR ALL SINNERS LIKE ME (AN ENEMY).   RESPECTFULLY,  a white haired retiree

      9. Nicolai says:

        I applaud you for working hard TJEgan and I am glad you have been justly rewarded. Many people like Captain Lewis also worked hard all their lives, often to see their pensions (part of their pay, deferred until retirement) cut or eliminated altogether while the people at the top were rewarded with masive bonuses for slashing the retirement funds of those who had worked hard to earn them.

      10. ChazWazzer says:

        Cal Darling so schooled you dude. You don’t have a leg to stand on. Get a clue.

      11. dariusOne says:

        you fucking moron

      12. Ashley Gray says:

        Work hard, you say. What about the people who work two and three jobs and still can’t get ahead in life? Are they not working hard enough? What about those of us who go to college and land in debt so that we can be productive members of society, do we not work hard enough at learning to get a job?

        My grandmother’s worked hard all of her life, retiring from the income tax department of the city, and yet here she is, turning 80 this year and what are they doing? Cutting her pensions and social security checks. Where’s the reaping of the benefits in that? And I, I can’t even afford to help her, but I work my full-time job.

      13. Just your fellow citizen says:

        Well I worked hard for 22 years, always doing what I was taught, always putting in 150% and getting great reviews from our favorite big bank. Then I was thrown out and in two years of trying, have not been able to get a job despite over 200 applications. I have applied for positions paying $10/hour, called over 15 temp agencies trying to get anything at all. I am constantly told I am overqualified and they could not possibly place me in temp positions doing “menial” work. Since when is trying to put food on the table and a roof over my children’s heads menial? Working hard reaped benefits in the past. The game changed. Until you know what it is like to be one of those cast aside then you evidently will not understand what it is like to see no solution and slowly wait for everything to come crashing down on you. Try living with no heat from March 1 to December 1 and then at 55 through the coldest months of the winter. Try telling your kids they can’t do their extra activities anymore, they can’t get their license, they can’t go to the movies with their friends. Try putting your arrogance and sense of superiority aside and have the compassion to look at the situation from the other side of the coin. Try being one of the unemployed who is treated like a deadbeat bum but works 24/7 trying to find anything at all. Well, you know you ought to try it but I wouldn’t wish it on you because I am a mother and it is within my soul to nurture.  I applaud the people who have the courage to go out and raise their voices because this country has taken a seriously bad turn over the last 30 years. It is no longer the land of my dreams but I sure as anything hope that my children – all straight A students and model citizens in their school and town – will be able to call it the land of their dreams.  Shame on you and the others like you who refuse to see the reality and refuse to entertain change that will allow your fellow Americans to get back on their feet.

      14. …Or as Newt said the other day, “get a job.”  Hello?  9% unemployment?  It’s part of what the protests are about?  Out of touch much? People are no longer buying the myth that wealth has anything to do with hard work.

      15. Anonymous says:

        There’s a lot of people who “stand up for their beliefs”. The Westboro Baptist Church comes to mind.

        Protest all you want. But laws are there for a reason. Guess what, they blocked the street for the other “99%” of the people that actually use wall street: students, average workers, families that live there. I work down on wall street and I’m not even remotely in finance…I guess I’m “collateral” damage. Makes it real hard to support the cause.

      16. Dudedudedudemanthing says:

         Are you aware that the cops themselves blocked an entire block in New York City and refused to let anyone that didn’t have corporate dog tags through?  Restricting access to a public street AND the public subway.  So these cops are doing exactly what they are apparently trying to stop these protesters from doing, while also being completely fascist, wrong, and illegal in doing so.  Also, there’s the fact that Lord Bloomberg can shut down entire sections of the city, 3 subway stops, and a bridge, so the Batman movie can be filmed.  Double standards much?

      17. Dudedudedudemanthing says:

        Maybe the people should put on riot gear, and start beating the politicians.  And then start pepper spraying the cops, and hitting them with tear gas and rubber bullets.  Oh wait, that would be incredibly illegal, and anyone doing so would be slapped with so many lawsuits they’d end up in federal prison for 20 years.  Or maybe even Guantanamo for who knows how long, labeled as a domestic terrorist.

      18. twotrees928 says:

        please my dear brother – do not advocate violence.  our actions MUST BE PEACEFUL AND HAVE  genuine love and compassion for those brothers that have not seen and heard what we have seen and heard.  our good  fight for true justice for all is to find a way to expose the forces of evil and darkness  and extinguish that blackness with the LIGHT OF TRUTH.  that  DARKNESS hates to be exposed .  it can be expensive as our brother julian assange is finding out.  please consider viewing “GANDHI” and ‘INSIDE JOB”. and THE LORD JESUS had much wisdom that will speak to our spirit and guide our heart correctly.  this is and has been true for me.  i am free!  – BY HIS GRACE.   respect and love to you,  r

      19. Anonymous says:

        Your sarcasm detector is broken dude, “dudedudedudemanthing” was not being serious about the violence, he was using sarcasm as a tool to emphasize how wrong the police have been in treatment of the protesters.

      20. The real 99% says:

        Maybe we should shoot you mob scum.

      21. Eric Kent says:

        Absolutely!   What right does the police force  have to forcefully silence peacefull protesters?    Blood boiling, brutally I tell you!   I am in disbeleif how OWS and other occupations around the world are being treated.  In the most inhuman way to treat people,  nypd and any man with authority over the public are extremeley aggressive and violent beating these people like dumb dogs WHY ARE HURTING PEOPLE?  SHAME!   The 99% is actually trying to create a real change, and free our world from oil pollution, and greedy corporations and banks.  They are obiviously the only people in this spoiled brainwashed American society who have the courage to use their right of freedom of speech and their right for a peacefull assembly, to its fullest extent to inspire a futuristic way of thinking, where the whole world is free and shares eqaully all of its resources.  All of you who tell them to shut up are ignorant and should listen to what they actually have to say.  Guess what?   Food and oil corporations along with corrupt politicians are taking over our planets resources and are deliberatley DESTROYING OUR PLANET, PEOPLE ARE STARVING TO DEATH,  AND NOW OUR AMERICAN GOVERNMENT HAS INTENTIONALLY CREATED WAR ON THE  WORLD AND THE AMERICAN CITIZENS!  They created terrorrism out of some story the bush adminsrtation made up to create valid and real FEAR in our country.  Fear will control all of you along with money, oil, and telvison propaganda.  It is time for everyone to wake the fuck up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      22. soothsayer says:

        NYPD, occupying Park Row for 10 years now.  chinatown barely hanging on.

      23. twotrees928 says:

        dear brother,  a brief but careful view into our brake from the british empire back in 1776 tells the student of history that blood and life were offered for the freedom and constitution that was hammered out by our  founding fathers.  freedom and the maintenance of it has never been cheap.  so be patient and bear with the inconvience with those dear brothers and capt. ray lewis that possibily see differently and farther than the majority of us.  let us not be divided as citizens, but come together in a GODLY way for the regaining of freedom lost in this once great nation.  MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON US!   respectfully as a brother,  r 

      24. God says:

        Don’t be bringing your lite weight ideas about god into this.   

      25. “Laws are there for a reason”. How simple minded can you be? There are so many useless laws & policies, many that make opportunity difficult for many people.
         I get that you feel there has to be some sort of order, I understand that. But just blindly allowing other people, who have no interest of yours in mind, to make rules and ‘laws’ that affect your every day life without even giving a second thought to it is ludicrous. At the very least, be informed of the things that are going on around you.
        For example, in recent news, pizza is now a vegetable so that we can continue serving it to school children. Not for their needs, but the needs of the frozen pizza industry. Are those the kinds of reasons you are comfortable with? 

      26. da kine is fine says:

        Does standing up for your beliefs include molesting young boys and brainwashing people, dont even get started on the church’s record of lies and deceit.  your all soo blind just keep going to your meaningless job, dont bother waking up we dont need your help Keep up the great work Occupy this is the beginning and its AWESOME!

      27. Gawd, we wouldn’t want to INCONVENIENCE you with our battle against the oligarchs who consider you just another piece of offal to scrape off their shoe.  Hope you don’t lose your “Not in finance” job and end up just like so many protestors with student loan debt and no jobs available that offer a living wage. 

      28. Shawnwashburn says:

        YES. I agree the laws are there for a reason. As the first amendment to our constitution states, ” Protects the freedom of religion, speech, and the press, as well as the right to assemble and petition of government. So please remember its the law, and not a personal inconvenience. And I say that as someone who lives in and pays outrages taxes in lower Manhattan.

      29. Shawnwashburn says:

        too bad most americans are only in favor of the second amendment with total disregard to all others.

      30. Anonymous says:

        stop whining

      31. James says:

        it was a law that adultery, skipping out on church, and being a different color means you get arrested. Law are to be followed, as long as they do not repress the people. Law are suppose to represent the people and protect them. Unfortunately, many laws are designed flawed and repressive. I give Capt lewis credit for standing up and fighting what he sees as oppressive! Your comments reminds me when I was studying in college about the revolutionary war. Some people protested the rebels and wanted to stay loyal to the English king and his repressive and over taxation on the people!!!!!

      32. Kiwihiken says:

        or some people just do their jobs…

      33. Candice says:

        You’re only ONE… I’m only ONE and I’m 100% American.  What the hell are you?

      34. I love that in your mind anyone whose beliefs conflict with your own doesn’t count. Thank goodness we have people like you to tell us whose beliefs are and are not valid. 

      35. Anonymous says:

        Most of the protestors do work.  Sorry for the inconvenience, we are trying to change the world.

      36. Yeah, and all those shiftless colereds that were out in the streets 40-odd years ago should have just gone back to work too and then they would have never had those fire hoses and police dogs turned loose on them for being so upity.

      37. Rob Shannon says:

        Right on!

      38. BE happy he and the rest of us have remained non-violent with these criminals on wall street. If you work on wall street, start thinking about getting a real job because your days are numbererd at that den of thieves.

      39. Whyte E de Mann says:

        Please, get non-“non-violent.”

        We can’t wait to hang you whining scumbags from the nearest phone pole.

      40. Anonymous says:

        “To endure or face (unpleasant conditions or behavior) without showing fear.” He was acting bravely. Do you have any other half-assed things you’d like to say?

      41. Occupant says:

        Explain to me why some people appear to think that it’s OK to support a Congress that allows few to loot the many without being held accountable for their actions? Unless we are a country representing the interests of the community as a whole, we are NOT the leading country that we once were. We the people have the right to inconvenience those who have destroyed our democracy.

      42. you are a loser who will one day see the symbolism of why you were late to work .

      43. Vanbman says:

        for being a cop that’s not a lapdog to the rich

      44. Scorpmonk says:

        He’s standing up for the many, many people that don’t have a job, through no fault of their own.  Losing their homes, no health insurance, etc., while the rich control our government.  This is no longer a representative government, other than representing Corporate America.  President Eisenhower warned of this.  Their goal is to return to the Gilded Age, with the Middle Class destroyed and the poor as the slaves of the wealthy.  Perhaps you might watch George Carlin’s “Who Owns You?” 

         Be grateful you have a job, for now that is.   I guess since this economic disaster hasn’t affected you, yet, you have no understang of why they are protesting.  To quote pstor Martin Niemöller:
        First they came for the communists,
        and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist.Then they came for the trade unionists,
        and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist.Then they came for the Jews,
        and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Jew.Then they came for meand there was no one left to speak out for me.

      45. I am a Business Owner, and I like to work. The retired police chief was not blocking traffic. The police simply arrest and target people who are or appear to be ‘leaders’ in the demonstration. It is a well know tactic. He was not charged, and also often advises protesters to “follow police instructions”. The police are the ones causing friction. And I would like to see a “Free Market Capitalism” without the corrupt banks and business that has failed, being propped up by Washington “Insiders”. Your taxes pay for propping up corrupt practice and cronyism. And the Police Chief understands this.

  3. Guestalicious says:

    it doesn’t mean charges were filed, but that he was arrested for allegedly committing those crimes

    sounds like he hasn’t been charged in court yet

  4. Alex Limkin says:

    Have you heard about

    Captain Ray Lewis,

    the grayhair

    from Philadelphia?

    He went to Wall Street

    in full dress uniform

    carrying a sign addressing

    NYPD brutality.

    He knows the brutalization

    we have seen thus far

    has been nothing.

    “If this continues to grow,

    if this continues to grow.”

    He shakes his head

    at what is coming.

    “They will target the leaders first.”

    He does not complete his thought.

    He does not say

    what he knows

    about the way ahead:

    that the leaders must be


    They must be innumerable and unmoving.

    And brave as only wild things are.

    I am with Captain Ray Lewis,

    grayhair from Philadelphia.

  5. I love this guy…look into his eyes…he knows exactly what he is doing and why! Thank you Capt. Ray Lewis…you’re my new hero!

    1. twotrees928 says:

      i totally agree with your keen observation and affection for capt. lewis.  after hearing  him speak softly and with insightfully wise counsel, he shared on how to deal with the nypd police and their limited legal authority.  his inside wisdom is just what our movement  needs now.  GOD IN HIS GREAT MERCY HAS ANSWERED PRAYER AND HAS SENT US HELP.

  6. Leftocrat says:

    ‘Lawyer People’: National Lawyer’s Guild.  They work TIRELESSLY to promote justice and the well-being of those arrested so when you see a green NLG hat, stop to say ‘thank you.’

  7. Nizzie Bone says:

    Capt Ray lewis is a real patriot and true oathkeeper

  8. Dacker says:

    To those of you that are screaming that the OW movement is wrong because it breaks petty laws (blocking traffic, disorderly conduct, failure to move along, ect) , you don’t understand how this works.

    Our whole system works on MONEY
    Unless you have a well funded movement, with corporate sponsors and corporate paid lobbyists (ie: The Tea Party), there is no civil way to be heard. If you can’t buy a voice, you have to make the system pay to hear you.
    Either give money or cost money, one or the other.
    Since it is really unlikely that there will be many corporate sponsors for the OW movement, and Unions are streatched thin that only leaves the option of costing the system money.
    This means overtime for the cops, slower commerce and a bogged down court system.

  9. Joseph Cyr says:

    well if he schooled me then how does a 1,400 a month student loan sound. i bet everyone will agree that only a 2 year  that everyone that is disagreeing with me is a lot older then me and have a well established career in a job. but for someone like me that has basically worked my ass off my whole life i only get shut back down when politicians  fuck up and fuck the economy up too.

  10. twotrees928 says:

    WHAT A BRAVE WARRIOR IS THIS CAPT. RAY LEWIS.  his eyes have been widely opened and speaks with his interviewers with respect and open kindness.  his decision to connect to ows speaks volumes to me.  more people like him will come forward as their conscience becomes sensitive to the plight of the general society against the forces of violence and corruption.

  11. I am undeniably proud to be an American again after watching this uniformed courageous BRAVE man stand for my and his grandchildrens United States of America.

    I hope you one day read the support you have out here… God Bless you Captain

  12. Rose says:

    He looks like cointelpro .

  13. Bob Wagner says:

    It is so very true, that not all cops are just blood thirsty scum.  When this is all through, those that are blood thirsty scum will be discovered and most likley dealt with properly after the things that the Occupy Movement have been addressed full satisfaction.  This is NOT the time for compromise, because compromise is exactly what got us here today.  Just like compromise did when they tried it in Germany in WWII, and look at the results the fascist got out of that one.  Do we really have to repeat history over and over again?

  14. Let’s go PHIL’S !!!!!! Let’s go PHIL’S!!!!!! Let’s GO PHIL’S!!!!!!!

  15. Ay, Yo, Adrian. We gotta fight the big fight. We gotta shut down the big wall street war machine, yuh, know? And everything like that. You know what I’m sayin? I’m gonna use a dirty word. Greed. Yuh understand what I’m sayin? Greed. It’s like yuh get mixed up with the wrong kinda crowd and the next thing yuh know, all they remember is the rep. They don’t know YOU, all they know is your greedy, cheesy ham sandwich eating rep. OK?

  16. Jamie reason says:

    I am a 64 year old Air Force (Air Police)Vet and member of the (Sons Of The American Revolution) I support OWS it’s long over due. We need to take back America from the scum on Wall Street and their Pals in Washington Congrats to Capt. Lewis. Jamie Reason

  17. Mr. Lewis showed up in uniform carrying signs a pair of signs imploring
    New York City cops to join the protests. “NYPD Don’t Be Wall Street
    Mercenaries,” one read.

  18. Butterflybjo says:

    Thank you Capt. Lewis you are a man of integrity!

  19. Xanna Don't says:

    I think you meant prisoner transport vehicle.  “Paddy wagon” is an Irish slur.

    1. A11711335 says:

      Paddy wagon is British slang for police prisoner transport vans, not an Irish slur. 

      1. Xanna Don't says:

        It may be also be British slang, but it is most definitely a slur on the Irish. 

      2. Paddy O'Furniture says:

        Stupid cunt, of course it’s an anti-Irish slur.  Who do you think those Brits were arresting?

  20. Alex Limkin says:

    Have you heard about

    Captain Ray Lewis,

    the grayhair

    from Philadelphia?

    He went to Wall Street

    in full dress uniform

    carrying a sign addressing

    NYPD brutality.

    He knows the brutalization

    we have seen thus far

    has been nothing.

    “If this continues to grow,

    if this continues to grow.”

    He shakes his head

    at what is coming.

    “They will target the leaders first.”

    He does not complete his thought.

    He does not say

    what he knows

    about the way ahead:        

    that the leaders must be


    They must be innumerable and unmoving.

    And brave as only wild things are.

    I am with Captain Ray Lewis,

    grayhair from Philadelphia.


  21. Chris says:

    If I was there I would be doing the same thing. You must stand up for your Country, stand beside her and guide her. Thats what those protesters are doing. My hats off to them all!!!!

  22. Alimoosavi says:

    Good job captain Lewis….you are a brave man

  23. Pamela Carter says:

    Like I just posted on a friends comments…go easy on the generalizations about law enforcement. This guy’s a hero yes!

  24. When I first saw the headline, I thought, “Great! They’ve arrested someone who ordered the pepper-sprayng/tear-gassing/beatings!”  Guess I’m far too naive.  Hats off to Captain Lewis, a true American hero.

  25. If they knew the truth about the last election they would likely change the focus of their protesting.

  26. Disgusted American Taxpayer says:

    Charge the son of a bitch with impersonating a police officer.

    It is completely unacceptable for anyone—active or retired—to be dressing up in their uniform to take part in political activities.  It’s also a criminal violation of the Hatch Act of 1939.

  27. HahaOWS says:

    Don’t break laws & you won’t get arrested. Stupid OWS

  28. Language Matters says:

    Note to the Editor: An anniversary is the recurrance of the date of an event that occured a year previously. There is no such event as a 2 month anniversary. A mensiversary is the reoccurance of the date of an event from a month earlier. If you’re iterested, a septiversary is the weekly equivlient.

  29. March in lockstep or you’ll be arrested in NYC.

  30. Pciminello says:

    THANK YOU NYC Observer!  Love from the Pac NW!!!

  31. Patti Ciminello says:

    And of course much love and appreciation to Ray Lewis!!  I LOVE your face Ray; YAY RAY!

  32. Captain Lewis your arrest was not in vain.  I have heard your call.  Everyone will know what you have done here.  Thank you for crossing the line.  America needs more men like you who are not scared to stand up against the Wall Street Bankster machine.

  33. Captain Lewis you R A True Stand Up Hero Warrior !!!!!!!!!

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